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Members’ Council elections voting open from 10 March to 4 April 2023

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It is hereby declared that elections are to be held in the following constituencies:

Public: Wakefield – two to elect

Candidate – Aidan Bluff

Candidate – Charles P H Elliott

Candidate – Rosie King

Candidate – Reini Schühle

Public: Kirklees – four to elect

Candidate – Tanisha Bramwell

Candidate – Rumaysah Farooq

Candidate – Sara Javid

Candidate – Bob Morse

Candidate – Halima Valsadi

Public: Calderdale – one to elect

Candidate – Milton Holt

Candidate – Christopher Paul Matejak

Public: Barnsley – 2 to elect

Candidate – Jonathan Clapham

Candidate – Freddy A Delgadillo Ponce

Candidate – Daniel Goff

Candidate – Jon Anthony Lycett

Public: Rest of Yorkshire, Humber and neighbouring counties – one to elect

Candidate – Julie Ashman

Candidate – Olayemi Elizabeth Awala

Candidate – Fatima Shahzad

Staff: Non-Clinical Support – 1 to elect

Candidate – Leonie Gledhill

Candidate – Anthony Jackson

Staff: nursing – one to elect

Candidate – Jacob Agora

Candidate – Lizzy Choga

Candidate – Michelle Morgan

How to vote

Voting will open on 10 March 2023 and voting instructions will be distributed to qualifying members by email or by post.

Members who have received their voting instructions by post have the choice of casting their vote by returning the ballot paper by post or casting a vote online.

Members who have received their voting instructions by email can cast a vote online only.

Votes can be cast by returning the ballot paper by post to:

Civica Election Services

The Election Centre

33 Clarendon Road


N8 0NW

Votes can be cast online at the following website:

All votes must be received by the Independent Scrutineer (Civica Election Services), at the address or website, above no later than 5pm on 04 April 2023.

Inquiries about replacement ballot papers or voting instructions should be directed by telephone to the returning officer on 020 8889 9203 no later than 5pm on 2 April 2023.

The contact address for each of these candidates is C/O Ciara Hutchinson, The Returning Officer, Civica Election Services, The Election Centre, 33 Clarendon Road, London, N8 0NW and the email address is

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