Creative Minds

Creative Minds

Creative Minds is all about the use of creative approaches and activities in healthcare; increasing self-esteem, providing a sense of purpose, developing social skills, helping community integration and improving quality of life. We develop community partnerships to not only co-fund but also co-deliver projects for local people.

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Since its launch in November 2011 Creative Minds has delivered more than 150 creative projects in partnership with over 50 community organisations. This has benefited over 4000 people.

Creative Minds is altering the perceptions of how we deliver our services. It is a social movement that is transforming lives.

Creative Minds projects – applications are now open!

We are pleased to let you know that Creative Minds is now open for applications.

The deadline for applications is Friday 23 June 2017 @ 5pm.

Please note, you do not need to reapply as a Creative Minds partner – though we might ask for some additional information and will contact you directly about this.

Find out more and how to apply.

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We have also produced a magazine that highlights some of the creative activity in our Trust. If you would like to be sent a copy or copies, please email or call 01924 316 285