Aims of research and development

The R&D department has seven aims which will drive research activity, improve recruitment and bring more research funding over the next five years which are:

  • Culture – To develop and sustain a vibrant Trust research culture to inform and improve clinical practice, embedding R&D as a core business of the Trust
  • Focus – To focus on high-quality research activity in key important areas that meet local community needs. This will build multi-disciplinary research expertise, experience and reputation that is nationally competitive
  • Engagement- Increasing staff awareness and participation in R&D activity through recognition of staff research time within existing roles and R&D engagement with staff
  • Partnerships – Strengthening existing collaborations with Higher Education Institutions (HEI), NHS and Social Care organisations, West Yorkshire Comprehensive Local Research Network (WYCLRN) and commercial sponsors. Develop new partnerships with organisations across Barnsley and Sheffield, including NHS, Social Care, HEI, South Yorkshire CLRN and new Topic Specific Research Networks (TSRN)
  • Patient/service user and carer involvement – Promote patient/service user and carer (SU&C) involvement at all stages of the research process through Direct Impact research advisory group and SU&C approval panel.  This promotes more ethically sound research that is focused on the needs of SU&C
  • Management and governance – Provide research governance review and approval processes for NHS permission of all Trust research in line with relevant legislation, policy and guidance
  • Capacity – Develop R&D capacity across the Trust by increasing the number of research active staff, funding bids, training opportunities, research projects, and participants recruited to studies.

Read our research and development annual report 2017-18 which highlights how we reached these aim during the last financial year.


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