Covid Heroes: Z

Take a look at who has been recognised as a Covid Hero with a first name that begins with Z:

Zohfina Moughal, senior health care support worker

“Zohfina has worked to ensure people with a learning disability living alone, with their families and in care providers have been supported to have the Covid-19 vaccine alongside the CCG. Zohfina has approached this work with kindness, compassion and outstanding organisational skills.

“At an extremely busy time Zohfina has maintained her calm, organised and reflective approach in supporting the work of strategic health facilitation ensuring people have been supported despite the challenges we have all faced. I would have been lost without her!

“Finally, during the pandemic Zohfina has been recognised as a leader for BAME communities. She has been approached and begun work with a leading national charity to raise the profile of inequalities in health for people with a learning disability from a BAME background, which we are all very excited about.”

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