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Spirit in Mind

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Spirit in Mind

Healthcare and spiritual partnerships, the heart of community wellbeing

Spirit in Mind is an innovative project that brings together community-based spiritual organisations in collaboration with the Trust.

As an organisation we are always looking for new opportunities to work in partnership with local people, giving them the opportunity to make connections either with us or with others who can offer a source of support. Spirit in Mind will be a platform to enable us to do this, with a focus on spirituality.

There is no single definition of spirituality, but generally it:

  • is something anyone can experience
  • describes a person’s search for understanding, meaning and purpose
  • helps people to find meaning and purpose in things they value
  • can bring hope and healing in hard times
  • can help people to build relationships with others
  • offers the opportunity to connect with others
  • can help build emotional resilience

Spiritual organisations, including those that are faith-based, have a strong local presence, a deep understanding of local needs and a genuine concern to support the well-being of their members as well as the wider communities they serve. They are often the first port of call for people experiencing difficulties or those looking for a source of support. See our advert for how you can get involved and become a volunteer lay chaplain (for mental health) in your local area.

Spirit in Mind will be a platform to enable our Trust to make connections with spiritual organisations throughout our local communities, creating the opportunity for them to learn about the support we’re able to offer and the support available across the community from lots of different sources.

Bringing together the values, strengths and experiences of local spiritual and faith communities with the Trust’s, will enable us to offer a holistic approach to supporting people with health difficulties in particular mental health, which recognises the importance of spirituality and encourages positive well-being. Working together, sharing different skills and expertise will enable the Trust and Spirit in Mind partners to respond more effectively to local health needs.

Want to learn more about Spirit in Mind? You can now read this strategy guidebook which details more about what Spirit in Mind is all about and how it was started.

For further information about Spirit in Mind please email Debby Walker at pastoral.care@swyt.nhs.uk.

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