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Sarah has disordered language skills at 11 years and 4 months.

What Sarah finds hard:

Sarah has difficulty understanding what people say and putting words together in well formed sentences. Her language skills are not just delayed for her age. She has a language disorder. This means that her language skills have not developed in the usual way. Sarah also has problems with her memory and with her behaviour. People are worried about her starting at high school.

Assessing Sarah:

The therapist checked different areas of Sarah’s language skills. She checked how much she was understanding, how well she put sentences together, her vocabulary skills and her reasoning skills. The therapist also talked to lots of different people involved in Sarah’s care e.g. her mum and dad and her school teachers.

What we talked about with her parents:

The therapist and her parents agreed that the therapy aims needed to help Sarah with her move to secondary school. They agreed that they needed to work on the skills that would help her everyday life. They decided to work on vocabulary around school topics and time words so she could follow her school timetable.

How we helped Sarah:

Sarah had a block of therapy to work on her therapy targets. The therapist also referred Sarah to CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services.) The therapist also talked to school staff about things that might help Sarah with her learning e.g. using a dictaphone to record homework tasks so that she did not have to rely on her memory.

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