Access your health record online with Patients Know Best

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We have a new online system to help people who use our services access their health information. This system is called Patients Know Best.

Patients Know Best is a secure way for you to look at your appointments with our services, view your allergies and demographic details. You can use it to manage your health and share information with other people who may care for you, such as carers or loved ones.

We hope that using Patients Know Best will help you become more involved in your care and give you a better experience of using our services.

You will also be able to put information about yourself into Patients Know Best which your healthcare team will be able to see.

You can use Patients Know Best on your smartphone, or a computer, if you have access to the internet. Ask your healthcare team about signing up for Patients Know Best or take a look at how to register here.

As our services start to use Patients Know Best more, we hope to share more information on the online system. This could include information about your medication, letters, and resources to help you manage your health and care.

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