Trust Board Committees

The below are the formal sub committees of the Trust Board.  The internal meetings governance structure document outlines the three lines of assurance provided throughout internal meetings.

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee keeps an overview of the systems and processes that provide controls assurance and governance within the Trust. These are described in the Statement of Internal Control. The audit committee provides this role on behalf of the Trust Board and makes sure that the systems and processes used to produce information for Trust Board are sound, valid and complete. This includes ensuring independent verification on systems for risk management as well as scrutinizing how the Trust’s finances are managed.

View terms of reference for the Audit Committee (PDF)

Quality and Safety Committee

The Quality and Safety Committee provides assurance to Trust Board on service quality and the application of controls assurance in relation to clinical services.  It scrutinises the systems in place for effective care co-ordination and evidence-based practice and focuses on quality improvement to ensure a co-ordinated holistic approach to clinical risk management and clinical governance is in place, protecting standards of clinical and professional practice.

View terms of reference for the Quality and Safety Committee (PDF)

Mental Health Act Committee

The Mental Health Act Committee is responsible for ensuring the organisation is working within the legal requirements of the Mental Health Act (1983), as amended by the 2007 Act and Mental Capacity Act 2005, and with reference to guiding principles as set out in the Code of Practice and associated legislation as it applies to the Mental Health Act, the Mental Capacity Act and Deprivation of Liberty.

View terms of reference for the Mental Health Act Committee (PDF)

People and Remuneration Committee

The People and Remuneration Committee (previously called Workforce and Remuneration Committee) has delegated authority for developing and determining appropriate pay and reward packages for the chief executive and executive directors and a local pay framework for senior managers as appropriate that actively contribute to the achievement of the Trust’s aims and objectives.  The Committee also has delegated authority to approve any termination payments for the chief executive and executive directors. Additionally, the Committee is responsible for ratifying Clinical Excellence Awards for Consultant Medical Staff.  The Committee also supports the strategic development of human resources and workforce development and considers issues and risks relating to the broader workforce strategy.  On behalf of Trust Board, it reviews in detail key workforce performance issues.

View terms of reference for the People and Remuneration Committee (PDF)

Equality, Inclusion and Involvement Committee

The Equality, Inclusion and involvement Committee was originally set up as a Forum by Trust Board in May 2015 to ensure the Trust improves the diversity of its workforce and embeds diversity and inclusion in everything it does, through promoting the values of inclusivity and treating people with respect and dignity. In April 2019, the Trust Board approved the Forum to become a formal Committee of the Board.

View terms of reference for the Equality, Inclusion and Involvement Committee (PDF)

Charitable Funds Committee

The Charitable Funds Committee provides assurance to the Trust Board as the Corporate Trustee for charitable funds.  These include but are not limited to Creative Minds, Spirit in Mind and the Mental Health Museum linked charities and their funds.  The Committee was set up as a body separate from the Audit Committee following a report on the management of charitable funds in the NHS by the Audit Commission as a mechanism for the management and use of those funds to ensure it fulfils its obligations as a Corporate Trustee and to manage the Trust’s charitable funds in accordance with statutory requirements and Department of Health guidance.

View terms of reference for the Charitable Funds Committee (PDF)

West Yorkshire Mental Health, Learning Disability and Autism Services Collaborative Committees in Common

The Trust is one of four trusts in West Yorkshire that have agreed to collaborate in delivering region wide efficient and sustainable acute and specialist mental health services for patients (Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust, Leeds & York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust), known as the West Yorkshire Mental Health Services Collaborative. In 2018, the four Trust Boards signed a memorandum of understanding which included the establishment of a Committees in Common who have the specific remit of overseeing a comprehensive system wide collaborative programme to deliver the objective of a more collaborative model of care for acute and specialist mental health services in West Yorkshire.

View terms of reference for the West Yorkshire Mental Health, Learning Disability and Autism services collaborative committees in common

Finance, Investment and Performance Committee

The Finance, Investment & Performance Committee’s is being established in 2019.  The committee’s prime purpose is to provide oversight and challenge of the Trust’s financial performance and financial plans to ensure the Trust and the services it provides remain financially sustainable.  It will also review capital plans with particular focus on the scrutiny of major investments, including post evaluation reviews. The committee will also review the overall performance metrics of the Trust to identify key trends and issues.  This may result in direction being given to other committees of the Board to carry out more detailed review and determine where corrective action needs to be taken.

View terms of reference for the Finance, Investment and Performance Committee (PDF)

Collaborative Committee

The Collaborative Committee’s purpose is to ensure delineation between provision and commissioning responsibilities (finance, contracting, planning and quality assurance) of the West Yorkshire Adult Secure Provider Collaborative and other specialised mental health provider collaboratives as appropriate and to provide oversight and assurance of the Trust’s commissioning responsibilities as Lead Provider.

View terms of reference for the Collaborative Committee (PDF)

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