NHS 70 superstars: L

Take a look at who has also now been recognised as an official #NHS70Superstar with first names beginning with  L:

Lara Wynn, clinical practitioner, Bronte ward, Newton Lodge
“Lara is such a fantastic nurse and works well with service users planning their care to enable them to move forward in their recovery. Lara is efficient, organised and dedicated as well as being bubbly and fun to work with. Without Lara, the team would not function!”

“Lara is always on hand for advice and a chat, an excellent member of our team.”

Laura Ainslie, acting ward manager, Walton ward, Fieldhead
“Laura has been an incredible support over recent months during a period of exceptionally high acuity. She has taken the time to offer support to myself and the Priory 2 team despite her own busy clinical workload within her own team. Laura has reinforced the benefits of team working across the pathway and has contributed to ensuring that we stay focused on positive service user outcomes during a very difficult and challenging time.”

Laura Bray, community staff nurse, District nursing, Apollo Court Medical Centre
“Laura is always willing to help and easy to approach!”

Laura Brook, patient safety coordinator, Fieldhead
“The compliment I received last week about the work she had undertaken for a subject access request and how clear she pulled the information together. I felt proud she was a member of the team.”

“For always going above and beyond and carrying on as normal during difficult and challenging times.”

Laura Cade, deputy ward manager, Stanley Ward
“Committed. Thoughtful. Intelligent. Service user focused. Principled. “

Laura Doyle, memory nurse, Memory services, Laura Mitchell Health and Wellbeing Centre
“For her hard work, dedication and efficiency. She is an excellent member of staff with a wide knowledge base and an ability to share this with others.”

“For being a passionate, caring nurse in dementia care.”

“For being a dedicated, supportive person who is willing to go the extra mile for her patients, carers and her colleagues.”

Laura Firth, IAPT data quality lead, Kirklees IAPT, Folly Hall
“For helping someone with all my issues and for understanding IT! You are a miracle worker and I will forever be in your debt. You make IT seem ‘normal’.”

“For just being Laura: the support to the team is immense, for remaining calm and composed in difficult times and for supporting the service to meet and maintain those all-important KPI’s. My guess is Laura dreams about the KPI’s. They have taken over her everyday being! Thank you, Laura.”

“For all her hard work and for going above and beyond in order to get a piece of work done and always whilst keeping a smile on her face!”

 Laura Habib, healthcare assistant, Thornhill Ward, Bretton Centre
“For being positive and enthusiastic in everything she does. Always smiling and always quick to see the best in everyone. An absolute delight.”

“She is a key member of my team momentum. This hardworking lady makes me feel proud to work with as she goes an extra mile to support others and improve the service.”

“For making a difference around staff health and well-being in low secure services, showing drive and commitment to improving the work environment.”

“Laura has really helped me since I’ve moved to that ward. I have found it really difficult being in a hospital and she has made it better by being there for me to talk to. She’s honest with me and that’s what I needed.”

“Laura is hardworking, funny, focused on her job and there for the service users. She’s like a mother as she cares and is a team player. She’s always helping out on the ward and across the hospital. She’s lovely, kind, compassionate. She makes me feel like a human being and that life can give me another go again. She’s unique.”

“Laura’s the best because she does a good job and she makes me feel comfortable.”

“Laura because she helps me with my mind and she is a good person.”

“I can talk to Laura about anything. This is important to me because this provides me with emotional support. She makes me feel accepted.”

“Laura is an outstanding member of the team. She is very hard working and goes far and beyond her needs to meet the service. Laura is a lead person on many activities and staff involvement groups. She makes a difference in the ward. She will go out of her way to make sure your needs are met. Laura has been my supporting rock for many years as I do suffer from mental health myself at times. Laura knows all my triggers and she can spot if I’m becoming unwell and supports me 110%. Laura will involve herself in anything that benefits the service users and the service to become a better environment.”

