NHS 70 superstars: G

Take a look at who has also now been recognised as an official #NHS70Superstar with first names beginning with G:

Gail Brompton, healthcare assistant, Ashdale ward, The Dales
“Gail is a very reliable member of staff and will do whatever you ask of her. She is a joy to work with and she is very accommodating. She is a pleasure to work with.”

Gail Horton, occupational therapist, Ward 18, Priestley Unit
“For her help and support to me – suggesting ideas and solutions to help move the team forward. Gail is gentle and calm in her approach, a good listener and considerate of others’ needs. She is an encourager and sees the best in people.”

Gail Woodington, CPN, Care home liaison team, Beckside Court
“Thank you for being a dedicated team player in super busy times despite what life throws at you!”

Gareth Creighton, ward orderly supervisor, Chippendale ward, Newton Lodge
“For putting patient’s first and going out of his way to try and improve their stay in hospital and quality of life. Gareth is dedicated to his job and is somebody that is always productive, helpful and approachable.”

Gary Auckland, Calderdale and Kirklees acute pathway general manager, Folly Hall
“Gary is very approachable and honest. He is very measured and calm. I have always found his advice and wise counsel to be well grounded and tactically sound. He does the job with good humour and in the best interests of the public we serve. It has been a pleasure to see him promoted to this level in the Trust and his values have never wavered.”

Gary Garvey, contracts manager, Procurement, Barnsley
“Thank you for being very knowledgeable and offering advice and support when needed.”

“Gary is part of the woodwork he has been here that long! Very knowledgeable in all aspects of the NHS – he’s everyone’s “go to man”.”

“Gary has given over 25 years to the procurement service in Barnsley. His knowledge and experience is vast and extensive!”

Gary Poskitt, healthcare assistant, Stanley ward
“Gary is the favourite Barnsley man and a pleasure to work with, making everyone chuckle on shift. He gives patient centred care and is a good team player. He looks after staff as if they were a family member. All patients and staff think highly of him. “

“For always being so positive, service user focused and with a “can do” attitude. You can rely on him to ensure that the morale of the ward is high for service users and staff. “

“Gary is an amazing, caring and enthusiastic practitioner. Gary sees the light at the end of the tunnel and reflects positivity with the nursing team. Gary is a huge asset to Stanley Team.”

Gavin Richardson, digital communications and marketing manager
“When leaving the office one day, Gavin came across a service user in crisis in the corridor. He stayed calm and dealt with the situation and got the person the help that they needed. He’s also great to have in the office!”

“As digital communications manager Gavin is at the forefront of our interactions with the public. He has on a number of occasions faced difficult situations with care and compassion, ensuring people in need are signposted to the right place. His dedication and commitment to care are exemplary.”

Gemma Allen, project officer, Operational support, Kendray Hospital
“Gemma is a breath of fresh air. I wish we could bottle and transfer her can-do attitude. Her attention to detail is exemplary and her commitment to providing professional support to the team is second to none.”

“For her ongoing and tireless support to our team. No task is too big and she’ll always give her all to it. Personally, it has been great to see her confidence grow over the last few years and develop into an absolute asset to our team and the wider services she supports. We’d all be lost without you!”

Gemma Armitage, healthcare assistant, ward 19, Priestley unit, Dewsbury
“For always working hard and providing high quality, compassionate care to everyone on the ward.”

Gemma Foster, staff nurse, intensive home based treatment team, Halifax
“Thanks for her hard work and adapting well to promotion. She has really taken it in her stride.”

Gemma Wilson, Newton Lodge reception
“Gemma has always been supportive of staff and service users. She is one of the best healthcare support workers I have had the pleasure of working with. She is highly thought of by all members of the Nursing team.”

“Gemma always puts her patients first and is liked by patients and staff. Gemma is organised, caring and supportive of both patients and staff. When you walk into the handover and see Gemma sitting there you just know you are going to have a good shift. Gemma is an absolute pleasure to work with and an asset to the team.”

Germaine Phillips, healthcare assistant, Enfield Down
“Even after retiring Germaine continues to be a pillar of the workforce here at Enfield Down and is well recognised for her kind and patient approach with our patients.”

Dr Gerry Roney, forensic consultant, Newton Lodge
“Always puts the patient first and is committed to delivering high quality.”

Gill Campey-Wormwell, team secretary, Enhanced team West, Drury Lane Health and Wellbeing Centre
“Continued support and excellent IT systems that make my work easier.”

Gill Harper, senior community mental health practitioner, Intensive home-based treatment team, Oakwell Centre, Kendray Hospital, Barnsley
“For being Gill! She was my inspiration for becoming a nurse! For having such a wonderful manner! She is passionate about her service users and is so patient centred!”

“Gill always puts others before herself, and demonstrates the true meaning of ‘team player’.”

Gill Stansfield, clinical lead, Kendray Hospital
“An inspirational lady with a zest for life and her work! Thanks for keeping me on track and helping me with all the new stuff! ‘Laughter is the best medicine’”

“Gill is an absolute gem! She is a pleasure to work with, she is always calm and very efficient! I love bouncing ideas off her and together we have a lot of fun and frivolity! She is an inspiration and an extremely positive role model!”

Gillian Berry, healthcare support workerWillow ward
“Gill is supportive of all staff and patients. She goes above and beyond her job role. Gill is kind and caring. She is a role model to others. When she is working you know you’re going to have a good shift!

Gillian Marley, QIAT manager, Clinical governance support team, Fieldhead
“For being a dedicated and extremely supportive team manager. Gillian thinks of everyone and everything the team may need. I would like her to know how much we all appreciate her efforts.”

Gillian Priestley, community psychiatric nurse, Ravensleigh core team
“Making everybody find the laughter in difficult times.”

Gillian Rhodes, healthcare assistant, Enfield Down, Honley
“Gillian is an inspiration in mentoring and supporting new staff. Being a former matron/staff nurse, Gillian has a wealth of experience. She is a very charitable person and will go out of her way to help others. Gillian always make her best effort to support service users, helping and supporting them through their recovery. She always has a smile and an encouraging word despite all she has to cope with personally. She is a true gem and truly deserves recognition for all her hard work over the decades. Thank you, Gillian, for all your support.”

Gladys Kye-Muvenzwa, housekeeper, Facilities, Fieldhead
“Gladys does a great job on block 9, keeping us clean and tidy, going above and beyond.”

Graham Brearley, healthcare assistant, Community mental health team older people’s services, Laura Mitchell Health and Wellbeing Centre
“I would like to thank Graham for his support and commitment to his patients, their family and to the team. Over the past 6 months, the team has had significant staffing issues and he has always been flexible and pro-active to ensure patient care continued unaffected by taking on extra work that has often been requested at short notice.”

Graham Moss, senior transport/portering manager, Facilities, Kendray Hospital
“Hardworking, always helpful and nothing is ever too much trouble.”

Graham Smith, ward manager, Ward 19, Priestley Unit
“For being a dedicated, supportive and forward thinking team manager.”

Gwen Gooder, community matron, Neighbourhood nursing service, Hoyland LIFT
“Gwen is a community matron and delivers fantastic clinical care! She works with patients with complex co-morbidities and continues to deliver!”

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