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Speech Sounds and sound awareness

How to use minimal pairs

A video demonstrating different ways you can practise using minimal pairs and how to keep practise fun.

Minimal pairs – Sound discrimination

Minimal pairs are a great way to help children discriminate between sounds in words. Children need to be able to hear and know the sounds in words before they can practise using these in their talking.

Helping speech sounds – Syllables

Practising syllables helps children listen for how a word is made up and the sounds in the word. Syllable clapping and sorting are great ways to practice this.

Bus sorting – Initial sound listening

A sorting game to practice listening for sounds at the beginning of words. The written word can make the task easier for some children. No written word on pictures gives children less clues.

Apple tree game – Final sound listening

The apple tree game is a great way to help children hear the end sounds in words. Some children miss off the end sounds in words as their talking is developing.

Cued articulation

A set of hand cues devised by Jane Passy to help children with sounds. For more information see the cued articulation, consonants and vowels publication by Jane Passy.

Sound discrimination – Sound lotto

This video demonstrates how we practise sound discrimination.

Speech steps

A video to show how to teach new sounds.

Wiggly woo – Helping rhyme

A video showing you how to use our wiggly woo rhyme resource. Rhyming helps your child to listen to ways word sound. Rhyme helps build sound awareness and helps literacy skills

Generalising speech sounds

This video demonstrates how children generalise their new sounds.

Sound properties – Sound sorting

This video demonstrates how to listen and sort sounds to help children ‘tune in’.

Helping children with s clusters

A video demonstrating how to help children to use ‘s’ clusters.

Sound story

A sound story to help children listen for sounds.

How to play Happy Families

A video demonstration of how to play ‘Happy Families’.

Reading with a child – Story book

A video demonstrating ways to support children with speech and language difficulties when reading a story book.

Reading with a child – School reading book

A video demonstrating how to support children with speech and language difficulties when reading a school reading book.

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