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WCCA – health and wellbeing project

Worsbrough Common Community Association (WCCA) delivers a range of community activities that address physical and mental health inequalities.  In the last census 17.8% of residents living in our area described their health as ‘not good’ (national 9.2%). The activities we run aim to improve this, building confidence, reducing isolation in our local community and improving people’s physical and mental health.

The projects we’re currently running – which people can join today – include:

  • Singing for fun group – our singing class uses singing styles to improve confidence and promote relaxation, using breathing exercises that help the body and mind relax. We currently have 10-15 members of all ages and abilities
  • Healthy bones, postural exercise group (over 50’s) – this group is for anyone over 50 who would like to find out about physical activities that they can do to keep healthy bones. We currently have 10 – 15 members, aged between 55 – 85.
  • Activities group (over 50’s) – this group is for anyone over 50 who would like to get involved in different activities and join new people. Activities we’ve done recently range from chocolate making to days out – so join us to find out what we’ve got planned.
  • Stop smoking class – this class is open to anyone who likes to find out more about stopping smoking and improving their health and confidence

We also work in partnership with Barnsley Spirit (BS) (a local activities provider) to deliver activities at our local ICT centre.

We promote all of our activities through our newsletter, flyers, Towntalk, on our website, through our Facebook page, in our local GP surgeries and via our project partners. We invite anyone who is living in Barnsley to join our groups, in particular, those living in Kingstone ward.

Through our community activities we aim to:

Encourage older people to be active– members of our existing groups have said that their confidence and morale has increased and that isolation has reduced as a result of their attendance. One resident who is a carer said that involvement in our groups has changed her life!

Encourage young people to be active  – WCCA will work with younger residents and members of ‘the Youth Cabin’ to develop a new cardio-vascular activity. Boxercise and Circuit Training have been identified by young people as potential projects through consultation. Activities will be targeted to 14-40 age group; historically reluctant to engage in community activity.

Run community activities that are financially sustainable –  initial financial support will give WCCA time to develop activities and increase attendance helping us to achieve financial sustainability, which will see the classes run indefinitely without further grant support

Improve physical and mental health – All of our activities are fun! However, all of our activities have been designed to address the significant health inequalities in Kingstone Ward and Barnsley.

Worsbrough Common Community Association (WCCA) is a community organisation that not only develops various beneficial community activities itself but also supports other community groups to develop activities and access funding/contract opportunities.

We undertake a range of community activities that benefit local residents, including:

• Providing information, advice and guidance to local groups and residents.
• Developing ideas/projects for beneficial community activity with local volunteers and groups.
• Aiming to empower local residents and groups in local decision making.
• Signposting residents to other services that they may find beneficial.
• Seeking funding to develop beneficial community projects.

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