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What is the Universal Story?

Some stories have the potential to shape how we see the world, and help us to form relationships with others.

Whether you have close relationships with grandparents because they told you bedtime stories, or formed lasting friendships with complete strangers because you read the same books growing up, we bond because of how these narratives make us feel, and how their messages influence our lives long after the final page has turned.

The Universal Story is a platform intended to create something similar for an aspiring community of writers and contributors.  By being able to co-create stories together, the Universal Story is a place to build relationships, swap insights, and share ideas around alternative lives and experiences. Mostly though, this is a place to offer your own perspective, while watching stories being built 200 words at a time.

About the project

The Universal Story is a platform intended for the creation of writing in all forms. From fiction to poetry, songwriting to personal narratives, the Universal Story collects and shares perspective from the many, rather than from the few or the one.

Each Collaborator will be able to contribute their own part to the story. They will then be able to send this on to others to write their own submission, following on from what has just been written.

By limiting the number of words each person can contribute in one submission, the Universal Story will collect bite-sized chunks of writing and collate them together to tell a shared narrative. Everyone who adds their part can assign their name to take credit for their contribution if they wish, or write under a pseudonym if desired.

Because there will be no offered writing prompt, other than what has been written previously, this project has the potential to create tales that are entirely unique. It may even show off writing talent that is yet to be discovered.

It is worth noting that all submitted contributions will be assessed and potentially edited before being published on the website. This is to ensure that all content submitted stays appropriate for all contributors to read and enjoy.

So, if you think you’re ready to offer your part in a community-written tale or two, or know of someone who has a voice and should be sharing it, submit your bit by clicking the link below, and watch as you help to tell the tale of the Universal Story.

The Universal Story archive

I’m Still Anxious, but Even More Excited

I’ve been a TwoCan Buddy for a few months now. I struggle with bad anxiety and have done for ages. It definitely got worse over lockdown. I struggled leaving the house for such a long time and my mum and sister help me out getting …

Words by Sam Thatcher

The Glow Outside My Window – Poem

The street lamp outside my window, stood alone, Never stirring, always silent, Ever enduring it never yields, Buffeted by snow and rain it never shivers, The warm light at its peak like a beacon through the fog, Always still, always there, The street light outside …

Words by Sammy

Climbing Up After Being Locked Down

With Covid case numbers going up again as it gets closer to Christmas, I’m more nervous about the idea of being stuck inside with the days getting shorter and nights getting longer. I don’t want any more restrictions to be put on us. I’ve struggled …

Words by Tom

Sometimes That’s Enough

Lockdown was really boring; I think that’s something we can all agree on. After the initial novelty of having time off work had eroded, the monotony of each day really started to sink in. Not being able to go anywhere, do anything, or see anyone, …

Words by Callum

The Calling

I counted seven spotlights on the ceiling between where I was sat and the door to the room I vowed I would never enter. I hunkered down in the worn leather chair, my spine pushed against the hard, polished buttons that jarred my skin. I …

Words by Tracy Lightowler

After So Long

It was warm for the first time this year and the sky was cloudless and blue. Out of the window, trees blurred passed and birds looped and dived, never able to keep up with us. I couldn’t remember the last time I was this excited …

Words by Ben

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