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Lucy has some speech pronunciation difficulties. She is 4 years and 11 months.

What Lucy found hard:

Lucy’s speech pronunciation was delayed. This means that she is saying things like a younger child would say e.g. she misses the ends off her word so that when she says fish it sounds like “fi”). Also, when she says “cat” it sounds like “tat.”

Assessing Lucy:

The therapist got Lucy to name lots of pictures so that she could hear how Lucy pronounced different sounds. This told her what sounds Lucy could say and what sounds Lucy couldn’t say.

What we talked about with her parents:

The therapist told her parents what sounds Lucy needed help with. She told them how we would help her. She also said that we should check that Lucy did not have difficulty with her ears so she referred her to Audiology.

How we helped Lucy:

Lucy and her therapist do games to help Lucy learn how to pronounce her words better. Sometimes they use an Ipad to make it more fun. Her mum and dad practice these games at home.

What happened next:

Lucy made lots of progress with her speech. Other people can understand what she is saying much better. The therapist discharged Lucy because her parents have lots of activities to practice with her and know how to help her. She will need to keep practising for quite a while.

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