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Sam Thatcher, Barnsley, 46-55

I’m Still Anxious, but Even More Excited

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I’ve been a TwoCan Buddy for a few months now. I struggle with bad anxiety and have done for ages. It definitely got worse over lockdown. I struggled leaving the house for such a long time and my mum and sister help me out getting me things when it gets too bad.

I was nervous about the project. I don’t like working with blokes usually, too many bad experiences. When I met Ben at TwoCan though it was different. He thought that TwoCan could help. I hoped he might be able to find a female volunteer because I get on better with them. When he said he had the perfect Volunteer in mind called Kevin, I thought ‘what have I got to lose?’. I was anxious to speak with him, but they both encouraged me to talk and share my stories. I laughed hard for the first time in months. I speak with Kevin most days now and Ben every week. They call to check in to see how I’m doing and take my mind off my aches and pains.

They’ve given me confidence to take my first few visits outside in the garden to work on my vintage bikes. I get to meet Kevin for the first time this week for a coffee. I’m still anxious, but even more excited.

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