Reasons to become a member

  • Local people deserve good NHS services. As a member, you can have your say on local NHS services
  • Becoming a member shows you are supporting your local NHS
  • Anyone of us, our friends or family may need to use mental health or community NHS services. As a member, you can influence how services are developed
  • You can help ensure NHS services are the best they can be and that they meet local needs
  • Being a member is not being part of a ‘fan club’ – it’s a way to influence services in the future
  • You could influence health and well-being issues that affect you and the quality of your life
  • You will be invited to special events – and you can choose if you want to receive invitations in the post or by email
  • If you have issues with local health services, one of the best ways to tackle these is through membership
  • You can vote for local people to represent your interests on the members’ council. You could also choose to stand for election yourself and represent the views of other people

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