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Weaning and feeding development advice

Weaning and complementary feeding leaflet – a joint leaflet from our the dietitian and speech and language teams about the transition to offering solids to your child

Start for life – NHS website with lots of videos and tips for your child’s feeding development

Child feeding guide – strategies and tools for fussy eating and create happy mealtimes

Advice for gagging and choking – Advice sheet explaining gagging and choking

Drooling and saliva control – Advice sheet with strategies for supporting drooling and saliva control

Smooth textures to lumpy textures – Advice sheet with tips for moving from smooth textures to lumpy textures

Learning to chew – Advice sheet with tips for helping your child learn to chew

More difficult textures –  Advice for helping your child to move to more difficult textures

Children born early (premature babies)

Bliss – Information about feeding premature babies including tube feeding, breast and bottle feeding, to weaning. Also includes information on reflux

Websites with advice for children with eating and drinking problems (dysphagia)

Feeding matters – an American website, which has lots of information and resources for children with paediatric feeding difficulties.

IDDSI International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative – The websites resource area, which contains information on different levels of food and drink texture and consistency, how to test levels accurately

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