“Probably one of the nicest, most genuine people you could meet. She was my mentor when I started working for the Trust and she made me feel so welcomed to the ward. Her enthusiasm, positivity, dedication and selflessness has an impact on all who meet her. She has been there for me both personally and professionally and I feel lucky to have worked with her and call her a friend.”

“Laura is a great asset to the team and the services, as well as being one of the most empowering and genuine people I have worked with. She has managed to make people feel that they are worth a lot in the job that we do and is worth recognition for the amount of time and effort she puts into her work both in and out of hours.”

Laura Hallas-Hoyes, tissue viability nurse, Apollo Court, Dodworth, Barnsley
“Thank you for being forward thinking, motivational and having a ‘can do’ attitude to all your work. Your hard work in achieving your level 7 in strategic management during a difficult period in your life has been career changing. Well done you’re a true superstar.” 

Laura Hogan, communications and marketing assistant, Communications and involvement, Fieldhead
“From joining the team, Laura always has a smile on her face, is always ready to help everyone, she never complains and is always very positive about everything. She is a lovely person.”

“Laura is at the start of what is clearly going to be a very bright career, and we are lucky she has started it with us. She plays a pivotal role in the comms team, and in our Trust. She is unfaltering in her bright, happy disposition – even when dealing with behaviours that don’t always live our values. She is a shining light in being respectful, open and honest and, every day sets an incredible example. It’s no coincidence that such a bright superstar is running this entire superstar scheme!”

“Laura is great at her job, dependable and professional – and her positive attitude is contagious. Thank you for being such a pleasure to work with!”

Laura Pugh, speech and language therapist, Kendray Hospital
“I am thanking her because she is always ready to answer questions and queries from the team. She is a brilliant therapist and always has time for everyone.”

Laura Royston, CPN, Drury Lane, Wakefield
“Laura is an extremely hard-working colleague. She is fun to be around and a pleasure to work with. Laura strives to deliver the best possible care to challenging and complex service users living in the community. She goes above and beyond for her job and is always a shoulder to cry on for others when needed.   Laura is an unsung hero, thank you for everything you do for me.”

Laura Watson, specialist CAMHS nurse, Barnsley CAMHS, New Street Health Centre
“Laura is a true superstar. Your mind is in peace that jobs get down when she is taking care of something. Her communication with colleagues and patients alike is exemplary. She works wholeheartedly for young people with mental health problems.”

Lauren Green, occupational therapist, memory service, Kirklees
“For putting yourself forward to support development, for your commitment to all service users, carers and staff during difficult times.”

Lauren Hall, assistant management accountant, Finance department, Kendray Hospital
“Lauren is an asset to the finance team, she’s helpful, goes the extra mile without thinking about it and really makes a difference to those working with her. Thank you, Lauren.”

“Thank you to Lauren for always going the ‘extra mile’ in our team. We are short staffed at the moment and she picks up the extra work with a smile and a can-do attitude. She makes me feel proud to be part of the Barnsley finance team!”

Lauren Smith, staff nurse, Priestley ward, Newton Lodge
“We have known and worked with Lauren for the past 2 years and have during that time had many opportunities to assess her capabilities and potential in terms of her nursing practice and as a person. We have developed a high regard for her as an individual and as a nurse has come to expect the highest standards of her work. Lauren is an intelligent and articulate person who holds resolute views about a variety of issues. During that time she has always been a most personable member of staff, keen to help her colleagues and service users under her care. She has a good sense of humour and takes her job very seriously. Lauren is very conscientious and genuinely caring individual and she always enjoys talking and listening to others. She communicates a sense of enthusiasm about her own role as a staff nurse. Lauren is flexible, willing to engage with change and new ways of working even when this is difficult or challenging. Finally, Lauren is a well respected member of the team and her colleagues are always happy to work alongside her.”

“For being a superstar.”

Leann Carr, charge nurse, Willow ward, Kendray Hospital
“Very supportive and always makes time for everyone. She’s doing an excellent job in her new role.”

