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Deep relaxation for everyone

After many years of teaching relaxation classes, Lina Clerke created these guided relaxations to be used at home and at work. She has kindly given permission for those who wish to enjoy the benefits of her relaxation programme which you can access on the  link below.

Set to a background of beautiful music, her soothing voice creates a deep feeling of peace and tranquillity. You can allow the nervous system to settle down, to heal, to feel safe. Simply coming to rest.

There is also the option to have just the music, without voice-over. Having listened to the guided relaxations, the music alone will conjure up the state of deep relaxation on its own.

The relaxation audio link below will help you to:

  • Learn to relax more easily and sleep more deeply
  • Reduce stress and anxiety and increase your health and well-being.
  • Enjoy precious moments of deeply nourishing rest
  • Take time out just for you


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