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Wooldale Buds

Growing work’s mission is to create enjoyable outdoor activities that help us all lead happy and healthy lifestyles. Through the Wooldale Buds project, we are offering people the opportunity to experience and enjoy gardening on our allotment site in Holmfirth.

During the sessions, participants learn how to sow seeds, weed, plant and maintain a garden. We offer everyone the chance to partake in the activities and staff guide individuals in this.

We run this group throughout the year and would invite anyone who has experience of mental health issues that would like to learn more about gardening and the benefits that it can bring to join us.  Gardening is a great chance to not only boost your physical activity levels as you move around but also your confidence and mental wellbeing.

These sessions aren’t just about learning to maintain a garden, rather they are an opportunity for people to express themselves in a new way, meet others and develop an interest in an activity that they can continue at home. The skills that people learn during the sessions could also lead them on to future volunteer opportunities.

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