“Being kind and helping me understand what was happening to me.”

“For always being available, putting everyone first!”

“For being one of the best mentors I had!”

“Thank you for all you did to support me through a difficult time.”

“Leann is a great leader who shows great care and compassion for the patients on her unit and her staff. When working with her I feel valued, supported and enthused to work towards patient recovery. I could not want for a better manager.”

Leanne Hunt, mental health support worker, Single point of access, Cudworth, Barnsley
“Unbelievable support to the Intensive Home Based Treatment Team.”

Lee Lister, activities worker, Ward 18, Priestley Unit
“For his ability to get alongside people, build a rapport and promote recovery. Lee has worked for the organisation for many years and is a valuable member of the team. He is very passionate and person-centred, wanting the best for patients and willing to stand up for this.”

Les Firth, healthcare assistant, Newhaven unit, Fieldhead
“Les is an all-round guy, he takes service users out whenever he can, he loves therapeutic work and service users love to join in. Well respected by service users always open and honest, Les is a team player. If I was picking a day to day team to work with I would pick him first. Les has opened our eyes to all kinds of things whilst out with service users. He promotes beneficial activities that will promote service users to fulfil their potential.”

Lee Thackray-Collier, healthcare assistant, Sandal Ward
“Being one of the nicest people to work with on the ward, he makes this a nice play to be.”

Lesley Barker, admissions/discharge coordinator, Intermediate care, Kendray Hospital
“After I had my accident Lesley took me home and kept in touch to see how I was. I worked with her for four years in Telehealth and nothing was too much trouble, she always had a smile on her face and the patients loved her. She really was a shining example of how to support both patients and staff and a delight to work with.”

“Lesley is always friendly and approachable regardless of stress levels in the room. She is always willing to help and always wears a smile. Every time I see Lesley and her smile, she always asks how my day is going and gives me that positive buzz/vibe which then extends to my patients. Thank you, Lesley, you are a great, positive person and an essential member of the team!”

Lesley Eccleston, healthcare assistant, Thornhill Ward, Bretton Centre
“Lesley is the mother of the ward. She is good on social evenings, good on home visits, she is funny, caring and compassionate and is there to help the service users all the time. She is easy to get along with and is supportive of the service users.”

“Lesley always goes above and beyond to help me with everything I require on a daily basis. When I was escorted I use to love going into town together she made it pleasant and we had a right laugh. I can approach Lesley about any subject matter and she treats me with dignity and respect at all times. She is an asset to this ward. She cooks lovely food for us all, like Sunday dinners, and this is usually the only time all service users will eat from the hatch. It feels like a big happy family when we all sit for dinner. She is a problem solver and a trier she is very good at her job.”

Lesley Hodgson, district nursing sister and practice development nurse, Cudworth
“Putting up with us when we merged teams and weren’t initially happy about it, for always making time for us either work-related or personal. For being a very friendly approachable person who makes the busy working day better! Thanks, Boss!”

Lesley Killoran, mental health practitioner, CAMHS crisis team, Laura Mitchell Health and Wellbeing Centre
“For ensuring that Kirklees/ Calderdale eating disorder pathway was in good hands.”

“For having the courage and tenacity despite ‘all odds’ to still have the energy and passion to ensure that the eating disorder service is delivered safely. It makes me feel that I can ‘hand over the baton’ in safe hands.”

Lesley Rollins, general manager, rehab and recovery, Kirklees
“Lesley is very experienced and I have very much enjoyed working with her over the years. There is much to learn from Lesley and I hope I have been a good pupil.”

“Lesley is a brilliant role model and manager. She strives to make a difference and is brilliant at “thinking outside the box”. I have learnt so much from her over the years and she’s one of the best managers I have ever worked with. She inspires you to look at different ways of working and in making changes and supports in dealing with challenges. Without her support, the role would be a real challenge. She also does what she says which gives me real confidence in her management support.”

