NHS 70 superstars: A

Take a look at who has also now been recognised as an official #NHS70Superstar with first names that begin with A:

Abbey Hatton, Staff nurse, Clark ward, Oakwell centre
“For being a huge support at work to both patients and staff and always remaining compassionate during really trying times.”

Aboobaker Bhana, equality and engagement development manager, Priestley unit, Dewsbury Hospital
“Thanks for supporting the Trust recognising diversity as a strength and always having an inclusive attitude and supporting staff networks. You are a star!”

Adam Balcerzak, security officer, facilities, Fieldhead
“Always find Adam to be extremely helpful. Nothing is ever too much trouble and when called upon is always ready to lend a hand going above and beyond his role.”

Adam Barrett, advanced nurse practitioner, Dual diagnosis service, Folly Hall
“Adam always goes above and beyond to make sure we are getting our clients the correct support and is always on hand to support staff.”

“I rang Adam for advice on dual diagnosis after a meeting with a distressed family. Despite the service user not being on his caseload, Adam responded immediately liaising with hospital wards, alcohol services and housing providers to effectively coordinate a health and support plan for this gentleman.  He went above and beyond and communicated with myself and the family the whole time.  The family are thrilled with this response, as am I”.

Adele Roberts, staff nurse, Sandal ward, Bretton Centre
“Adele is one of the best qualified nurses I have ever worked with, she is fantastic with service users and staff, always supportive, treating everyone equally (in my opinion) with her firm but fair approach. It’s always a privilege to be on shift with Adele Roberts.”

“A really warm and hard-working member of staff. Always willing to listen to a good rant, whether it’s professional or personal!”

“Adele has always been a hard worker and great at what she does, but recently, in particular, she managed some really difficult situations with poise, her working together with others to maintain a safe ward environment whilst at the same time supporting dignity and privacy of all within it. Not once did she moan, not once did she lose her temper, she was calm, respectful and has a great sense of humour. Because of her, we felt we could do what we needed to do because she had faith in us and us in her. She is a great leader and I hope I see her progress in her career and is supported too because she is truly an asset”.

Adele Watson, specialist nurse, Infection prevention and control team, Kendray Hospital
“Thanking for excellent contributions to work. Many years of specialist input and dedication. Recognition, credit and acknowledgement of years of commitment are well deserved. I extend gratitude to Adele for her loyalty and dependability.”

“Deserves thanks for going above and beyond for the team. Adele offers guidance, support and kind understanding (even if it’s not work related); has accurate attention for detail, is dedicated and committed to working together as a team to achieve our IPC mission and goals. A lovely person inside and out.”

“For arranging and being part of a fantastic event at the Easi-World Cup. The team provided a competition, raised awareness and prizes (all self-funded). I was very proud to say that they are part of my team. It made me very grateful that we have a team who always go that extra mile, who are dedicated to making a difference and improving patient experience.”

Adrian Wilson, ward manager, Priestley ward, Newton Lodge
“We are proud to have Adrian as our manager. He is a manager with a good grasp of customer services and has an excellent interpersonal skill set with the necessary tools to improve patient perception of the care experience. He is kind, understanding and always around to support the team, from junior to senior staff. From my point of view, Adrian assumes responsibility on his ward for staff performance, financial management, resource utilization and patient outcomes as well as ensuring that care is delivered according to standards of practice and organisation policy. Adrian provides leadership across the board at all level on the ward and ensures his ward runs well. We all on the ward thank him for that.”

Adrian Rounce, Care Certificate project manager, Fieldhead
“Adrian has been the most loyal, supportive colleague. He is a true team player. His dedication to the clinical bands 2-4 agenda is second to none and he never forgets to put the Service User and Carer at the centre of everything he does. I have a huge debt of gratitude to him.”

Afsana Aslam, involvement and engagement manager, Fieldhead
“Afsana is undoubtedly one of the most admirable leaders I have ever worked with. She always makes time for people and is an anchor to those around her. Her commitment to her values (and those of the organisation) are absolutely steadfast. She helps us all be more tolerant, open and compassionate.”

Agnes Blenkiron, healthcare assistant, Ward 19, Priestley Unit
“For always smiling, covering shifts and providing high quality, compassionate care.”

