NHS 70 superstars: M

Take a look at who has also now been recognised as an official #NHS70Superstar with first names beginning with M:

Mal Barton, care assistant, Willow ward, Barnsley
“For being so kind and caring.”

Maggie Milne, service manager, Yorkshire Smokefree Sheffield
“I would like to thank Maggie for her leadership in taking the Yorkshire Smokefree Sheffield forward with their new contract. She has done an amazing job in very difficult circumstances and her passion, enthusiasm and “can do” approach is second to none. She makes me feel extremely proud of the service she manages and she always brightens my day when I spend time with her.”

Maimuna Gaye, healthcare assistant, Priory 2 ward, Fieldhead
“Mai is a little ray of sunshine on Priory 2. She is always upbeat and positive. Without fail her smile brightens up a shift and her focus is always on how she can help and support our service users. Without fail Mai turns a negative into a positive and it is an absolute pleasure to have her as part of the Priory 2 team.”

Malcolm Lodge, senior clinical practitioner, Stanley ward, Fieldhead
“The help and support that he gives to the staff in the team when they are having troubles in their personal life and need that little bit of support and understanding. He has a friendly and supportive manner that makes it easy to talk to him no matter how big or small the problem might be.”

“Malcolm is excellent at working with service users. His approach is always spot on – he is well respected and liked by service users. It is great to know that he is on our team. He always gives 100% to each service user that he works with. He is highly principled and is the epitome of the Trust values.”

“Malcolm has an incredible calmness about him, he is always approachable. His humour keeps you going through tough times. He is kind and compassionate. A joy to work with.”

Mandy Beresford, senior physiotherapist, Intermediate care team, Kendray Hospital
“Constant dedication to the team, going above and beyond daily to support us and the patients within the service. Kind, caring, understanding and compassionate.”

“Despite the changes over recent years which have led to extremely difficult working conditions at times, Mandy has maintained her usual high level of professionalism and standards of personal conduct and led by example. At the same time, she has provided support for all team members and listened to all our problems patiently and helped us with any difficulties. She is supposed to work part-time but spends hours of her own time doing additional work to support our service. Mandy just quietly gets on with the job without making a fuss and never pushes, without her dedication our team morale would have been non-existent. She is just an all-round lovely person and I feel privileged to work with her.”

Mandy Dobney, staff nurse, Ward 19, Priestley Unit
“For showing amazing resilience in the face of several personal challenges and being the epitome of a caring, compassionate nurse.”

Mandy Green, dining room assistant, Catering, Kendray Hospital
“Mandy is a huge help to me as a person with coeliac disease. Every time I go in the dining room I cross my fingers that she is working as she immediately tells me what I can and can’t have. It may not sound much but I am often reluctant to start asking as I don’t want to cause a delay! Also, as she is gluten intolerant she always promotes the chef to make more items gluten free widening my choices every day! Thank you, Mandy, you are a star!”

Mandy Houghton, BHF nurse, Heart failure service, Apollo Court Medical Centre
“Mandy is passionate and enthusiastic about the heart failure service and is keen to develop new ways of working to help the team effectively meet the ever-growing demands on their time. She has a pleasant, friendly personality and is an asset to the service!”

Mansee Gupte, primary practitioner, Wakefield CAMHS, Airedale health centre, Wakefield
“We would like to thank Mansee for covering duty to allow us to have our away day. She is a great support to the team and we appreciate the time she has given up to allow us to develop as a team. Thanks, Mansee.”

Manvir Soor, specialist dietitian, Fieldhead
“For being a friendly supportive influence at work.”

Marc Beachill, receptionist, Newhaven unit, Fieldhead
“For being the effervescent ray of sunshine who greets us every day with his wit, charm and unceasing, infectious enthusiasm. He is our rock.”

Marcelle Shinners, ward clerk, Stanley ward, Fieldhead
“Marcelle is our long-suffering ward clerk – I don’t know how many times in a day we all say “Marcelle…”I know she would like to change her name but she is so helpful and nothing is too much trouble. She never stops when at work and she puts the service users at the heart of everything she does. Thank you, Marcelle!”

“Marcelle demonstrates her dedication to her job role on a daily basis. Marcelle goes above and beyond for the nursing team and service users and deserves recognition for this. Thank you for everything you’ve done for team Stanley!”

Marcio Rishworth, physiotherapist, Beechdale Ward, The Dales
“Always very cheerful and nothing is ever too much bother.”