Lesley Smith, team secretary for Core Team West, Wakefield
“Lesley goes above and beyond her job. She knows our service users so well making our job easier. She is an absolute pleasure to work with.”

Lesley White, play therapist, Barnsley CAMHS, New Street Health Centre
“Lesley is a hidden gem in Barnsley CAMHS and works hard for all the children and young people. She is a keen advocate for the participation of the young people in service development and is a bit of a hero for her positive and cheerful approach during challenging times in CAMHS.”

Lesley Whiteley, team leader, early intervention in psychosis team, Laura Mitchell Health and Wellbeing Centre
“Lesley is an excellent role model, she is a pleasure to work with and keeps me focused and determined to do well despite challenges we all face every day.”

“Thanking her for her tireless hard work over more than 30 years as a community psychiatric nurse. And her faultless support of her Insight/EIP team. She is fair, hardworking, reliable, thoughtful, considered, professional and highly committed to the welfare of her patients.”

Liam Redican, quality improvement and assurance lead
“For always working hard, stretching himself, willing to get involved with other teams and new developments despite being very busy already! A genuinely nice chap who I always enjoy working with.”

Liane Tomlinson, Beechdale ward, The Dales
“Liane is such a hard worker and is always very supportive of me when I’m working with her. She’s happy to help me at any cost, and is a pleasure to work with.”

Lianne Harrison, change facilitator, Integrated change team, Fieldhead
“Lianne has been a great support to me over recent months and has supported the development of several pieces of work. She spots things that need doing and offers to do tasks before being asked which makes such a difference to me. She has been so supportive, getting on with work quietly in the background, returning with updates and suggestions. The work she has been supporting probably would have been put on hold had she not been supporting me with it, but with her interest, support and diligence, it has continued and progressed well. She’s a real hard worker and a great example of leadership from every seat. Thank you for all you do!”

Lianne Riley, pharmacy technical services manager, Pharmacy, Fieldhead
“Lianne has put her heart and soul into developing pharmacy services and supporting the staff within her team. She brings enthusiasm, encouragement, determination and great ideas to the team and uses her great organisational and personal skills to make things happen.”

Libby Wallis, healthcare assistant, Clark ward, Kendray, Barnsley
“This person has been a fab asset to the Clark ward team and also become a very good friend. When she’s on shift, I always know we’re going to have a good one! Such a bubbly, confident and caring person and I miss working with her already.”

Liesl Hancock, senior health information analyst, IM&T, Kendray Hospital
“I spend more time at work than at home and I believe in a positive attitude and environment at work and would like to thank Liesl for being such a lovely colleague/part of our work family for the last 10 years. Nothing is too much trouble and she always offers a smile, encouragement and assistance in every aspect.”

“For all her hard work and dedication. For providing support to the team both professionally and personally and being happy to help out.”

Liliana Berrelha, reception/administrative assistant, Bretton Centre
“Always helpful, goes the extra mile, no isn’t an option for her! All wrapped up in a smile!”

“Thank you, Lili, superstar team player. Lili’s cheery face in the morning is always a bright start to the day. Her willingness and genuine desire to help out asked or unasked, regardless of how busy she is can always be relied on. I’ve heard it said that she is just overall lovely!

“Lili is funny, friendly, respectful and always willing to offer a helping hand. She’s professional and a team player.”

“Being a receptionist of the forensic low secure service, Bretton Centre, Lili is the first person I see when I get to work. I’m genuinely thankful that each and every time she greets me, and others, she does so with a smile and a hello. This absolutely makes a difference. It’s the difference between starting a shift feeling positive to feeling meh. She is always willing to help others no matter if they are a patient, staff member, visitor or carer. Lili is one of those people that you don’t even have to ask to complete something, she just somehow already knows the next steps and it’s so helpful. I don’t think she realises how much of a positive impact she has on others or how helpful she is. Because of her we are able to focus on other areas of our roles because we are confident in her capabilities. Competent isn’t a good enough word to describe her. She’s just brilliant at what she does. She’s modest, humble, just gets on with it, she’s truly an unsung hero. Thank you Lilly, what you do each and every day hasn’t gone unnoticed.”

