NHS 70 superstars: K

Take a look at who has also now been recognised as an official #NHS70Superstar with first names beginning with  K:

Kalvinder Uppal, pharmacist, Pharmacy department, Fieldhead
“Supreme effort in getting in on snow days.”

Kara Scott, healthcare support worker, Wakefield CAMHS
“For her compassion and dedication and being an all-round good egg!”

Karen Armitage, epilepsy nurse specialist, adult epilepsy nursing service, Apollo Court Medical Centre
“Karen is an invaluable member of the adult epilepsy nursing team. She works tirelessly to provide an exceptional standard of care for the patients in the service despite unprecedented pressure on the service.”

Karen Batty, assistant director of nursing, quality improvement, Fieldhead
“Karen is the most unsung hero for me in this organisation! She is calm and helpful, always there to reassure and support even if she has major stress going on. She is just great as a person and fabulous at her job!”

“Karen is always supportive, fair and understanding. She is able to bring a clinical practical view whilst having an overall corporate understanding. She always gives more than 100%, working long hours in support of the Directorate and Trust and is an excellent team manager!”

Karen Gibbs, project support worker, Ward 18, Priestley unit
“Karen is hard working, always happy to muck in and do what needs to be done. Reliable and friendly too. Well done Karen. You are valued.”

Karen Greenbank, advanced nurse practitioner, Folly Hall
“For being an excellent mentor and bringing out the best in me on placement. For also being an inspiration and one of the most caring nurses I’ve met.”

“For her dedication to her role, her professionalism, the incredible knowledge she shares and for going the extra mile to meet the demands of the service. She is an inspiration to us all, Thank you.”

Karen Halstead, nursing assistant, Willow Ward, Barnsley
“For being so kind and caring!”

“For being kind and understanding.”

Karen Hindle, CPN, Care home liaison team, Beckside Court
“For being a dedicated team player in super busy times, despite whatever life throws at you! Thank you for all your hard work!”

Karen Hodgson, outreach team leader, Outreach team, Folly Hall
“For being a dedicated, supportive and forward thinking team manager.”

Karen Illingworth, Medical records, Beechdale ward, the Dales, Calderdale
“For the relentless work in medical records alongside her colleague, the dynamic duo, and not just being the face of reception. Keep up the good work, it does not go unnoticed. A true superstar!”

Karen Kenna, support time and recovery worker, CMHT OPS, Laura Mitchell Health and Wellbeing Centre
“For her sunny disposition and ‘can do ‘attitude and for always going that extra mile. I know I can rely on Karen for whatever needs doing and it is done very well.”

Karen Kenworthy, senior human resources advisor, Human resources, Fieldhead
“For her assistance and support with HR matters. She is efficient, hardworking and knowledgeable.”

Karen Mayson, supportive care at home nurse, Marie Curie supportive care at home, Silkstone Health Centre
“Karen is a great member of the team, always professional, supportive and caring.”

Karen Palmer, healthcare support worker, Core team (East), Baghill House Health and Wellbeing Centre
“Karen certainly is a grafter! She has put 100% into her role in developing physical health clinics at Baghill House. Karen has a great personality, one of which is required for our field of practice. Karen will also go the extra mile to help both service users and colleagues.”

Karen Rawson, district nurse, Goldthorpe Centre
“For being a great manager and being supportive in difficult times.”

Karen Senior, secretary, Enhanced team 2, Beckside Court
“Supporting the entire team with great efficiency.”

“For being the backbone of the team, for knowing everything, and always helping – no matter how silly the question is!”

Karen Taylor, principal information analyst, Performance and information, Fieldhead
“For all her hard work and dedication. For going above and beyond in order to get something done.”

Karen Taylor, director of delivery, Trustwide
“For always living the values of the NHS as a nurse, director and team player. Karen always puts people first and in the centre and will always do the right thing for our service users and our staff. She’s also cheerful and bubbly so brightens up any event!”

Karen Ward, receptionist, Bretton Centre
“Karen has the most infectious laugh I’ve ever heard. Best welcome to get at the Bretton Centre.”

“Karen is always happy and positive. She tells it as it is and is very thoughtful, funny, bubbly, nice to speak to and down to earth.”

Karen Riordan, Matron, SRU, NRU and Intermediate Care, Barnsley
“For always being supportive and encouraging in all that she does as she strives to make everything better for our patients, often going above and beyond the call of duty and working till all hours (at home as well) to help support all the team.”

Karen Senior, secretary, Beckside Court
“Karen was always very helpful when I joined the Trust – what she does not know is not worth knowing. She was always helpful and supportive when I needed it.”

Karl Thomas, Supply chain assistant, Receipt and distribution, Kendray, Barnsley
“Karl is always efficient and very helpful. A pleasure to deal with.”

Kate Dewhirst, deputy chief pharmacist, Pharmacy, Fieldhead
“However difficult things are Kate remains calm, committed and constructive. She never loses sight of what we’re here to do for the patients we serve and always goes the extra mile to ensure this happens (and that the pharmacy team feel valued and supported).”

