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Laurie has a stammer and he is 5 years and 4 months old.

What Laurie finds hard:

Laurie has been stammering for over 12 months.


The therapist listened to Laurie talking. The therapist saw that Laurie repeated sounds and stretched words out. He also hit his forehead and blinked his eyes when he stammered. The therapist found out that Laurie did not stammer all the time. Sometimes he might not stammer for a week. The therapist asked his parents about their family to see if anyone else had stammered. She also found out what they did when Laurie stammered. She also checked his other speech and language skills –these were fine.

What we talked about with his parents:

The therapist explained that Laurie’s stammer seems to be getting worse. His parents were worried about it. The therapist said that Laurie needed an episode of care to find out what might help him stammer less.

What help Laurie got:

Laurie had some play sessions with his parents. The therapist recorded the sessions for about 5 minutes each time. The therapist and Laurie’s parents looked at the video and found out what helped Laurie stammer less. They practised these things at home.

What happened next:

Laurie stammered a lot less. He stopped hitting his forehead and blinking his eyes. His mum and dad did not feel as worried. Laurie will have some more appointments and we will check how things are going by phone but it is likely he will be discharged soon.

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