Aimee Gray, administration manager, Block 7, Fieldhead
“Being enthusiastic, positive, ambitious and diligent. Aimee is a great person to have on the team. She really helps the organisation. Her work on risk is notable, as is her capacity to get the job done.”

Alan Davis, director of HR, OD and Estates, Block 7, Fieldhead
“Always being positive, always demonstrating positive leadership behaviours and role modelling work on health, wellbeing and staff engagement. Alan deals with staff at all levels constructively, always trying to broker solutions to issues. He is trusted by everyone and can be relied on for support, a kind word and good advice. Alan’s impact should not be underestimated. Positive developments noted by the CQC have been delivered by his team under his leadership. Learning and development, DBS, wellbeing are some examples.”

Alex Feather, Creative Minds coordinator, Folly Hall

“Alex is a much loved member of staff. His friendliness and helpfulness to all staff and clients is amazing. He undertakes his role with true commitment and passion and he is a real asset to the Trust. Everyone should have an Alex on their team.”

“Alex is passionate and approachable and always happy to talk through new ideas in the development of new initiatives to support service users.”

“Alex is a breath of fresh air in a world of chaos. He is always calm and reassuring. He always makes time for anyone in need. He is well liked by peers, colleagues and service users. Thank you, Alex, you are mine (and many other peoples) superhero.”

“Alex is quite the unsung hero and has talent and skills to make work a better place for colleagues and service users and carers. Part of work satisfaction for me is about knowing that I am making a difference. I feel that Alex makes a lot of difference to the whole service. I would like to steal him for one of our teams, but that wouldn’t be cricket! Alex has all the right values and is extremely knowledgeable, compassionate and very hard working.”

Alex Fenner, senior occupational therapist, Willow ward, Kendray Hospital
“Alex has been an asset to the older people inpatient unit in Barnsley since the time he has joined it. His holistic work approach has helped the team to safely and timely discharge patient into the community. His manners are well liked by patients and he is very instrumental in developing ward activities for inpatients. Above all a wonderful colleague to work with!”

“For being an integral part of the team. He works hard for all the service users in our care and truly puts them at the heart of all he does. He works really hard to ensure seamless multi-professional working and makes great community links to ensure recovery is meaningful and the person has support and links within the community in which they live.”

“For being an integral part of the team. He works hard for all the service users in our care and truly puts them at the heart of all he does. He works really hard to ensure seamless multi-professional working and makes great community links to ensure recovery is meaningful and the person has support and links within the community in which they live.”

Alex Moakler, staff nurse, Horizon Centre
“Throughout working at the Horizon Centre Alex has had a positive presence on the ward, always smiling and brightening up the ward. Alex always takes her time in talking to service users and doing her best so that all the service users needs are met. I feel like Alex is doing an amazing job as a nurse!”

Ali Davies, clinical psychologist, Wakefield adult learning disability health service, Drury Lane Health and Wellbeing Centre
“For tirelessly improving access to psychological therapy for people with learning disabilities and driving change within the team. Ali provides leadership to all of the LD services and always goes over and above to get things right for service users!”

Alison Anderson, community psychiatric nurse, Core team east, Baghill house health and wellbeing centre, Pontefract
“Alison is not only a great nurse but is the nicest person I know. She always gives 100% to her patients, staff, and student nurses within the team. Alison is also a very experienced nurse and goes well above and beyond the call of duty in ensuring patient centred care is delivered efficiently and effectively.”

Alison Barr, clinical pharmacist, Pharmacy, Fieldhead
“Supreme effort getting in on snow days.”

Alison Collings, activity facilitator, Acute therapy team, Stanley ward, Fieldhead
“Alison is an amazing personality. She is the life and soul of the Stanley team when things get difficult. Alison is a breath of fresh air and brings positivity in a variety of challenges and dynamics of an acute mental health ward. Alison is fun to work with. She keeps the team going. Thank you, Alison, for going above and beyond your job role!”

Alison Craven, finance manager, Folly Hall
“Being a lovely and supportive work colleague. And because I think she deserves maximum credit for the level of hard work she puts in. I hope she feels good about being appreciated.”

