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Creative choices

‘Visual arts’ covers a wide range of activities and people joining the workshops will have a chance to discover new art forms or engage in more familiar activities. This might include drawing, painting, photography, printmaking, jewellery making and a range of other crafts.

People will have the choice of including visits to galleries and exhibitions to widen their awareness of the visual arts as part of the workshops or as optional, user-led additions.
Some people may choose to engage in more than one workshop and some may volunteer to take on a support in future courses.

People will:

  • Learn new creative skills
  • Work in partnership
  • Gain social and artistic confidence
  • Enjoy a friendly, relaxed atmosphere
  • Gain understanding of how therapeutic it can be to work with one’s hands, in a focused and mindful way
  • Be motivated to continue with creative activities after the project ends

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Creative Minds is a registered charity in England and Wales number: 1055931-13. Registered office: Fieldhead Hospital, Ouchthorpe Lane, Wakefield, WF1 3SP