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What’s it about?

Drama activity led by Theatre Royal Wakefield, including devising and improvisation skills workshops, a writing workshop, and rehearsals for a performed sharing (on stage or on camera). This will be followed by supported theatre visits, with opportunities to discuss the show with the writers, directors or cast.

The project is an ideal opportunity to work in a supported social environment to increase self-confidence, develop communication skills and enjoy physical activity through game playing and drama exercises.

When do sessions take place?

Drama Workshops: Mondays, 27 February-27 March, Tuesdays, 28 February- 28 March

Writing Workshop: Tuesday 4 April

Devising and Performance Workshops: Tuesdays, 11 April- 2 May

Performed sharing & filming: Tuesday 9 May 2017

Theatre visits: Starting 3 May

Times: TBC

How do I get in touch?

Contact Gavin Leonard on or 01924 330060.

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Telephone: 01924 330060

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