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Talking therapies – creative workshops

Through this project, we aim to provide an opportunity for people with depression, anxiety or stress in the Kirklees area, to explore their emotions in a safe supervised environment through creative writing, artwork and craft-making projects. Experience has shown us that not all people want group talking therapy but if presented with the right environment are able to gain an insight into their emotions whilst engaged in creative activity.

At Yorkshire Rose Talking Therapies, we aim to support people with depression, anxiety, stress and related illnesses to become less isolated and gain the confidence to become part of the community again. Being able to come together in a safe environment and take part in creative activities can sometimes help a person focus on something other than their depression and give a much needed respite and distraction from often negative feelings that come with depression.

Our volunteers will be running two hourly sessions every week – that offer people the chance to examine and express their emotions through creative activities. Each participant will be encouraged to create artwork that represents their journey and personal experience. They will also be able to share experiences and support one another through this interaction.

It is sometimes possible for people engaging in this type of creative activity to allow the mind to be free to roam and with specialist intervention a person can gain a greater understanding of their conflicts. Being able to discover shared experiences helps counter the awful feeling of ‘no-one understands’ and enables people to recognise that they are not alone.  Even when the experiences are different it soon becomes apparent that the emotions caused by these experiences are often the same.

As a result of participating in our creative workshops that allow exploration of different arts and crafts, we hope to empower people as they realise their abilities and what they can achieve.  At the same time, by providing this opportunity within a safe environment, run by volunteers who understand, it’s possible for sufferers to gain real independence and a chance to recognise that ‘how it has been in the past’ doesn’t have to be how it is in the future.  People can and do change and with the right support and we strive to help this change happen.

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