Social responsibility and sustainability strategy

Our social responsibility and sustainability strategy aims to use the levers we have to maximise the benefits the Trust can deliver to local people, communities, and places, especially those facing challenge and disadvantage.

It is about building on the Trust’s core and current activities and role as an ‘anchor organisation’ rooted in the areas we serve, and strengthening the positive impact that comes from key areas such partnerships, culture, and civic role as an employer, procurement of goods and services, the management of environmental impacts on our estate and assets, and engagement with less advantaged and diverse communities to maximise the responsiveness, value, inclusiveness and uptake or our services

With a key focus on a sustainability at all levels, the strategy aims to deliver social, economic, and environmental benefits and reduce health inequalities. The Trust already also has policies and approaches in place that support these goals, including through our Green Plan; our equality and inclusion action plan; and our equality, involvement, communication, and membership strategy.

Easy read version of the social responsibility and sustainability strategy.

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