“Alison is a fabulous finance manager, she’s proactive, thinks outside the box and always finds a solution to a problem. She is dedicated, friendly and happy to help and support anyone. Well done Alison, you should be proud of your achievements!”

Alison Dobson, occupational therapist, Beechdale Ward, The Dales
“Alison goes above and beyond her job role to help the ward.”

Alison Gibbons, general manager, older people’s services, Folly Hall
“You do need someone who makes you giggle at work and that’s Alison. Good natured, understanding, level-headed and fun.”

“Alison is a supportive general manager. She encourages her staff to manage their services, she encourages developments and has been supportive of the services as they have developed the role of non-medical prescribing within the service and advanced nurses practitioners. This has led to genuine career progression for nurses who wish to remain in clinical practice, specialise in what they do and increased patient choice and experience.”

“I want to thank Alison for spending so much time explaining things in detail until I fully understand them. She is patient, kind and very caring. She listens and takes time to let you express yourself at a time when emotions are running high. I cannot thank Alison enough for always making time for me and helping me at one of the most difficult times in my life. The little things make all the difference and Alison is certainly helping make those little things fit just right.”

Alison Griffiths, mental health assistant, Calderdale CAMHS, Laura Mitchell Health and Wellbeing Centre
“For her hard work and dedication to CAMHS over the last few years, and constantly looking at ways she can progress within the Trust, as well as juggling a young family of her own.”

Alison Prigmore, community administration supervisor, community services, Mapplewell Health Centre
“For her hard efforts and also she is an understanding caring, thoughtful person. I feel very privileged to have Alison as my supervisor and sometimes feel her efforts aren’t recognised.”

“Alison is a very thoughtful person and always seems to put others first before herself. She is a very understanding character and I feel our team are very lucky to have her on board! Alison, you deserve this superstar award and I hope this award keeps you guessing as to who! I think a lot of things go missed and unseen in what you do for the team. She’s a pleasure to work with and always brings a smile I would say.”

Alison Sutcliffe, CPN, Community team, Beckside Court
“Alison is an inspiration to others, she is very organised, person-centred and really advocates for others. She really supported me when joining the team and I often sought her advice due to her wealth of knowledge.”

Alison Thomas, senior nurse infection prevention and control lead, Kendray Hospital
“Deserves thanks for ongoing support and leadership; converts mistakes into lessons, pressure into productivity and skills into strengths. Open, honest and approachable with a positive attitude to life; Alison is an inspiration to us all.”

“For arranging and being part of a fantastic event at the Easi-World Cup. The team provided a competition, raised awareness and prizes (all self-funded). I was very proud to say that they are part of my team. It made me very grateful that we have a team who always go that extra mile, who are dedicated to making a difference and improving patient experience.”

Alison Turner, activity coordinator, Enfield Down
“Always goes that extra mile to make service users life’s better.”

“Patient centred care is always at the centre of Alison’s practice. Alison always goes that extra mile to make service users lives better. Alison’s creativity is used to help individuals express themselves. You’re a true superstar and always willing to help new staff and students with a smile or explanations.”

Aly Guy, mental health liaison practitioner, mental health liaison team, The Dales
“Aly has a real sense of calm, fantastic liaising skills with other services, goes the extra mile for everyone and is a fabulous person to be around and have on your team. “

Amanda Devey
“Thanks for taking such care in your job role, keeping the dining room looking so welcoming and helping to keep things running smoothly. It may seem like a small thing but it makes a big difference and you do it well.”

Amanda Dixon, admin assistant, Wakefield BDU
“Dedication- always willing to go the extra mile.” 

Amanda Francis, domestic/laundry assistant, Facilities, Fieldhead
“Amanda is a true unsung hero. Amanda works tirelessly to look after us all at the modular building given the short time she has to complete her work. Thank you, Amanda, from all at the modular building (top floor).”

Amanda Malkin, consultant secretary, acute adult services, Oakwell block, Kendray Hospital
“Amanda is kind, approachable and supportive. She always has a smile, listening ear and cup of tea (with biscuits!) ready for anyone who needs it. She goes above and beyond to make sure staff are welcome and feel part of the team.”

