Covid Heroes: J

Take a look at who has been recognised as a Covid Hero with a first name that begins with J:

Jackie Culley, mental health practitioner

“Jackie has been a welcome addition to Wakefield eating disorder team through the pandemic. She has brought a good sense of humour, flexibility in supporting our young people/families and open and honest reflection in difficult conversations. She is brave when faced with a challenge and thinks outside the box at possible solutions. She has provided a valuable outreach service despite Covid risks and enabled us to support recovery in the community on a background of national CAMHS inpatient bed crisis.

“Jackie, we are grateful for your hard work and for all these reasons you are a Covid Hero!”

Jackie Culley, mental health practitioner

“Jackie has been a hero to the CAMHS eating disorder throughout the pandemic.

“We have children and young people within our team who require bedrest and limited movements to prevent further weight loss. During the pandemic, Jackie took the lead in ensuring all the children/young people who required home visits, received such. Ensuring they did not have to leave their home which could cause added weight loss, impacting not only upon their mental health but their physical health.

“During this time parents became increasingly distressed by lockdown etc and limited access to services. What can I say .. Jackie was there working outside of her role and working hours to ensure the parents felt the support they so needed. During the height of the pandemic using full PPE, taking all precautions but always ensuring no parent or child young person missed out on the vital support.

“We had children and young people admitted into the Children’s Unit at Pinderfields, again Jackie attended the ward, in full PPE, ensuring the child/young person received the so needed face to face intervention from the team.

“The feedback we have received from families and young people for Jackie is amazing.

“Jackie you are our team Covid Hero and we are very very lucky to have you in the team :)”

Jade Wade, IHBTT nurse

“Very hard working nurse who has been triage at the end of last week and beginning of this week which has been very busy and has been dealing with it very well. She also volunteers to do the Carers Group as well.”

Jane Goodwin, support worker treatment team

“Jane has worked every day throughout Covid providing an essential service to service users and helping to keep them well in their mental health.”

Janet Jolley, HR/DBS support officer

“Janet works to support the disclosure and barring update service. This ensures that staff do not have to do repeat DBS checks and makes sure the Trust is up to date with these key checks.

“The CQC have praised the Trust for its work in this area and Janet has done a great job to implement this service, well done.”

Jane Milner, head of volunteering

“I want Jane to know how much of an impact she has on everyone who comes into contact with her. She has managed the volunteer service throughout the pandemic, providing support and guidance to the volunteers through challenging times. She has never lost sight of the need to help the volunteers and has maintained contact throughout. Something I am sure they will value and appreciate.

“On a personal level Jane has helped me with emotional support, keeping in contact and checking in that everything is okay. We have met up when it is safe to do so and have looked after each other by sharing our work woes and helping to come to resolutions. Jane has been invaluable in helping me throughout the pandemic and I wanted to say a big thank you. I really appreciate everything Jane has done for me, my team and for our volunteers.”

Janice White, personal assistant

“You have shown great care and compassion throughout the pandemic, supporting your colleagues and making everyone smile.”

Janine Cawthorne, senior physiotherapist

“Continued to review Covid-19 policy and ensure that this is reflected within the work environment to keep us all safe. Is a safe person to contact and discuss concerns and acts upon these concerns, providing solutions.”

Jayne Carr, health care support worker in the Kirklees intensive home based treatment team

“Worked throughout the Covid-19 pandemic maintaining a frontline service and providing face to face interventions and visits.”

Jo Crossley, advanced clinical practitioner (respiratory care)

“Jo has worked tirelessly through the pandemic to support some of the most vulnerable individuals with Learning Disabilities and Complex Health needs.

“She has developed a Covid-19 proactive respiratory pathway and supported clinicians across learning disability services and the wider trust and partner agencies with specialist advice and training.

“She has worked extra days to ensure service users get the support they need. She has given colleagues confidence to work proactively with service users to limit the harm that Covid-19 has on their health and quality of life. She gets stuck in and does what is in the best interest of service users and carers whilst holding trust values at the core of everything she does. Thank you Jo!”

Jodie Stonier, records team

“Jodie has worked tirelessly during the pandemic to ensure that Trust clinical staff and patients had access to their medical records. Thank you, Jodie.”

John Hindle, community mental health nurse

“For his support to the team throughout the pandemic, getting on with the job with no fuss.”

Jonny Hall, management assistant

“Throughout Covid Jonny has supported the managers and teams he works with sending motivational emails, introducing Positive Paul and his weekly positive thoughts! Positive Paul generated a lot of conversations!

“He has co-ordinated our weekly Covid call keeping information flowing and responding to queries and generally being a much needed source of support for all staff.”

Jess Ringrose, CPN in the Kirklees intensive home based treatment team

“Worked throughout the Covid-19 pandemic maintaining a frontline service and providing face to face interventions and visits.”

Joanne Keane, Kirklees police liaison practitioner

“Worked throughout the Covid-19 pandemic delivering face to face interventions and maintaining service standards and delivery.”

Joseph Baillie, MHLT practitioner

“For keeping his colleagues entertained during the tough times – he’s not nicknamed ‘The World Famous Joe Baillie’ for nothing!”

Judith Shaw, CPN in the Kirklees intensive home based treatment team

“Worked throughout the Covid-19 pandemic maintaining a frontline service and providing face to face interventions and visits.”

Judeth Thomas, memory service nurse

“Throughout the pandemic, Judie has been the person volunteering to be present in the office, dealing with queries and questions from service users and carers, as well as colleagues from our own and all the other teams working from the Drury Lane Hub. Ensuring people can access urgent prescriptions and documents, often delivering these in person on her way home.

“Judie has also been a supportive listening ear for colleagues, self isolating, or with unwell family members as well as always making time for staff when they have called in to the base for a much needed (socially distanced) bit of normal social contact.

“She really has been our ‘solid rock’ at the centre of the memory service, enabling clinical and administrative staff to work more flexibly through her own generous and caring approach to the team and all the service users every day.”

June Cooper, CPN in the Kirklees intensive home based treatment team

“Worked throughout the Covid 19 pandemic maintaining a frontline service and providing face to face interventions and visits.”

Julian Smith, HCA

“Goes above and beyond for staff and service users which hasn’t gone unnoticed.”

Julie Longworth, Ward clerk

“For being very helpful and doing some work for me while I was on annual leave despite having a very busy job herself – a real star – thank you :)”

Julie Metcalfe, vocational support worker (EIP)

“During lockdown, Julie was an absolute hero.

“Her role as vocational support worker within the team was largely on hold due to lots of work places closing or working from home. Being the passionate and caring person that Julie is, she went out with a local service delivering food parcels to those that needed them, walked miles with EIP service users to stop them from becoming isolated and arranged for art packs to be donated so that people could use them at home.

“She is an absolute star, always has a smile on her face and is too humble to blow her own trumpet!!! we are lucky to have you in our team.”

Julie Riley, monitoring officer

“Julie you are a Covid Hero because throughout all the trials and tribulations you have done your utmost to carry out roles that were way out of your comfort zone. You have started early, finished late, work double shifts, Bank holidays plus working on different sites to help departments within facilities. You have been a monitoring officer, domestic, housekeeper, supervisor and linen lady and I would like to thank you for that.”

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