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History helps


Creative Minds has helped fund a project that has seen service users in Kirklees get creative History helps using history to help improve their wellbeing.

The Pathways wellbeing walk project encouraged service users in touch with the team to join two groups, led by their peers and explore the local environment in which they live.

The footpaths group explored the surrounding countryside, examining how they could be improved and working together to do so. The group were invited to try their hand at dry stone walling as well as maintaining vegetation that grows around the pathways.

The history group focused their efforts on researching the local area, looking at the architecture of Huddersfield and famous historical events which occurred here. They created display panels showcasing what they’d found, which the footpaths group helped to install along selected routes.

The project has seen significant benefits for service users – helping to improve their social skills as they made friends, building their self-esteem and confidence as well as getting them physically active which has had a positive effect on their mood.

Social worker, Danni Wild, who has been leading the project said: “It has been a really valuable project for service users who have directed the majority of the work that has taken place. During the project, we’ve also encouraged people to access the museum and local library to showcase potential volunteer opportunities that they may wish to follow up in the future.

I am so delighted that Creative Minds has helped fund this project – which has given people the chance to explore something that means so much to them.”

The project was delivered in partnership with Pathways, Public Rights of Way and Kirklees Museums and Galleries.

Pathways support people experiencing mental health issues in Kirklees, providing a person-centred, recovery-focused service, guided by key workers who provide individual care plans and regular reviews to enable individual goals to be met.

One service user said: “Working on the Pathways history project has been really fun and interesting, especially working on a project that has a tangible goal. Through working on the project, I have developed skills such as organising, planning, communicating effectively and getting my ideas across. The project has helped me to widen my knowledge of local history, leading me to explore areas I had never considered before.”

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