Summer Lane Centre

Summer Lane
S73 8QH
01226 644771/ 644770
Sat nav postcode:
Use S73 8QH for arrival by sat nav

Getting to reception

Getting to reception can be a little tricky as the main gates are around the back, so follow the road right around the building so you end up on West Street.
Go down this road about 70 metres and go through the second set of black gates (the first set is for the car park).

You will see a ramp and steps with blue railings that lead up to the entry doors. Here you will find a buzzer which you need to press to speak to our friendly reception staff who will release the door. This door doesn’t open automatically so if you need assistance then let the receptionist know if you need help getting in.

As you go through the main doors turn right and go through another set of doors. Turn right again and follow the little corridor around to your left. You will see the reception window in front of you.

Just so you know…

the clinic is fully accessible throughout with and has disabled access toilets and baby changing facilities. If you need assistance or require mobility aids such as a wheelchair then please ask our staff who will be happy to help you.


The service is run by appointment only so if you have any questions please ring or contact the service using the details on your appointment letter.

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