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We welcome visitors with physical and/or learning impairments. We aim to create an accessible environment through our spaces, team, collection and information.

The museum entrance is fitted with an automatic wheelchair accessible door. We have a level access toilet and our displays are all on the ground floor. Many of our displays are interactive and can be handled.

We do provide green film overlays to be used when reading our interpretation, and have several audio interactives in the museum. We are working on producing written versions of spoken displays. Guide dogs are welcome and we have car parking spaces available for visitors with ‘blue badges’.

If you would like to discuss your visit and find out more about how we can support you, please contact us on: 01924 316360 or email us:

Visiting with Children

We love to see visitors of all ages. If you are visiting us with small children, we would like to make you aware that some of our displays may be confusing or possibly upsetting to children if they aren’t explained.

Because of this, we need your help. Please be prepared to discuss the content of the museum with the children you are visiting with. We are always happy to support you with this and our staff will be able to offer advice during your visit to the museum.

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