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Core stability

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Our core stability classes are based on the principles of Pilates exercises.  The Pilates method is essentially a mind-body centring technique that emphasises the importance of central core stability when carrying out movement.

This involves targeting the deep muscles of the spine to improve postural awareness and ultimately core stability.  This can be used not only to treat specific conditions but also as a tool for general body conditioning and the prevention of injury.

The classes are carried out over a 6 week period and it is essential that you attend as many of these as possible.  The classes begin very gently and slowly become more challenging as the weeks go on.

What are the benefits?

woman doing core stability exercises South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

The possible benefits include

  • A reduction of pain
  • An increase in a range of movement/flexibility
  • An increase in muscle strength/core strength
  • A reduction in muscle spasm
  • An improvement in balance/coordination
  • An improvement in function/activities of daily living
  • Improved confidence in your spine
  • A better way of managing long-term back conditions
  • Improved posture/body awareness

How to register for Core stability

Core stability is offered following an assessment with a physiotherapist (if you need to arrange this assessment speak to your GP who can refer you to our services via E-Referral).

Your physiotherapist will give you an opt-in (registration) letter, you need to complete and return this within 14 days. We will then send you an appointment date to start the sessions. We request that you attend on the same day and time each week.

If we do not receive your opt-in (registration) letter within 14 days, you will be discharged from our service.

Attending your session

Sessions take place at Hoyland Leisure Centre, West Street, Hoyland, Barnsley, S74 9EH.

Session times

Once you have chosen a session we ask that you attend at the same time each week.

What to wear

You don’t need to wear any special clothing, just something loose and comfortable. You do not need to wear shoes for this session. Please also bring a small towel to support your head whilst doing the exercises.

When you arrive

Go to reception and ask them to give you directions to Studio 2. There are also changing rooms available if you need them.


If you usually need to use medication during exercise, such as an inhaler or GTN spray, please bring it with you. You will not be able to participate in the session without having this medication with you.

At the end of a session

The exercises you are given should not significantly increase your pain during treatment or immediately afterwards.  If you do have a significant increase in your symptoms then please inform staff immediately.

If you cannot attend your appointment

If you are unable to attend please contact us on 07881 838610. If you miss appointments without letting us know you may be discharged.

Letting us know if you are going to miss an appointment as soon as possible makes the best use of NHS resources and gives us the opportunity to offer your appointment to another person, so we appreciate your co-operation.

Contact us

Physiotherapy Department
Hoyland Leisure Centre
West Street
S74 9EH

Telephone: 01226 644858

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