Mark Wilbram, principal clinical psychologist, Oakwell centre, Barnsley
“For helping staff at all the development days and running supervision.”

Margaret Duggan, mental health liaison practitioner, Mental health liaison team, The Dales
“I’ve learned so much from Margaret in taking care of my own wellbeing and robust record keeping. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience contributing to being a valuable member of any team.” 

Margaret Thackray, staff nurse, Enfield Down
“Always being conscientious at work. Made me feel valued. Knew she always had my back at work. I felt supported.”

Marie Chapman, assistant catering manager, Catering department, Fieldhead
“Marie is a fabulous member of the catering department and always has time to help answer any queries/requests even on a late Friday afternoon! Marie will always go above and beyond to ensure service user’s dietary needs are met. Marie will often work extra time to ensure the service is running smoothly and that meals and snacks are provided on time to all service users on the ward. The catering department is a great service for our hospital and we have a good working relationship with them. Students who have done catering placements here at Wakefield have highly praised Marie and the team for their hard work and meeting service user needs.”

Marie Gant, administration support, Medical records, Folly Hall
“Marie has worked for the Trust for many years and is a very highly regarded and respected member of staff. She has tremendous empathy with the service users and goes above and beyond to support everyone she can, particularly the memory team through the many changes they have had recently.”

“Marie goes above and beyond her duties to ensure staff and service users are well looked after and made to feel at ease. Amazing lady to work with.”

“Marie has a great deal of compassion and empathy when dealing with our service users and is always willing to go above and beyond the call of duty to help and support her colleagues. She is a great support for the memory team in particular and has dealt with all the changes that have taken place and that continue to take place. She has supported her team with the changes in transformation and is a well-respected member of the Folly Hall staff.”

Marie Gibb, strategic health facilitator, safeguarding learning difficulties, Pinderfields Hospital
“Marie is the most supportive colleague I have ever had the pleasure of working alongside. She inspired me to apply to become a learning disability nurse and I am doing what I am doing today because of her.”

Marie Jenkinson, physiotherapist, Hospital at Home, Kendray Hospital
“To thank her for her hard work and team support in difficult times if transition. Marie works tirelessly for both her patients and team. Marie never complains. I have no idea how she fits in everything so seamlessly and I am grateful to have her as a manager to support myself and the team and someone to trust when life is so unpredictable.”

Marie Johnson, consultant secretary, Acute services, Oakwell Centre, Kendray Hospital
“Marie is always calm, organised and efficient. She is sensitive to other peoples needs and always a pleasure to work with.”

Marie Sweeney, administrative assistant, Laura Mitchell Health and Wellbeing Centre
“Her can-do attitude, constant smiley and positive outlook and prompt administrative support. This enables me to do my job much more smoothly.”

Mark Payne, senior clinical pharmacist, Pharmacy department, Fieldhead
“Mark has made a supreme effort to get in on the snow days and coordinate the pharmacy effort at Fieldhead.”

“Mark is always thinking about how things can be improved and has great enthusiasm, determination and commitment to seeing his ideas through to completion. His commitment to quality improvement really makes a difference to both staff and patients!”

Mark Swindells, team manager, Calderdale CAMHS, Laura Mitchell Health and Wellbeing Centre
“Thank you for his continued support to moving the service forward. He is totally committed to supporting his staff in very challenging environments.”

Mark Whittlesea, team manager, CMHT OPS/Memory, Laura Mitchell Health and Wellbeing Centre
“For being a dedicated, supportive and forward thinking team manager.”

“Mark is a superb leader and manager. He is supportive and encouraging. He offers practical guidance, is compassionate and is always there to listen. Thank you!”

Mark Wisbey, Creative Minds project manager, Creative Minds, Hebden Bridge Health Centre
“Mark has and continues to be a wonderful support to myself and other members of the team. He is always willing to help and support people, even if he is feeling unwell himself. He goes above and beyond to make sure others are looked after. He makes me feel proud to know him, he is so selfless and willing to help others, this is such a rare quality in people. Mark has continued to help and support me in my journey and I know that if I needed any help he would help where possible and would drop things to make sure I was well and safe. Mark is more than a colleague to me, he is a very special friend.”

Martin Depledge, Estates and facilities, Fieldhead
“Martin is always willing to help and goes above and beyond to assist all teams. He is courteous, polite and friendly.”

Martin Kendall, performance and information analyst, Performance and information, Fieldhead
“For all his hard work and for always being willing to help out when needed.”

