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It is important to think about the impact of our proposed options on sustainability and the environment. Our Trust has two strategies which are our commitment to being sustainable. These are our social responsibility and sustainability strategy and our green plan and estates strategy.

These look at how we monitor the impact we make on the environment and do things in a sustainable way wherever we can. Copies of our strategies can be found on our website: www.southwestyorkshire.nhs.uk/about-us-2/performance/social-responsibility-and- sustainability-strategy/

We have looked closely at the impact of our proposed options against sustainability and included this in our evaluation criteria. For our proposed options, we found:

  • In the long term there will be a positive difference in the way we use our buildings, technology and pharmacy services, as well as less waste.
  • Some families and carers may need to travel further to our wards.
  • Our Trust is working on ways that we can be more sustainable across our services, this includes:
  • Working on green travel, including our staff, service users, families and carers.
  • Installing low energy lighting across our Trust.
  • Increasing how we use renewable energy such as use of solar energy.
  • Improving how we manage waste.
  • Buying from local suppliers and businesses where we can.

Question 8 of the consultation survey will ask you about sustainability.

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