Amanda Nolan, team secretary, Kirklees IAPT, Folly Hall
“For her dedication and professionalism and being supportive to other team members. I am proud to have her on the team.”

Amber Minett, occupational therapist, Stanley ward, Fieldhead
“You give 100% and never stop thinking of ways in which to improve the service that you give to service users, as well as what we can do as a ward to improve what we do. Thank you!”

Ameera Farooq, healthcare assistant, Chippendale ward, Newton Lodge
“Thank you for everything. It meant a lot to me.”

Amelia Watson, healthcare assistant, Enfield Down
“For making every effort to ensure our patients are treated with utmost respect and dignity. Going above and beyond her job role.”

Amin Khazaei, information analyst, P&I, Block 8, Fieldhead
“For all his hard work and dedication and for always being willing to help out when needed.”

Amina Sarwar, social worker, Bretton Centre, Fieldhead
“For the support given and care at all times.”

Ampi Meenadchisundaram, psychiatrist, Enhanced team, Lundwood
“For being the hardworking backbone of a team, and for being a very human psychiatrist. I have the utmost respect for his intelligence and his compassion.”

Amy Greetham, Single Point of Access, Lundwood Health Centre
“Amy is the kindest, most unflappably professional and enthusiastic person I know in the Trust. Her values shine through in her every action. No matter what the workload she never seems to complain or moan. A true inspiration.”

Amy Hoyle, senior clinical practitioner, Newton Lodge, Fieldhead
“Being a great and supportive manager. Amy supports students to fulfil their ambitions when organising any outings and is always on hand to give valuable advice.”

“Amy makes me feel supported and enthusiastic to be part of Newton Lodges management team. She is supportive caring and is always available if I need someone to listen to me.”

Amy Sowden, Secretary, Intensive Home Based Treatment Team, Barnsley
“For hard work and dedication to the Intensive Home Based Treatment Team.”

Amy Warzytz, staff nurse, Intermediate Care, Kendray Hospital
“Went above and beyond to help staff and patients. Caring and friendly.”

Andrea Bugg, Medical secretary, Newhaven
“Andrea is the ‘go too’ for anything and everything on the unit, a font of knowledge and without her, the unit would grind to a halt.”

Andrea Copley, nursing assistant, Beamshaw Ward, Kendray
“For always cheering everybody up with her relentless positivity! For always taking the time to get to know the real person and always going the extra mile.”

“She is hard working and dedicated and always smiling. She spent hours with me motivating me to do things when I didn’t feel like it. She is truly a superstar.”

Andrea Dunnill, healthcare support worker, Bronte ward, Newton Lodge
“Andrea is a very happy, bubbly person. She always has a smile on her face and is kind to everybody she meets. Andrea always goes out of her way for both patients and staff and I think she deserves to be recognised.”

Andrea Harrison, housekeeper, Thornhill Ward, Bretton Centre
“Andrea is a hardworking member of staff that treats everyone with kindness and respect. She is always polite, helpful and nothing is ever too much trouble and is warm and friendly. She’s truly a great part of the team.”

Andrea Heaps, healthcare assistant, Ward 19, Priestley Unit
“For always showing compassion, humour and support to everyone on the ward.”

Andrea Jovestani, associate practice governance coach, Health and wellbeing services, Oaks building, Kendray Hospital
“I would like to thank Andrea for her continued support, enthusiasm, flexibility and “can do” attitude. Andrea always rises to any challenge faced and is happy to take on a wide variety of roles and responsibilities. In her mentoring and coaching role, Andrea gives each and every member of the Yorkshire Smoke Free services encouragement, support and the confidence to develop both professionally and personally. She is my rock and makes me feel we are making a difference!” 

Andrea Lyons, advanced dietetic practitioner, Laura Mitchell health and wellbeing centre, Calderdale
“Hardworking and always has a smile on her face.”

Andrea Robinson, clinical team leader, Thornhill Ward, Bretton Centre
“Caring, compassionate and a good sense of humour. She is the driving force behind a lot of things that go on in the hospital.”

“For being a great listener and always giving me her time. For making me feel like I’m supported. For being a fantastic practitioner who is making positive changes whatever challenges face her. I am proud to call her my colleague. Thank you.”