Martine Nichol, assistant management accountant, Finance department, Kendray Hospital
“Thank you to Martine for supporting me and the team over the last few months at work where we have had challenging times due to staffing and personal issues. She has increased her hours to support the team and also shared with us her brilliant skills and knowledge to help us achieve our deadlines. She makes me proud to be part of the finance team in Barnsley.”

Mary Kaye, healthcare support worker, Beamshaw ward, Kendray Hospital
“Mary has worked at the Oakwell Centre and DPM before this. She puts in 100% effort when at work and literally never stops. She builds up a good rapport with patients in her care and this is often reflected by them asking for Mary to assist them. She makes everyone feel welcome and has a caring nature. Mary will always put others first and I miss working with her.”

“This lady is a super member of staff. An outstanding worker who always goes the extra mile with patients. She is a kind, considerate, lovely, warm person and a pleasure to work with.”

Mat Cook, specialist advisor, MAV team, Fieldhead
“I have had the pleasure of working with Mat for a number of years. He is always supportive, knowledgeable and is a great leader. He now provides excellent and invaluable support and advice across the Trust to ensure positive behavioural support plans are in use to reduce the number of incidents. He has been integral in supporting staff become more proactive in managing behaviours that challenge our service. He allows staff to explore incidents as a team and to identify their own strategies for change. He is honest and open and relentlessly positive, he is deserving of recognition.”

“For always being a superstar! For always being supportive to staff and students in his clinical roles and advocating for his patients. He also runs the supervision sessions on our unit which are really useful and helps us be less restrictive.”

Matt Hartley, occupational therapy assistant, Therapy team, Newhaven unit
“Matt has a brilliant relationship with the service users engaging them in sessions and motivating them to achieve their potential.”

Matthew Brown, ward manager, Thornhill Ward, Bretton Centre
“Excellent leadership and staff support. Promotes staff wellbeing and remains positive in all aspects of his role.”

“Matt is the number one manager, he is good at leading the team. His door is always open for us service users and is always straight up and honest and is focused.”

“Throughout my time working with Matt as my manager, he has provided me with continual support when I was struggling with my personal life. I was made to feel I was a valuable member of the team and he showed genuine care and concern which at the time meant a lot.”

“Matt empowers others to be the best they can be by supporting them in all aspects of their practice. There is a difference between a dictator and a leader, he’s a leader and he is very much respected. He is involved in so many developments, all with the aim to help improve the service for staff members, carers and service users. His door is always open for anyone. He works with us when making decisions that affect us, this makes such a difference as we feel included, valued and that we do matter. He is genuinely open and honest and he has a great sense of humour. I’m really proud to say he is my manager.”

“Matt is one of those people that genuinely makes people feel good. He encourages and supports all the staff at Bretton Centre, motivating people to do their best for themselves and the service. Matt wholeheartedly supports the staff to reach their full potential, creating a wonderful working environment. Above all, his care for the service users shines through with his input into the least restrictive practice. The service users and their needs are always at the forefront of Matts work. He is an excellent manager, someone I look up to immensely.”

“Matt is one of those people that genuinely makes people feel good. He encourages and supports all the staff at Bretton, motivating people to do their best for themselves and the service. Matt wholeheartedly supports the staff to reach their full potential, creating a wonderful working environment. Above all, his care for the service users shines through with his input into the least restrictive practice. The service users and their needs are always at the forefront of Matts work. He is an excellent manager, someone I look up to immensely.”

Matthew Goodwin, healthcare support worker, Priory 2 ward, Fieldhead
“Matthew has been working with us for a short period of re-allocation in between roles and has been a godsend! Despite not liking computers he has been brilliant and picked up everything we have shown him.”

Matthew Long, healthcare assistant, Kirklees AWA, Enfield Down
“Candour with patients and providing excellent support.”

Maureen Lewis, CC officer, Supporting people, Folly Hall
“I saw a lovely, caring interaction between Maureen and a service user as she greeted him and checked he was okay. So thank you to you Maureen and also to all who, day by day, care for others in need.”

Maureen Pearson, clerical officer, safeguarding children, Lundwood Health Centre
“For covering my role which allowed me to undertake a secondment within the Trust and also for being the best team player, helping out whenever and however she can.”

Meana Kane, facilities support officer, Facilities, Fieldhead
“Meana is very helpful and has such a cheery disposition. Even at short notice, she will do what she can to help.”

