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The first appointment

Here’s what you can expect on your first appointment:

  • Your first appointment with us is now a telephone call with a speech and language therapist. This will usually be from a mobile number.

During the phone appointment they will ask you some questions about your child and how they are communicating. The speech and language therapist may ask you:

  • How your child currently communicates e.g. what words do they say? Do they point to things? Do they use gesture? It helps if you have a few examples of things they do and say
  • What your child talks about e.g. Do they make requests? Do they tell your about what they can see and ask questions?
  • Whether your child can follow instructions, point to things in books or know what happens in routines at home like mealtimes and bath times. If your child is older, can they follow stories and conversations?
  • About your child’s play and interests. How your child plays with toys and other people. Again, it helps to have an example of a few things they like to do
  • If you are worried about your child stammering
  • If you are worried about your child’s eating and drinking skills
  • Whether your child’s talking is clear

The speech and language therapist will also need to ask you about:

  • Other professionals who see your child e.g. doctors, physiotherapists or occupational therapists
  • Who lives at home so our records are up to date
  • The name of your child’s school/nursery if they go to one
  • If you give your consent to share information with other people that know your child e.g. school, health visitors
  • For some children, we may need to ask more detailed information about their medical history, their hearing and vision and developmental milestones (first steps, first words etc.)

At the end of the phone call, the speech and language therapist will let you know about what will happen next

  • If we are not worried about your child’s skills we will discharge them
  • We may give you some advice to help your child’s communication. We may direct you to our YouTube channel or the Toolkit of our website
  • We may offer you a further appointment by telephone or video. Your therapist will arrange this with you.

Watch the video below to hear Emily, one of our therapists,  tell you more about your first appointment

Getting ready for your telephone appointment

Make sure you are ready for your appointment:

  • If possible be somewhere quiet so you can hear us – turn off TVs and radios. Try to keep pets in another room for the appointment.
  • The appointment will take around 30 minutes, so make sure that you are available for the full length of the call.
  • You will be giving us confidential information about your child. Make sure only people you want to hear this information are present
  • Try to think of some examples beforehand about how your child communicates or manages food and drink
  • If we are calling you on a mobile, make sure your device is charged.


Both phone and video appointments are NHS appointments. You need to answer at your booked appointment time. If we can’t get hold of you, we will discharge your child. If you can’t keep your appointment, cancel by ringing 01226 644331 or by email on:

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