Andrea Stanger, ward manager, Ward 18, Priestley Unit
“For supporting the development of integrated working with our substance misuse service in Kirklees. Andrea has played a pivotal role in moving the agenda forward and providing future opportunities for staff community service to develop smarter ways of working when supporting service users with addiction, recovery and support.”

Andrew Boyles, deputy ward manager, Ashdale ward, The Dales
“Andy has always got time for anyone who wishes to speak to him, he is approachable and looks for solutions to support the team. Andy is a pleasure to work with, supportive and retains an air of calm in difficult situations.”

Andrew Connelly, psychiatric liaison team manager, psychiatric liaison team, Mid Yorks Hospitals
“Andy is a very strong inspiring leader and cares deeply about his staff and service users alike. He shares knowledge, involves staff and is strong on supporting the development of others!”

Andy Lister, lead serious incident investigator, Kendray
“During a 1:1 Andy informed me of some excellent feedback received from an inquest about a report he had produced following the death of a service user. I provided Andy with additional positive feedback in what can be a difficult role for individuals well-being. I feel proud to be part of an excellent team.”

Andrew Todd, physical activity volunteer, The Exchange recovery college
“For giving up every bit of his spare time and dedicating it to the wellbeing of others.”

Andrew Lister, lead serious incident investigator, Fieldhead
“For spending hours re-writing a report so it makes sense to a grieving family. It made me really proud that in difficult circumstances he stood true to the values of the organisation.”

“During a 1:1 Andy informed me of some excellent feedback received from an inquest about a report he had produced following the death of a service user. I provided Andy with additional positive feedback in what can be a difficult role for individuals well-being. I feel proud to be part of an excellent team.”

Andrew Prince, HR business manager, Payroll and workforce information, Fieldhead
“Andrew works above and beyond, usually behind the scenes, and his work supports many people throughout the organisation. He’s always keen to find a better way to achieve something and save the Trust time and money.”

“Dedicated, innovative and hardworking.”

Andrew Stapley, team manager, care homes liaison team, Laura Mitchell Health and Wellbeing Centre
“For being a dedicated, supportive and forward thinking team manager.”

Andy Hart, Single Point of Access, Barnsley
“For being the leader in the Trust who has contributed most to keeping people gong when they are assailed by change processes, watching colleagues struggle, and doubting their own ability to continue.”

Aneeka Fazlee, pharmacist, the Dales, Calderdale
“Working under pressured situations with minimal staffing to help deliver excellent patient centred care and ensuring patient safety is not compromised.”

Aneesa Alam, mental health liaison practitioner, Mental health liaison team, The Dales
“For being a great member of the team, always on the ball, keeps going no matter what. A real star.”

“Aneesa always brings fun to the team even when facing high clinical demand. She keeps spirits up and the team motivated.”

Angela Gilroy, community nurse, Community learning disability team, Keresforth Centre
“For being a support to colleagues across the MDT. For always giving 100%. For her kind and compassionate approach. For her specialist skills and knowledge which helps to improve the lives and health of people with a learning disability.”

Angela Monaghan, chair, Trustwide
“Angela has only recently become our Trust chair and is already making a positive difference to our organisation. Her warmth, professionalism and clear and genuine commitment to what we do and how we do it shines through. I have enjoyed working with her on the Member’s Council and really value her input, care and passion. Thank you, Angela!”

Angela Moriarty, health records officer, healthcare records, Folly Hall
“For being patient and efficient in managing the innumerable changes to the clinics at Folly Hall Mills prior to and after transformation to psychiatry services last year and always striving towards good patient care. For coping with various challenges in terms of sorting clinics for many months now.”

Angie Gillespie, medical secretary, Laura Mitchell Health & Wellbeing Centre
“Always being bright and welcoming in the office, always being on hand to help and advise when needed”

Angie Parkin, healthcare assistant, Penistone district nursing, Penistone Clinic
“For being absolutely fabulous, coming to a new team and hitting the ground running. Absolutely caring and kind to staff and patients alike.”

Angela Rollings, health record / clinical coding manager, Kendray Hospital
“Extremely hard working and caring for colleagues, retiring after 30+ years in NHS leaving behind big shoes to fill.”

