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Toolkit Resources

Cup drinking advice

Advice to help your child with cup drinking. You can also see our video on YouTube.

Eating and drinking information

A poster with QR codes providing quick access to supportive information needed for children with dysphagia or eating and drinking advice in place. This can be displayed in kitchens, schools and settings

Food play advice

Ways to support children to explore foods gradually away from the mealtimes. Helpful for children with restricted diets or who are worried about the feel, touch, smell and taste of foods.

Good mealtimes

Some advice on what to do and what not to do, to help mealtimes more enjoyable

Learning to chew

Advice to support children who are beginning to chew but are not doing this consistently

Mouth care advice

Advice on mouth care, an important routine to help your child’s teeth and general health. Helpful for families of children with problems with eating and drinking.

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