About our campaign

At our Trust, improvement really matters to us. We are always trying to make things as good as they possibly can be. We want our services and care to be of the highest possible quality. #allofusimprove logo South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Our campaign is focused on:
• patient safety
• operational excellence
• the experience of patients

Our approach to quality

Quality must be the organising principle for our services. It is what matters most to people who use services and what motivates and unites everyone working in health and care services.

Quality challenges remain, alongside new pressures on staff and finances.

We know that to provide high quality, person-centred care we must be a well-led organisation committed to delivering safe, effective, responsive and caring services.

Our approach to improvement

Our method for improving quality needs to:
• Be a simple approach understood by all; based on balancing cost, risk and complexity
• Reduce bureaucracy and support decision making closest to our services and service users
• Provide appropriate support and governance for small or large Trust-wide changes

Our change approach includes listening, building insight, research, and analysing our data and performance information so we are in the best position to enact change and bring about improvements.

We also continue to support staff to become improvement champions, facilitators and specialists. This includes building a Trustwide group of trainers who are skilled in supporting projects and initiatives focused on equality, change and improvement.

For more information on our network of improvement people and our All of us Improve work please contact allofusimprove@swyt.nhs.uk.

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