Covid Heroes: A

Take a look at who has been recognised as a Covid Hero with a first name that begins with A:

Adam Dunford, CPN in the Kirklees intensive home based treatment team

“Worked throughout the Covid 19 pandemic maintaining a frontline service and providing face to face interventions and visits.”

Adele Moorhouse, team secretary

“Worked throughout the Covid 19 pandemic providing the point of contact for our service helping to maintain frontline services and support all admin needs.”

Afshaan Irfan, CPN in the Kirklees intensive home based treatment team

“Worked throughout the Covid 19 pandemic maintaining a frontline service and providing face to face interventions and visits.”

Alister Hill, senior care practitioner

“He goes above and beyond to encourage others about safe practices of covid and supports team members with infection control.

“Alister, has a real passion and dedication for being champion of the ward. Alister is spotless to detail when mentoring others and prides him of being very knowledge. He has taught us all well and has given staff opportunities and listened to staff concerns over covid related issues.

“Alister has made sure to put others first and made sure staff morale wasn’t affected. what can I say Alister Hill what a guy and deserves being a covid hero and needs to be mentioned in the trust for outstanding work.”

Alison Thomas, assistant director of IPC and professional lead for the physical healthcare agenda

“Alison has worked tirelessly to ensure our service users and staff remained as safe as possible from contracting Covid-19.

“She has had to deliver some very difficult messages to some very frustrated and concerned people, this is not an easy task, but Alison just brushes herself down and gets on with her job.

“Alison has been fundamental to our learning throughout the pandemic and always seeks to support staff in their work,and provide solutions to difficult situations. Her strong leadership has placed the Trust in a strong position in terms of our Infection Prevention and Control practices. She is a star, literally. Alison has also gained a huge amount of respect through her contribution at silver command. It is a pleasure to work with her.”

Amanda Miller, general manager

“This is a group nomination for Wakefield BDU community services. Throughout COVID the teams that Amanda managers have gone above and beyond to provide treatment and a service to some of the most vulnerable service users in the community.

“Community teams managed to administer and give treatment despite staffs own anxieties surrounding the virus.
I think the communications from our service manager and clinical governance leads helped direct managers to provide a fantastic service. They gave us the information we required sometimes on more than one occasion!

“The community teams in Wakefield and Pontefract even set up food banks at the HUBS to make sure no service user was unable to get out due to mental or physical health issues did not go hungry.

“More importantly the teams managed to keep people out of hospital and well. The community services truly upheld the trust values and continue to do so.”

Amy Greetham, admin officer

“Amy has worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic looking after everybody. She has been in the office daily, keeping our Team and wider community of Barnsley going and I would like to thank her for everything she does. We would be lost without her.

“Thank you Amy, you are amazing and we are so lucky to have you!”

Amy Smith, CPN in the Kirklees intensive home based treatment team

“Worked throughout the Covid 19 pandemic maintaining a frontline service and providing face to face interventions and visits.”

Anastasia Giannakopoulou, psychiatrist

“Anastasia has supported the enhanced teams throughout the pandemic offering face to face contact with clients and generally always being available for the teams needs. She always has a smile and supportive word for her colleagues and nothing is too much trouble for her.”

Andrea Robinson, associate practice governance coach

“Andrea has been amazing throughout the Covid pandemic. There has been no task too big or too small that Andrea has not been willing to do to support the service, and her peers to get through.

“In the early days of the pandemic Andrea provided a variety of different supports to the wards, peers, service users and Trust. From learning all about the PPE and cascading training and knowledge out to the practitioners on the ward; supporting the ward orderly and nursing teams with IPC cleaning routines on cohort and isolated areas; supporting nursing shifts on the cohort ward in Forensics, and supporting the vaccination clinics in the Trust.

“Staff know that Andrea will always try to help where she can, and personally I feel safe and supported in the knowledge that I have a peer and friend close by, that I can count on to point me in the right direction, or sometimes just to lean on!

“Andrea has truly been my Covid Hero, and I don’t think I could have gone through this without her by my side :-)”

Andrew Prince, HR Business partner workforce information

“I nominate Andrew Prince as a covid hero as he has created and supported the new systems for all the covid related reporting over the last 2 years.

“He has created systems for recording Covid and Flu jabs and a reporting function for statistical purposes for the government data collection for flu and Covid.He assisted with the creation of a booking system for Covid vaccines and the related reminders and appointments and a data base to calculate Covid related payment averages for staff isolating and unable to work due to Covid and in addition to this payments for bank staff.

“In addition to this he has also been involved in the retire and return protocol, contacting previous staff to return to do vaccine related work. And created a database for recruitment to improve the trusts time to recruit new employees. including reminders to employees and increased communication for candidates. This covers a large piece of work that involves workforce/payroll/ e rostering/recruitment teams.

“Overall, all these departments have pulled together through Covid and adapted to the very fast changing environment but continued to provide a consistent high value service to all staff members.

“I think Andrew deserves credit for his exceptional commitment to his job, he regularly works 7 days a week. I am very proud of everything he has achieved and to be part of his team.”

Andy Lister, head of corporate governance (company secretary)

“Andy Lister came to my rescue on Wednesday 1st December 2021.

