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Borrowing objects from the MHM

A big part of what we do is getting our manifesto and mission out into the world by loaning objects out to other museums, galleries and community groups.

We have objects that can be borrowed for exhibitions and displays and objects that can be touched.

We don’t have a catalogue of items that you can pick from because we want to discuss your idea with you and find out more about what you need. If you would like to talk to us about borrowing an object/s please contact us on 01924 316 360 or

Using images of our collections

Whether you are an author, a production company, a student, an artist or an amateur historian (to name just a few!), you may want to use an image of something in our collection for your work.

If your work is commercial, like a TV show or a book, we may charge you to use our images. If you want to use an image for a non-commercial purpose, like in a dissertation or an information leaflet, then we won’t charge you.

For more information about using images of our collections and to receive our tariff for image use, please contact us on 01924 316 360 or

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