Angie Dickinson, health care support worker, Willow Ward
“Being honest and straight! So caring and supportive.”

Anita Ulyott, secretary, Infection prevention and control team, Kendray Hospital
“Thank you for being committed to the team. Working and producing great pieces of work. Anita will work efficiently and is very conscientious.” 

“Deserves thanks for efficiently and effectively assisting the team with numerous clerical duties, always happy to help and offers assistance on a number of working projects. Anita completes tasks on demand and keeps a track of what goes where – keeping IPC business running smoothly.”

“For arranging and being part of a fantastic event at the Easi-World Cup. The team provided a competition, raised awareness and prizes (all self-funded). I was very proud to say that they are part of my team. It made me very grateful that we have a team who always go that extra mile, who are dedicated to making a difference and improving patient experience.”

Ann Campbell, Altogether Better administrator, Fieldhead
“Smiling all the time, being extra helpful. She makes people feel good without knowing it!”

Ann Miller, AMP, Enhanced Team, Beckside Court, Bradford Rd, Batley
“Support, loyalty and sharing of knowledge”.

Ann-Marie Sutcliffe, associate practitioner, Stanley Ward, Fieldhead
“Ann-Marie is a genuinely nice person. She goes out of her way to be helpful no matter who you are or what ward you work on. She’s hardworking, eager to learn new things and to help others through encouragement and support.” 

“Ann Marie has supported me to complete my care certificate. I was not confident initially, however, Ann Marie gave me the confidence and eased my concerns. Ann Marie inspires me with my learning journey.”

“For keeping the service user at the heart of everything she does. For keeping on going when times are challenging. Thank you for being part of our team!”

“I first met Ann on the Trinity 2 ward and we have since been good work mates, advising me on how to care for patients and how the ward operate. She always looks out for me with a smile and I feel welcome every time we work together.”

“Ann Marie was my mentor when I first started. She gave me confidence in my ability to do my job and guided me in the best way in how to approach service users and provide compassion and care. When I experienced unsettling things on the ward she was a fantastic support and gave me the confidence to carry on. I would like to thank her for being an amazing mentor and for helping me further my career.”

Ann Miller, social worker, Enhanced Team, Beckside Court Rd, Batley
“Support, loyalty and sharing of knowledge”.

Anna Heaton, specialist community learning disability nurse, Kirklees
“Anna is that person in the office always working hard, always helping others, always doing an amazing job – and never blowing her own trumpet. Anna is a fab nurse and a definite superstar!”

Anna Holder, surveillance/data analyst, Infection prevention and control team, Kendray Hospital
“Anna is relentless in her work. Her standard of work is exceptional, thorough, conscientious and logical. She demonstrates great devotion and commitment to the team and the whole organisation. Within the team, Anna is nurturing, kind and a true gem. Thank you for your humanity and thoughtfulness. This is massively appreciated, more than you will ever know.” 

“For arranging and being part of a fantastic event at the Easi-World Cup. The team provided a competition, raised awareness and prizes (all self-funded). I was very proud to say that they are part of my team. It made me very grateful that we have a team who always go that extra mile, who are dedicated to making a difference and improving patient experience.”

Anne Bassinder, staff nurse, Rapid access team, Fieldhead
“For being a kind caring person to service users and family’s and valued in her team. Ann always gave me the trust and motivation to go and try something different. She is a credit to a very motivated team for our older people service.” 

Anne Gilbank, health support worker, Chippendale ward, Newton Lodge
“Anne is one of the best health support workers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She gets on with the job and treats people with respect. She is caring, warm and approachable and is a key part of her team. She is always putting the service user in the centre and provides activities that genuinely interest people. Anne is valued by her colleagues who all love working with her.”

Anne Howgate, AMHP manager, Beckside Court
“Anne should be recognised for developing a joint service within the Trust which has raised undoubtedly raised standards for people who need to be detained under the MHA83 on our acute wards. Anne has worked extremely diligently and tirelessly to build the AMHP HUB which is a new service. The Hub is a small team which carries out many of the assessments under the MHA83. Anne has developed networks and good working relationships with partner agencies eg. police, ambulance and GP services to ensure that those service users who require detention under the MHA83 are dealt with in a dignified, non-judgemental and respectful manner. She is very supportive of her team and is acutely aware of the pressures and stresses that team members can experience in this very demanding area of work. She continues to work very energetically to ensure that further development within the hub becomes recognised as an integral area of service provision of care to the benefit of service users who find themselves in crisis.” 

