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help while families are waiting for an appointment

We have lots of resources, video advice and guidance  for parents and carers to use while you are waiting for an appointment.  If a child does not meet our referral criteria, parents and carers can still use the resources shown below.


speech and language support

We have created a wide variety of resources to help you support your child while you are waiting for an appointment.   To use the toolkit,  use the filter on the right of the page to find the right advice for your child’s needs.   Website

We have created lots of video’s showing how to support your child at home. Browse through the videos for ideas for you and your child   You Tube videos


stammering support

penguin: stammering support app

The penguin app is designed for parents of children age 2-6  who stammer.  It may be helpful for other parent and carers too. It’s free to use.  It aims to make parents and carers feel more secure about ways to support children who stammer and  also ways to support themselves.  It provides a 10 day course, each day taking  about 5 minutes.  Sometimes the focus is on supporting the  child and sometimes it’s on supporting the parent or carer.  Sessions are completed in order but can  be revisited.  Parents and carers can use this app while they are  waiting for an appointment.   You can find the app by searching on Penguin App – google play or Penguin app – App store

other sources of support for stammering

  • Our toolkit – stammering resources/advice, especially our general advice sheet
  • Our YouTube channel – stammering playlist – link on website/
  • There are several UK based charities that offer a range of support


autism support

Autism Central has been set up by nine leading not-for-profit organisations in the UK and commissioned by NHS England.  It offers resources for parents, carers and personal assistants of autistic people in England.  The website offers a wealth of resources – including articles, learning materials and signposting you to support Autism central


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