Creative Minds is a charity hosted by
South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
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Creative Minds radio with Phoenix FM

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What’s it about?

Do you have an interest in radio or want to give exposure to music and recordings you have made?  Then this project is for you.

There are also opportunities to learn more about recording, editing, internet radio, and sharing ideas.

Who’s it for?

Adults who use Trust services and/or their carers and Trust staff.

When and where?

Various dates and times. Contact us to find out!

How to get in touch?

Contact Alex Feather on 07827 232 698 / 01484 434 634 or email

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Creative Minds is a registered charity in England and Wales number: 1055931-13. Registered office: Fieldhead Hospital, Ouchthorpe Lane, Wakefield, WF1 3SP