“She is approachable and so supportive. She goes out of her way to help and cares about the well being of those she manages”.

Anne Lomas, medical secretary, Oakdale, The Dales
“Anne is an extremely dedicated and hardworking person whose support to both medical and nursing staff is much appreciated. Nothing is too much trouble. She has a lovely, gentle, considered approach and goes that extra mile with service users and carers. She is a superstar!”

“For many years of being extremely helpful, always there to offer a helping hand.”

Anne Thornton, specialist learning disability nurse, Children’s community team, Folly Hall
“Anne is a very passionate nurse who is genuinely caring and extremely dedicated. She has now left our team (Kirklees intensive support team) to go and work in the children’s team. She is amazing – they are so lucky to have her!”

Anne Todd, advanced nurse practitioner, Chippendale ward, Newton Lodge
“Anne is a very hard worker and takes good care of patients and staff. She is extremely supportive and always has time to listen to staff even when she is busy and offering advice when not sure about something. She is dedicated to her work. Approachable and knowledgeable of cultures, ethnicity and religion. Makes me feel valued and given me confidence when I needed. She comes to the ward and patients smile at her and talk to her and staff as well. She is great to work with, she is a star.”

Anne Wilson, chief technician, Pharmacy, Fieldhead
“Anne’s commitment to ensuring the NHS gets value for money is second to none. She works tirelessly to ensure this (however tedious the task may be at times!)”

Anne Young, health centre coordinator, New Street clinic
“She is always so professional and makes my job of running a clinic at New Street clinic so much easier.”

Annette Lee, administrator, Psychology services, Laura Mitchell Health and Wellbeing Centre
“Annette is a very thoughtful member of the team. She always goes out of her way to help others and does so without complaining. She often leaves her own priorities to support others. A pleasure to work with.” 

Annette Taylor, head of contracting and business development, Contracting, Oaks building, Kendray
“Since I started at the Trust Annette has always been there to offer advice and support. She has been there during intense periods of work to help, supported me to do the best I can, and helped make things possible. Her knowledge and her eye for detail are amazing.”

Anthony Jackson, ward services coordinator, Priestley Unit
“For always being there to support staff and go the extra mile for us.”

Arasu Kuppuswamy, consultant psychiatrist, early intervention team, Folly Hall
“For being so flexible and approachable in his role as a clinical lead, without being rigid and managing his role as much as he can, during testing and challenging times since last year through the process of transformation. He gave us the freedom to mould and shape the services during transformation to services last year, giving the framework to work with but at the same time giving the flexibility to work with as well. I find him approachable, friendly and someone who genuinely tries to help doctors by being accommodative of our requests.”

Annie Appleyard, healthcare assistant, Beechdale ward, the Dales, Calderdale
“I am thanking Annie for being a happy friendly fun loving person to work with and encouraging all staff to recycle on the ward. She’s an asset to the team.”

Arshad Mahmood, Creative Minds development worker, Pastoral care, Fieldhead
“Ash (as he is known) is a nice fella and works hard for our service users. He is forward thinking and practical. He goes about his business with a gentle chuckle and a smile even when he’s not feeling the best himself.”

Ashley Hambling, HR business manager, Fieldhead
“Ashley is such an approachable, personable and kind person. He always has time for others and is so encouraging and supportive. It isn’t everyday you meet a person and you immediately feel valued and listened to. He’s clearly passionate about what he does including time spent engaged in additional projects to better support the wellbeing of staff is outstanding. He recognises the positives and celebrates them, he also acknowledges areas of improvement and works really hard with others to make positive changes.”

Audra Braithwaite, occupational therapist, Enfield Down
“Audra makes time for people. She gives a lot of her time and voice to engaging in things that I organise. She thoroughly understands Creative approaches. Audra has a refreshingly down to earth, common sense approach to everything. I wish we had 1000 Audra’s.”

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