Megan Birkhead, healthcare assistant, Beechdale ward, The Dales
“Megan has come on so far since starting on the ward and her patient care and compassion is great. She’s a valued member of the team. Keep up the great work!”

Mel Wood, head of performance, Performance and information, Fieldhead
“For being a fantastic manager. For being supportive, caring, approachable and a great example.”

“Mel’s efficiency, attention to detail, organisation skills and recollect never cease to amaze me. And you do it all with a smile on your face! You are an asset to the Trust. Well done!”

Melanie Duggan, intensive home based treatment team, The Dales
“For doing a great job and adapting well to her promotion from a Band 5 to a Band 6. She is a real star.”

Michael Booth, catering supervisor, Catering, Fieldhead
“In previous jobs, lunch and time away from the desk didn’t seem important but it’s different here and that is thanks to Michael and the brilliant staff at the restaurant at Fieldhead and the Oasis Café. My colleagues and I really look forward to our lunches and the laughs we have with the staff. Every day we are met with big smiles, good humour and delicious home cooked food – no matter how you are feeling or what’s happening in the office, the staff put a smile on your face within seconds of you arriving. They are a superb bunch of staff and they are a credit to the organisation.”

“Thanks for making ours, probably the best canteen in the area! There’s always something tasty on the menu, generally two or three really scrumptious looking options – which can give me a bit of a problem – nice one I know. It’s great value artistry on a plate and I look forward to visiting for a lunchtime re-fuel.”

“Above and beyond! Small things that make a big difference.”

Michelle Gibson, healthcare cleaner, Beechdale Ward, The Dales, Calderdale
“From the moment Michelle walks on the ward she never stops working, her area is spotlessly clean. She always finds time for the patients she’s a real asset to the ward.”

Michelle Howarth, clinical team leader, Elmdale ward, The Dales
“Thanking her for her continued dedication, positivity and passion always putting service users and carers first. She is inspirational to work with.”

Michelle Jowitt, senior pharmacy technician, Pharmacy team, Folly Hall
“Hard work, organisation and dedication.”

“Michelle is a shining example of an NHS star – she is compassionate, hardworking and flexible. When things are tough she rises to the challenge and gets the job done with professionalism and good grace.”

Michelle McGowan, admiral nurse clinical lead, admiral nurse team, Folly Hall
“For being a dedicated, supportive and forward thinking team manager.”

Michelle Wasp, healthcare assistant, Ryburn ward, Bretton Centre
“Helping a friend out when in need, not complaining to swap wards and always having the ability to listen to a friend in need.”

“Michelle is an honest, hardworking person that is willing to help anyone out, regardless of the situation. She always puts everyone else before herself. She is highly thought of both with service users and staff. She is motivated and is keen to help the service users progress towards their discharge. She takes the initiative to help out with activities, for example, painting by numbers.”

Michelle Wooley, mental health act administrator, mental health act office, The Dales
“Forever having a smile on her face, working above and beyond for her patients and making the working environment a pleasure. Michelle is always happy to help, makes everyone laugh, but really knows her law when it comes to the MHA. I’m very proud to have her on my team.”

“I’d like to thank Michelle for being a ray of sunshine on a hard day. She makes all those around her laugh and smile. Michelle is an asset to the Trust, and she always has a spare bag of crisps in her drawer.”

Michelle Wright, continence and urology nurse, Continence and urology service, Lundwood Health Centre
“Michelle is a very motivated, enthusiastic person who effectively manages and leads her team. She is passionate about continence and urology and is always keen to develop the service and ensure it is as effective and efficient as possible. Following her input and hard work over the last year, the ‘usual’ annual overspend on products has massively been reduced and she is instrumental in working with the CCG on a service review. She is a pleasure to manage.”

Moe Kapoor, consultant psychiatrist for older peoples services, CMHT for older peoples service, Folly Hall
“Dr Kapoor is a huge support to our team. He goes out of his way to deal with any queries we have and is always so accommodating and caring. He is very compassionate towards his service users and also the staff. Thank you for everything you do.”

Mohammad Fazlee, senior clinical pharmacist, Pharmacy, Kendray, Barnsley
“Thanks for always being supporting and helpful and always willing to help. Thanks for always going out of your way to consider others and patients alike. A real trooper and advocate for Pharmacy.”

Mzingaye Ngwenya, RMN staff nurse, Sandal Ward, Bretton Centre
“Being a supportive staff member and able to talk to at all times.”

“Mzingaye is enthusiastic, organised and runs a tight ship. He is always on hand to help with anything and he does it with a smile.”

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