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Toby has a stammer and he is 16 years old.

What Toby finds hard:

Toby has been stammering since he was 2 ½ years old. His stammering has got worse over time and he is starting to find it hard to talk at home and school. Toby has a severe stammer. He says that he stammers on every word. Toby is worried about starting college and he also has cerebral palsy and mild learning difficulties.

Assessing Toby:

Toby had speech therapy when he was 5. The therapist found out what help he had before. The therapist listened to Toby’s stammer and she talked to Toby and his
parents about his stammer.

What we talked about with his parents:

The therapist said that Toby could have a block of therapy. She could talk to Toby about how he felt about his stammer. She could also see if he found any techniques helpful to reduce how often he stammered. The therapist said that if he needed more adult-like help, he could be referred to adult services.

How we helped Toby:

Toby came for five therapy sessions. He learned about breathing correctly and using “soft” speech sounds to help reduce his stammering. The therapist also gave his new college information about ways to help.

What happened next:

Toby is now able to say short sentences with no stammering. The therapist has sent information and advice to school and his parents. He is going to have another block of
therapy to talk about his feelings about stammering.

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