“I had been struggling with IT issues all day and had important papers to load for a Committee. I rang Andy for assistance with Diligent and he immediately tried to sort this out with the support desk and also via IT and gave me access via a different link.

“I was unable to navigate my way around Diligent so I rang Andy late in the day in desperation to ask him if he could help me as the deadline was rapidly approaching. Andy was very calm and patient and at this stage I was expecting him to talk me through the process, but he went above and beyond and put the papers on for me. He was so kind and thoughtful and I would just like to say a very big thank you from the bottom of my heart. He certainly was my hero on Wednesday.”

Ann Todd, clinical lead

“When the cohort ward opened on Gaskell (MSU) in May 2020 due to an outbreak within forensic services, there was fear and apprehension of the unknown. Working in conjunction with IPC a full protocol was put in place on the ward, this was in the main done by Anne who was clinical lead. A group of volunteers from across the forensic BDU supported the ward. Anne led the team and worked long hours ensuring that everyone remained safe.

“It is a credit to Anne and the team that not one  staff member or service user caught the virus during that period. The level of respect that Anne gained was significant to say the least. Indeed, the team that worked with Anne during that time period were so grateful for her support that they clubbed together and bought her a small memento. During that time period whilst the ward was active, the trust core values came to the fore. However, it was how the forensic BDU came together at a time of need.”

Anne Todd, advanced nurse practitioner

“Anne took on the task of taking the lead on the first ward to open in the building with confirmed cases of covid-19. She ensured the safety of everyone was maintained and that the virus was contained on the ward. There has been positive feedback provided by all the staff members who worked alongside her through this difficult time.

“Guidance was continuously changing and developing, and Anne ensured she was up to date with all practices. Initially, some staff members were anxious around working on the ward. Anne volunteered herself with no hesitation, helping relieve other peoples worries. She worked long hours and is a great role model for others!”

Annette Lee, support time and recovery worker

“A new starter with the team, Annette faced a difficult start to her role as Covid brought up lots of challenges.

“Annette went above and beyond to facilitate the recovery of individuals with mental health issues. Annette braved the cold, wet weather in the Winter months and supported a walking challenge, ensuring individuals were less isolated and feeling connected, also raising money for EyUp and the EIP team.

“Annette has shown a good awareness of mental health and takes an empathic approach, ensuring individuals are focused on the activity, rather than their personal challenges.

“A Covid Hero, putting others before herself. Thank you for making a difference Annette!”

Angela Bennett, CPN in the Kirklees intensive home based treatment team

“Worked throughout the Covid 19 pandemic maintaining a frontline service and providing face to face interventions and visits.”

Annie Johnsey, CPN in the Kirklees intensive home based treatment team

“Worked throughout the Covid 19 pandemic maintaining a frontline service and providing face to face interventions and visits.”

Alison Hutton, community nurse learning disability team

“The Reason why I have nominated Alison is because she has really helped me through lockdown she has been a great friend towards me and I really appreciate it so much.

“Alison has been there for me when I needed to talk to someone and am glad that she was there for me Alison is my true friend and I just want to thank her for that.

“Alison is a very lovely kind caring lady and a lovely person with a good personality too. This is a way to say a thank you to her for helping me through lockdown as well as everyone else.”

Alison Thomas, assistant director of nursing – professional lead for physical health – learning disabilities and mental health

“We often take our support services for granted who continue to undertake their role in the background with no fuss and to the highest of standards. However, it really highlights things when you go through the challenges thrown down by the Covid-19 pandemic as to how vital and important the infection, prevention and control department have been in keeping the Trust, its staff and its service users safe during these uncertain times.

“The team, led by Alison Thomas, have provided guidance, approved products, produced, introduced and monitored policies and worked tirelessly to keep everyone safe.

“Alison has undoubtedly been a star throughout pandemic and her professionalism and experience has shone through together with her leadership and she is truly worthy of the Covid Hero status.”

Antony Odigie, consultant physciatrist

“Dr Odigie has been in work all through the pandemic, he has only had a few days annual leave. He is very committed to his patients and will go above and beyond to help people. He has seen patient’s face to face when required which shows his commitment to his profession and his patient’s. He has also been covering another Doctor’s workload for the last 3 months which has put extra pressure on him, nothing is ever too much trouble. I feel he is a Covid hero.”

Ash Williams, CPN in the Kirklees intensive home based treatment team

“Worked throughout the Covid 19 pandemic maintaining a frontline service and providing face to face interventions and visits.”

Ashley Hambling, HR business partner

“Ashley has been a huge support in developing and supporting the wellbeing of our staff – gone the extra mile and shown real care and compassion!”

Auli Miles, marketing, communication and engagement manager

“I would like to say a big thank you to Auli for everything she has achieved and contributed to the team in the past 6 months. Auli joined the team in June during a significant period of change, when the pandemic was having a bit impact on workloads and Trust morale. Despite this Auli threw herself into her work, adapted very quickly to a new organisation and to the new work, and delivered on some major projects quickly and with enthusiasm; making a big impact.

“One of the major contributions Auli has brought to the team is with her temperament, humour, personability and compassion. She has quickly become a strong and valued member of the team who brings a new dynamic. I wanted to nominate Auli for this award because I want her to understand the impact she is having across the Trust and within the team.”

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