Covid Heroes: H

Take a look at who has been recognised as a Covid Hero with a first name that begins with H:

Hattie Wardle, RN

“Made the whole pandemic fly by with her aura whilst on shift with her. A very calming soul that deserves recognition.”

Helen Bolton, team manager

“Working throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, maintaining frontline services, managing the whole team to help navigate through this tough time.”

Helen Dale, healthcare support worker

“Helen has shown and unfailing commitment to both service users and colleagues since joining the team mid pandemic.”

Helen Dowd, Beechdale ward manager

“Helen has worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic to keep the patients and staff safe.

“Helen has ‘mucked in’ and helped whenever she could even though her job is very demanding. She has made staff wellbeing her top priority and has been there to listen to staff and help with any anxieties and worries from staff and patients.

“She always has a smile on her face even though she must have been very stressed herself and puts everybody but herself first and it’s a pleasure to work for her.”

Helen Good, scanning team

“Thank you, Helen, for all your hard work during the pandemic to support the Team and the Trust. continuing to come into the Trust to undertake vital work.”

Helen Whitelam, head of occupational health and wellbeing

“Helen has worked tirelessly through the pandemic to support her own team and all staff across the organisation to remain as well as they are able so that they can remain in work, by having access to the latest information, advice and the right support in place should they become unwell.

“She has enabled additional counselling, mental health and advice support for staff, an advice line for those seeking support on a range of matters and has also supported the vaccination programme and other health and wellbeing initiatives across the Trust during what has been a very stressful and worrying time for all staff.

“Helen continues to support her team and the organisation into restoration and recovery and no doubt will work tirelessly to support us all again as we move forward.”

Helen Whitelam, head of occupational health and wellbeing

“Fantastic commitment to providing the best health and wellbeing service and support for all of us!”

Helen Whitelam, head of occupational health and wellbeing

“Helen has led the Trusts occupational health response to Covid since the start in 2019. She has been faultless in her preparation, delivery and commitment along with her OH team with regard to ensuring our vaccination programme was delivered safely, effectively and speedily.

“This however, is the just tip of the workload as our staff have needed several other health and wellbeing interventions in an incredibly difficult and challenging time. Helen has remained calm and shown true OH leadership, to ensure our staff safety and wellbeing is maintained. Despite a massive increase in workload over the past two years, Helen and all team have continued to work to meet the at times unreasonable and sustained high pressure demands.”

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