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Project summary

With rugby themed exercises this is an opportunity to have a different exercise routine. Participants perform usual warm-up and post-exercise cool-down regimes before and after participating in skill-based drills and playing touch rugby or rugby basketball matches amongst themselves. The emphasis is on positive feedback on progress in a non-judgemental environment. A challenging but supportive environment will help to build resilience and help friendships to be formed with positive benefits for self-esteem.

Intended outcomes

There would be weekly one-hour long sessions for up to 20 participants per individual session. The key element is being active (within one’s own capabilities) but with the emphasis on having fun and, as the setting is social rather than competitive, participants and deliverers would be mutually supportive. The weekly sessions should build a pattern of regular attendance and allow participants to judge for themselves how their fitness and confidence levels will have improved and self-esteem has grown so that they could see this being very much a part of their own management of their own health and well-being.

Where will the sessions take place?

The sessions will be publicised within Newton Lodge and Fieldhead Hospital. There are no restrictions on those who can attend.

Support offered during the project

  • Group work – team games and drill sessions
  • Occupational therapy – active participation in exercise
  • Exercise – drills and organised games
  • Social skills – communicating with other players

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