Linda Bolton, domestic assistant, Facilities/domestic services, Kendray Hospital
“Linda always does over and above- little things that I know she does not have to do to make our working environment pleasant. I’ve wanted to say thank you for a long while and now’s my chance.”

Linda Holroyd, occupational therapy technical instructor, Care home liaison team, Beckside Court
“For being an excellent teacher within the portrait of life and showing me the importance of my contributions to our small but effective team. Your big heart and laughter make my day.”

“Linda is a really true superstar in many ways – she is such an inspiration to me and many others. She exudes care in an abundance, always enthusiastic and attentive, so kind and compassionate. Totally putting the wellbeing of others before herself. She is also a really kind friend and a fantastic colleague. A truly amazing person inside and out.”

“Thank you so much for the fun and laughter you have brought to us all please do come back and see us.”

“For running the reminiscences at Hatfeild Court – The reminisce group has gone so well, its really brought me out of my shell, we’ve all had a trip down memory lane, no one’s life has been the same, lots of stories have been told, by all ages young and old, we have had some laughs and lots of fun but now your work here is done, so we would like to thank you, Lynda and Joe, we’ll all be sad to see you go. Poem by Jane”

“For being a dedicated team player in super busy times, despite what life throws at you! Thank you!”

“For her absolute dedication, passion and enthusiasm to the delivery of the Trust’s ‘Portrait of a life’ as part of the Vanguard Care Homes Programme over the last 3 years. Linda has been instrumental in this programme on behalf of the Trust delivering training sessions to staff in both care homes and independent living schemes within the Wakefield District, peer professionals, volunteers and members of the public and promoting the message around the importance and requirement for person-centred care. Linda has an incredible manner with those residents she engages with, and has supported staff and family members to undertake life story work with individual residents within these care settings, and has quite rightly taken pride in witnessing the impact her training has provided on individual people. We may say “but anyone can do that”, maybe they can, but not the way Linda can! A massive thank you for Linda’s invaluable contributions to making ‘Portrait of a life’, the success it has been as part of the Vanguard Programme and a key member of the team. On a more personal level, a big thank you for being the kind, caring, friendly, respectful lady you are, always a smile!”

Linda Marriott, staff nurse, Ryburn Ward, Bretton Centre
“Hardworking and dedicated to her job. She has made a tremendous effort to improve Ryburn ward.”

“For her thorough, effective and determined approach to her profession of nursing. I know that she addresses all identified needs and tasks handed to her and in a timely way. Makes me feel reassured.”

“For being a great inspiration, great support to many, she works tirelessly to make Ryburn ward the fun, positive ward it is. She is always happy and bright and nothing is ever too much trouble.”

Linda Moon, service manager, Laura Mitchell Health and Wellbeing Centre
“For being consistent, open, honest and a professional. They make me feel like I can achieve what I would like to for our service. She makes me feel valued.”

“For her dedication to her role, her professionalism and going the extra mile to meet the demands of the service. Linda has a positive can-do approach to all that she does and is an inspiration to us all.”

Linda Muzamhindo, registered mental health nurse, Community mental health team older people’s service (West), Laura Mitchell Health and Wellbeing Centre
“I would like to thank Linda for her support and commitment to her patients, their family and to the team. Over the past 6 months, the team has had significant staffing issues and she has always been flexible and pro-active to ensure patient care continued unaffected by taking on extra work that has often been requested at short notice.”

Linda Sutcliffe, medical records supervisor, The Dales
“Linda is a great leader, always supportive of her staff and has their interests at heart. She goes above and beyond with anything that is thrown in her direction no matter how frustrating. She just takes it in her stride and gets on with it and promotes a fantastic attitude to her work. A true asset to the Trust.”

