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Dramatherapy – encouraging theatricals and drama


A group of young carers in Yorkshire have been exploring a new creative arts project which uses Dramatherapy to help them cope with different situations.

Dramatherapy is a creative psychotherapy which uses theatre and drama to help youngsters express themselves and work through challenging experiences. As part of this project, Victoria Theatre invited therapists specially trained in Dramatherapy to work with a group of young people. Utilising a wide range of stories, play and games, the therapists support the individuals to build their confidence, a sense of identity, develop their relationship making skills and find new ways to express their feelings.

Tim Fagan, Theatres and Cultural Programmes Manager said: “Dramatherapy is a unique and relatively unknown intervention which can help young carers share and think about their personal experiences by expressing themselves through creative arts.

During the 90 minute weekly sessions, we work with these individuals to help them explore and come to a greater understanding of often challenging and complex situations to improve their wellbeing, health and quality of life.

This project will be running for 12 months and the sessions are held in arts settings, therefore, removing the stigma that can be associated with clinical settings.”

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