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Members’ council elections

Members’ Council elections voting open from 15 March to 11 April 2024

Read our notice of poll.

It is hereby declared that elections are to be held in the following constituencies:

Public: Kirklees – 1 to elect

Candidate – Claire Den Burger Green

Candidate – Zaid Iftikhar

Staff: Psychological Therapies – 1 to elect

Candidate – Nik Vlissides

Candidate – Melanie Mott

How to vote

Voting will open on 15 March 2024 and voting instructions will be distributed to qualifying members by email or by post.

Members who have received their voting instructions by post have the choice of casting their vote by returning the ballot paper by post or casting a vote online.

Members who have received their voting instructions by email can cast a vote online only. Votes can be cast by returning the ballot paper by post to:

Civica Election Services

The Election Centre 33 Clarendon Road LONDON N8 0NW

Votes can be cast online at the following website:

All votes must be received by the Independent Scrutineer (Civica Election Services), at the address or website, above no later than 5pm on 11 April 2024.

Inquiries about replacement ballot papers or voting instructions should be directed by telephone to the Returning Officer on 020 8889 9203 no later than 5pm on 09 April 2024.

The contact address for each of these candidates is C/O Ciara Hutchinson, The Returning Officer,

Civica Election Services, The Election Centre, 33 Clarendon Road, London, N8 0NW and the email address is


In January each year, South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust runs an election process to appoint new governors with the help of Civica Election Services. Governor vacancies are released when the nomination stage for elections begins.

Governors on appointment, serve a three-year term with the Trust. Vacancies arise each year as a result of governors reaching the end of their term or circumstances meaning they are no longer able to continue as a governor.

Each year the Trust seeks nominations from members of the public and staff members to fill vacant seats on the Council of Governors.

A number of appointed seats exist on the Members’ Council too and details of the structure of the Members’ Council can be found here: Structure | South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

To apply for the role of governor, members of the public must be members of the Trust. Membership is free and people can complete a membership form online: Membership | South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Governors play an important role within the Trust by representing the views of the public to the very senior managers, involving local communities, and helping with the appointment of members of the Board including the chair and chief executive.

More information about the role of governors and information for prospective applicants can be found here: Members’ council | South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

If you would like to self-nominate to be a governor, election materials including the nomination form will be published on our website in January along with further information about how to apply and the election process that will follow.

Watch more about being a governor

You can also watch the video below to hear more about being a governor on the Trust’s members’ council:

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