Confidentiality (privacy notice) relating to Kirklees mental health support team

What is a care record?

All the information about the care and treatment we provide is held on a care record. Your care record is stored electronically on a secure system.

Healthcare staff use this information to make sure you get the right care and support you need. Staff make sure this information stays confidential and is kept safe.

We know that other health and care services such as hospitals, clinics, GPs and social care may also provide you with care or support.

To help us all work together, we want to share the information we have with them, so they can continue to support you with the best care and treatment. We call this a ‘shared care record’.

This means:

  • Everyone who provides your care will have the information they need when they need it
  • You get the right treatment for your mental and physical health
  • You do not have to repeat your story
  • You get the best health and care services we can provide

Care records will only be shared with services that provide you with care or treatment, and on a need-to-know basis.

You have a right to choose who will see your care record.

Care records relating to parent support from the Kirklees Mental Health Support Team (MHST)

The Kirklees mental health support team is a collaboration between South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, Northorpe Hall and Kirklees Council Educational Psychology Service. The MHST provides support to children, young people and their families from selected schools in Kirklees. Support for parents is generally from our Parent & Community Workers based at Northorpe Hall, although support could be provided from other partners or we may refer you to other agencies if appropriate (with your consent).

As the MHST service is based on support to families from selected schools only, any support provided to parents of children from these schools is detailed on the child’s record. This means that a referral will be opened on your child’s care record, but activities recorded will be shown as with a “parent/carer”.

Consent to share your records

You will be asked by the mental health support team if you are happy to share your care record with other health and care services that also provide you with care. This is called consent.

You will be asked to complete a consent form. On this consent form, there are two types of consent:

  1. You will be asked to give consent to sharing information with other health and care We call this ‘share out’
  2. You will also be asked if we can see information about you that other health and care services who provide you with care have We call this ‘share in’

Consent to ‘share out’

You can ask if some of the information you share out stays private. This means that only the service who recorded the information can view this part of your care record.

  • If you consent, other services caring for you will see your care For example, a district nurse that visits you would be able to see the information recorded by your GP.

If you do not consent, only the person caring for in the Kirklees MHST will be able to see your record. Your record will not be shared with other health and care staff that provide you with care and treatment outside of the Trust

Consent to ‘share in’

You can give consent for other health and care services to share the information they have recorded about your care.

  • If you consent, we will be able to view the information recorded on your care record by other health and care services

If you do not consent, we will not be able to see this information.

How does consent work?

If you consent to share out and share in your heath record, everyone who provides you with care will be able to see the same record.

However, you can choose who can see your full health records. The example below should help to explain this more:

Patient A receives care from three different NHS services (a GP, a district nurse and a smoking clinic)

You can see from the image that the GP and nurse will share the same information. Both can see Patient A’s records at the smoking clinic.

But the smoking clinic will not be able to see Patient A’s shared record which has information from the care they receive from the GP and district nurse.

This is because:

  • Patient A has consented to both share in and out their care records with their GP and district nurse. So, the GP and district nurse can see patient A’s full shared care record
  • Patient A has consented to the smoking clinic sharing out information about their care. This provides the GP and district nurse with information about patient A’s care and treatment at the smoking clinic
  • Patient A has not consented to information being shared in with the smoking clinic. This may be because Patient A decided that their full GP and district nurse record is not relevant to a smoking clinic.

What if I change my mind about consent?

You can change your mind about consent. All you need to do is contact your worker from the Kirklees MHST who will help you.

What else do I need to know?

If you haven’t been asked to share your care record at other NHS services, including your GP, you can always speak to a health or care worker about recording your choice around consent.

In a serious situation, for example if you are unconscious, a health and care service will be able to view your care record. They will do this even if you have not given consent.

More information

If you are still unsure about sharing your care record, speak to a member of staff for more information.

Who can I speak to so I can find out more?

You can speak to the person in charge of your care or contact the Trust’s data protection officer:

Rachael Smith

South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Kendray Hospital

Doncaster Road


S70 3RD

Telephone: 07584 331791



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