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Podiatry consultation South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

We assess, diagnose and manage problems of the foot and lower limb.

Alongside treatment, we also provide health promotion and education to patients, health professionals and carers on good foot health.

What is podiatry?

Podiatry is a medical speciality dealing with assessment, diagnosis and treatment of the foot, lower limb and associated structures. Not only do we treat conditions of the foot we also assess gait and joint function in order to prescribe orthotics to assist with walking and running problems.

What do we do?

Our service is available to any age group (including children) who have a podiatric need or gait abnormality.

We offer:

  • Painful foot skin conditions
  • Nail surgery
  • High-risk foot care
  • Biomechanical assessments
  • Orthoses / insoles

What will happen?

treatment of feet South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Podiatrists assess foot problems from a structural and functional perspective, considering any medical issues.

There are many different ways we can treat your foot or gait problem. Every patient is assessed and given an individually tailored care plan being given the care, advice and treatment to meet their specific needs.

Individual advice will be provided on your appointment letter, depending on which area of the podiatry service you require. Therefore please read your letter carefully to ensure you are prepared for the specific type of podiatry service for which you are being assessed. This will prevent your assessment being delayed.

General podiatric assessments involve assessment of the foot and your medical status to determine appropriate treatment and advice

For nail surgery, an assessment of your medical status will be taken and the appropriate form of surgery or conservative care will be offered.

Biomechanical assessment for gait problems will involve observing you walking and may require assessment of your knees and hips as well as foot function. Insoles may be prescribed along with appropriate footwear advice. Exercises may also be prescribed.

What can’t the service provide?

We are unable to provide a general nail cutting service unless there is a specific podiatric need or an associated medical condition that would require nails to be cut by a professional.

This need would be assessed by one of our podiatry staff.

How can I get referred to the service?

There are a variety of ways you can be referred to our service:

  • Your GP or another health professional can refer you to our service. Your GP will have access to our appointments through the Choose and Book system.
  • Physiotherapists, consultants, nurses, health visitors and other health care professionals can refer you to our service by letter or referral form.
  • You can also refer yourself to podiatry, simply by giving us a call.

Attending your appointment

two podiatrists South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Your first appointment is for the podiatrist to assess your need for treatment.

General and nail surgery assessments

Please bring with you:

  • A fresh urine sample in a clean bottle
  • Any medication (tablets, medicines, creams) which you are currently using, as prescribed by your doctor
  • Your usual footwear.

Biomechanical assessments

You will be observed walking. It is often essential to observe knee function, so please bring shorts, a skirt or loose fitting trousers that can be rolled up to observe your knees.

If you cannot attend your appointment

If you are unable to attend your appointment please contact us as soon as possible on 01226 644315.

If you do not keep your appointment we will contact you to arrange another. However, if you do not respond you may be discharged and we will need a new referral before we can see you again.

Letting us know if you are going to miss an appointment as soon as possible makes the best use of NHS resources and gives us the opportunity to offer your appointment to another person, so we appreciate your co-operation.

Contact us

Podiatry Department,
Burston Suite
Kendray Hospital
Doncaster Road
Barnsley, S70 3RD


Our office opening times are:

Monday – Thursday
8.30am -5pm


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