Lindsay Hunt, healthcare assistant, Priestley ward, Newton Lodge
“Lindsay joined the Trust as a Band 2 apprentice. She showed great compassion and care towards service users, she had a natural touch when faced with challenging situations. When she experienced something most of us never have to face in our career she dealt with this in an exemplary way. I thank her for giving me confidence, complimenting me on my practice. Despite her challenges, she continued to put others feelings before her own. I wish her luck in her career and I’m sure she will go far.”

Lindsey Noel, stop smoking advisor, Yorkshire Smokefree, Barnsley
“Supporting me to work with a broken wrist. She would write things down and even open tins of soup for me. I felt special, a valued member of a wonderful team.”

Lisa Hambleton, senior physiotherapist, Intermediary care, Barnsley
“Lisa has settled into the team so well since joining the Trust and has been a ray of sunshine and happiness in the team. Her cheery disposition has brightened the days of our patients and she is a joy to work with.”

Dr Lisa Keegan, clinical psychiatrist, Kirklees Intensive home based treatment team, Ward 18, Dewsbury Hospital
“Lisa supports the staff and her colleagues and has helped to introduce psychological ways of working with those in crisis and with complex presentations.   Her dedication and passion is an inspiration.”

Lisa King, buyer, Procurement, Barnsley
“Always happy to help, very knowledgeable.”

“For their dedication and loyalty to the NHS over the last 25+ years.”

“Very knowledgeable, always helpful and a credit to procurement.”

Lisa Marie Jones, physical activity volunteer, The Exchange recovery college
“A new volunteer but gives 100%. Already a valued member of the team.”

Lisa Nutt, business change and training officer, IM&T, Kendray Hospital
“I spend more time at work than at home and I believe in a positive attitude and environment at work and would like to thank Lisa for being such a lovely colleague/part of our work family for the last 10 years. Nothing is too much trouble and she always offers a smile, encouragement and assistance in every aspect.”

Lisa Pearson, senior finance manager, Finance team, Kendray Hospital
“I would like to thank Lisa for her hard work and dedication. Despite Lisa’s heavy workloads she always makes herself available if you need support and advice and always does so with a smile. Nothing is to much trouble and she is always solution focused. Lisa is genuinely interested in my service areas and is extremely skilled in explaining technical financial information for those of us who are less able! Working with Lisa is an absolute pleasure, her calm and considered approach is extremely reassuring.”

Lisa Sharp, CPN and healthcare assistant, Care home liaison team, Laura Mitchell Health and Wellbeing Centre
“Working hard and always being supportive.” 

“For her bubbly, warm personality and excellent patient care. A fantastic team member and support.”

Lisa Willey, volunteer expert patients programme tutor, Live Well Wakefield, Agbrigg and Belle Vue Community Centre
“Lisa has been volunteering for 2 years with the Live Well Wakefield service, helping to deliver self-management courses as part of the Expert Patients Programme (EPP). During that time, she has delivered 23 self-management courses with another volunteer, offering tools and techniques to support people who live with any long-term health condition in the Wakefield district. She’s made a massive difference to the success and quality of our service and the participants enjoy her sessions. Her own lived experience of living with a long-term health condition has given her empathy and insight which has made her course delivery very special. Lisa always goes the extra mile by stepping in to cover during times of illness within the volunteer team so that the courses can continue as planned for the participants. Lisa always spends extra time with her fellow tutor before each session, supporting them to feel confident about delivering a course, particularly when volunteers are new to the team. Quite simply, I’m so thankful that Lisa is part of our team and her commitment to volunteering is immense. I can’t thank her enough.”

Liz Broadbent, lead serious incident investigator, Patient safety support team, Trustwide
“Liz has been with the Trust for many years and has worked in many different capacities. She is coming up to retirement and the Trust will surely miss her forward thinking and hard working approach. Well done Liz and happy retirement!”

