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Barnsley Children’s Speech and Language Therapy

Videos to support school aged children with language and vocabulary.


Match and stretch language advice

A video about the match and stretch strategy. A strategy that helps children understand new words and add words together in their own talking.

Colour coding

An approach to help children with sentence building.

1 & 2 Key word levels

A video demonstrating 1 & 2 key word level instructions.

3 & 4 Key word levels

A video demonstrating 3 & 4 key word level instructions.


A video to demonstrate what sequencing is and how we use it in our speech therapy sessions.



Word webs

Children learn new words best when they learn about both the meaning and the sounds. Our word web game helps them to think about both of these things.

Defining and exploring words

A video helping children use dictionaries, sound and meaning information to remember words, great for primary school children

How to use Usborne books in speech therapy sessions

Helping children with vocabulary

A video to demonstrate how to support word finding and vocabulary. Included in this video are demonstrations of: category sorting, describing words, things that go together and odd one out.

Barrier games

A video demonstrating how to play barrier games to support listening and understanding.



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