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Creative Recovery – The 7 days project…

What is it about?

During the coronavirus pandemic, Creative Recovery has moved to hosting and sharing creative inspirations, art-making sessions, poetry, music, meditation and short films through their Facebook page.

The 7 days project is part of Creative Recovery’s digital support and offer. Every day for eight weeks Creative Recovery is sharing “daily inspiration” and content through Facebook – based on a set weekly theme. Themes will be set to reflect the changing situation relating to the experience of lockdown (COVID 19) and act as a social/wellbeing barometer starting conversations and offering creative inspirations, reflections, poems, music etc.

In addition to this digital support, Creative Recovery will create UPLIFT parcels to send out to people who aren’t online, including things to make/do at home, plus gifts and artwork to inspire and soothe.  People will also be asked to share mail art which will be circulated around the Creative Recovery community.


Who is this project for?

Anyone looking for a creative outlet and connection to supportive community.  This project will also be targeted towards people who are at risk due to mental health illness compounded by social isolation during the pandemic.


When is the project?

The 7 days project is online every day at 10am. This is for eight weeks from Monday 22 June.


Where is the project?

Online on the Creative Recovery Facebook page.


For more information visit the Creative Recovery Facebook page.

To join the mail art project contact Helen on 07833936019 for a chat.

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