Liz Monaghan, pharmacy technical services manager, Pharmacy, Fieldhead
“We are so lucky to have Liz on secondment with us. She has fitted seamlessly into the pharmacy team. Liz has great management/ leadership skills, clarity of thought and innovative ideas and has proved invaluable to our team from the day she started.”

Liz Waite, department secretary, North Kirklees core team, Ravensleigh Resource Unit
“They’ve held the admin team together and supported the whole team throughout a very difficult year with absence and transformation.”

Lizzie Cleland, healthcare assistant, Bronte ward, Newton Lodge
“Just wanted to thank Lizzie for having a winning smile and being dedicated to her job role. Always has a smile on her face. Positive winning attitude.”

“For being caring and understanding and supporting me in my first week.”

“For always helpful.”

Lizzie Hart, rotational occupational therapist, Intermediary care, Barnsley
“For always having such a positive, proactive outlook and trying her hardest (in very difficult situations) to get the best outcome for all her patients. A true believer in the values and beliefs of her profession.”

Lorraine Leatham, contract support manager, Contracting, Kendray Hospital
“Lorraine is a very competent member of the contracting team, she’s supportive, knowledgeable, friendly, helpful and a pleasure to work with. Thank you!”

Lorraine Royal, healthcare assistant, Folly Hall
“Always being cheerful and supporting clients/carers whatever their needs and circumstances. Lorraine never complains about her work and always gives excellent feedback to her colleagues. She takes on a high level of responsibility and does her work to a very high standard.”

Lorrean Choto, staff nurse, Priestley unit
“Being a bright light in the office.”

Louise Bain, advanced nurse practitioner, Newton Lodge, Fieldhead
“She is an inspiration to her colleagues. She goes out of her way to support people and the service. She constantly displays her commitment to working with service users by seeking ways to improve their care. Louise is a shining example of why the NHS is great.”

“I spent a large part of my career working with Louise. She has always been a strong, motivated and compassionate colleague. Louise acts as the heart of her ward and never fails to offer support and care to those who need it, which is particularly hard to do under difficult circumstances. She is a true superstar.”

“Louise is the kindest, caring and genuine person who is always there to support her colleagues. She displays dedication, commitment, passion and positivity upon every shift and is a pleasure to work with. You know it’s going to be a good day when you see Louise’s name on the rota.”

Louise Grayson, physiotherapy admin, Domiciliary Physiotherapy, Mapplewell Health Centre
“Thank you for caring about the patients, your colleagues and the service we provide and for your support.”

Louise Keller, occupational therapist, Community mental health team older people’s service (West), Laura Mitchell Health and Wellbeing Centre
“I would like to thank Louise for her support and commitment to her patients, their family and to the team. Over the past 6 months, the team has had significant staffing issues and she has always been flexible and pro-active to ensure patient care continued unaffected by taking on extra work that has often been requested at short notice.”

Louise Sheriff, senior physiotherapist, Intermediate care, Barnsley
“Dedication to team, service and client-centred practice, being a trusted team member and a great colleague to work with. She has excellent leadership skills and is supportive to all those around her.”

“For being an excellent role model, leader and friend to the team. Louise is a brilliant physio and has changed countless lives for the better, often it can be a thankless job, so here’s some thanks to someone who deserves it.”

“For being an excellent role model, leader and friend to the team. Louise is a brilliant Physio and has changed countless lives for the better, often it can be a thankless job, so here’s some thanks to someone who deserves it.”

Louise Wright, healthcare assistant, Stanley Ward
“Louise deserves recognition for working within the NHS for over 20 years. She is an excellent member of the team and is fully dedicated to her job role. Louise is fun to work with and is a great asset to Stanley Ward.”

Lucy Akhurst, deputy locality resource support manager, Laura Mitchell Health and Wellbeing Centre
“For being extremely supportive, fun, approachable and helpful. Always puts in 100% and more with her work, always putting the centre and her staff first and just generally being a fab manager!”

“For her much valued support and friendship over the past few years. Working with Lucy is a pleasure, she is extremely bright, helpful, has a real willingness to learn and do well and has a good sense of humour. She is passionate about her role and strives in keeping Laura Mitchell a lovely place for service users to visit and for staff to work in. Nothing is too much trouble and her customer service skills are excellent. I will never forget in the first few weeks of opening Laura Mitchell how many service users visited, saw her in the back office and shouted “Hi Lucy” and every time she went out into reception and welcomed them to the new building. I think it really helped the smooth transition into Laura Mitchell for some of our service users and makes it the brilliant place it still is.”

Lucy Auld, administration manager, Block 7, Fieldhead
“Lucy is always positive and professional. She treats everyone with respect, no matter who they are – a service user or a chief executive get the same support. She is always helpful and sorts out issues for many different people every day. She is the first point of contact for many people with the trust and is a fantastic advocate for us. I really enjoy working with Lucy- she gives me the confidence to do my job as part of a real team.”

Lucy Bentley, team leader, Bronte ward, Newton Lodge
“Great to work with, makes every shift fun.”

Lucy Greenwood, administrator, Laura Mitchell Health and Wellbeing Centre
“She’s always so helpful, polite and friendly. She continues to go above and beyond to ensure everyone coming into the building has a positive experience. Nothing is too much trouble. A smiling face goes a long way.”

Lucy Jones, healthcare assistant, District nursing, Goldthorpe Centre
“Lucy is always a team player and is friendly and always supportive of everyone.”

Lucy Morgan, clinical psychologist, Wakefield CAMHS, Drury Lane Health and Wellbeing Centre
“Lucy is relatively new to our service but has been a great asset and welcome addition. Thank you for offering additional appointments to see children and their families.”

Luke Gledhill, healthcare support worker, Horizon
“Thanking them for being an excellent member of staff. Taking everyone’s safety on the ward into consideration, and being generally amazing.”

Lynn Dennis, staff nurse, Stanley ward
“Lynn is a breath of fresh air and extremely fun to work with. Lynn is so determined in her practice and this positively influences other colleagues to work as hard as she does. Lynn is the mother hen of Stanley Ward and is always making sure staff are looked after and supported. Thank you, Lynn, for always bringing something extra to the team and keeping us all sane.”

Lynn Wilby, mental health liaison practitioner, The Dales
“Lynn really is supportive of staff and ensures all is well with others, she is like a mother hen and you always feel assured you will be supported and offered a wealth of information and knowledge when she is at work.”

Lynne Handley, customer service officer, Fieldhead
“Lynne is passionately focused on the needs of the public. She was a brilliant colleague to have in the Equality and Inclusion team. She is a warm and affable person with a great sense of humour.”

Lynne Hepworth, tissue viability nurse, Tissue viability service, Apollo Court Medical Centre
“Lynne is exceptional in her role. She demonstrates very effective leadership behaviour’s and leads by example. Lynne supports her own team’s development well and is an ideal role model. Lynne’s team have CQUINs and financial penalties attached to aspects of their core business and Lynne is always on the ball with this and quick to pick up any actions needed. She effectively juggles numerous priorities and demands despite being part-time. She is an absolute asset.”

“Lynne is just phenomenal! We couldn’t ask for a better boss; she is always very understanding, has a great sense of humour, fantastic manner with patients and massive clinical knowledge. Her commitment to the service and her patients has never faltered despite massive pressures in recent years. A very special colleague who leads by example. Thank you, Lynne.”

Lynsey Pearson, medical secretary, Horizon Centre
“For years of loyal support as team administrator to the Kirklees ADHD. Including organising a CAHMS charity ball, and supporting families after the unexpected death of a much loved CAMHS clinician. We want to let her know she is not forgotten.”

Lynsey Shackleton, staff nurse, Stanley Ward
“Lynsey is cool, calm and collected. She is intuitive and is caring. She has the service user at the heart of everything she does. She is able to prioritize and juggles the demands of her role to a really high standard.”

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