Kate France, ward sister, Clarke ward, Barnsley
“For always being so supportive of her team. For always putting the patients first and being such a balanced and objective advocate for everyone she works with.”

Kate McNulty, staff nurse, Thornhill Ward, Bretton Centre
“Hardworking, determined, focused and straightforward. She is supportive of her work.”

“Kate always has time for me and gives me good advice if I am a bit stressed over something. She always has a smile, which means a lot to me. She is the LGBTQ+ lead for our ward and others and gives encouragement as well as being available to speak to about LGBTQ+ matters. She is an asset to the ward.”

“Kate has really helped me during my time as a student nurse on the ward. She is warm, friendly, knowledgeable and confident in her role. Kate is consistently including me in decision making, allowing me to observe tasks I am not comfortable with and offering me advice and knowledge where appropriate. Kate has also helped me through personal issues regarding my confidence and is so easy to speak to. My time on the ward would have been very different without Kate!”

“Good nurse and makes a cracking lasagne.”

Kate Spencer, staff nurse, Beechdale ward, The Dales
“Very supportive.”

Kath Carter, catering and domestic services manager, Priestley Ward, Newton Lodge
“For managing very difficult and challenging situations whilst maintaining the highest possible regard and level of support for her team and those that they collaboratively work with. Despite whatever comes her way, she approaches it in a positive ‘can do’ manner, always with a smile and best interests at heart. She always speaks extremely highly of her job and the privilege she gets from turning up to do it every day. The Trust could do a lot worse than have more Kath’s around!”

Kath Mitchell, Crisis practitioner, Intensive home based treatment team, the Dales, Calderdale
“Highly valued and supportive member of the team. Very knowledgeable and kind and caring to staff and service users alike. Kath is always bright and cheerful, she is an absolute star to be on shift with.”

Kath Mashinter, occupational therapist, memory service, Kirklees
“For all your hard work and commitment supporting the team in meeting its goals. Thank you.”

Kath Warriner, domestic housekeeper, adults with ADHD/autism service, Manygates Clinic
“Doing a first class job throughout the year, making the workplace a nicer environment to work in.”

Kathy Cryer, community LD nurse, adult community LD health team, Drury Lane Health Hub
“For championing the LD health agenda in Wakefield and being proactive in her approach to making reasonable adjustments happen for adults with an LD on her caseload. Kathy works closely with external partners making sure the additional health needs of people with LD are met in a timely and person-centred way.”

Katherine Marr, staff nurse, Ashdale Ward
“Katherine is a ‘breath of fresh air’, a newly qualified nurse with amazing amounts of energy and full of fantastic ideas. Katherine is very hardworking and strives to look at ways to improve the service offered in any way she can.”

Kathryn Crump, senior team admin, Focus CAMHS team
“Kathryn is the glue that holds us all together! She is so organised, helpful and the central point for the team. We would be lost without her and she doesn’t always get the recognition she deserves so hopefully this goes some way to letting her know how much we all appreciate her and her hard work.   Kathryn’s approach to work, despite a high workload, means she is always smiling and willing to help others.   Putting others before herself. Gives time to everyone and makes everyone feel welcome. Committed to ensuring that all work is up to a high standard.   I am thankful for Kathryn’s positivity and how much support she offers us as clinicians. Her knowledge, skill-set, efficiency and conscientiousness means she really knows our caseload and always ensures the highest standard of work is sent out. It really helps me to be so confident in her abilities and we are very lucky to have her!”

Katie Crowe, senior clinical pharmacist, Pharmacy, Fieldhead
“Through thick and thin Katie remains calm, wise, determined and professional. Every day she uses her expert knowledge and thorough approach to ensure medicines are used safely and effectively. She is a real asset to the pharmacy team.”

“Thank you for consistently giving everything 110%. Your development of the pharmacy service to the Forensic wards has been amazing and I know they appreciate it as much as we do.”

Katie Tomlinson, staff nurse, Thornhill Ward, Bretton Centre
“Katie always brightens the day when she is on shift with her lovely bubbly personality. No matter what kind of day we are having whether it’s stressful or demanding she always offers support and encouragement to others with a smile on her face. She always has time for people no matter what time it is and goes out of her way to make someone feel valued and thought about. She’s an absolute pleasure to work with.”

“I have known Katie since she was a student, she doesn’t take any rubbish. She’s funny and has a good sense of humour. She is passionate and caring and always helps others that are in need.”

“She’s a good lady and can motivate people in good ways.”

“When we start talking 1-1 we don’t know when to stop. She’s a really nice person and I’ve noticed that she has a really good rapport with the patients and staff.”

“Katie is a fantastic team leader. She is extremely supportive of all staff and goes above and beyond to ensure that everyone is treated equally and valued, which supports team morale. It is comforting to know you have members like Katie as part of your management team, a genuinely passionate and caring individual to feel supported by.”

Katie Williamson, staff nurse, Stanley Ward
“Thank you for your passion and great care that you give our service users. You have done a great job during a very challenging time and you should give yourself a big pat on the back!”

“Katie regularly uses her initiative when conducting a variety of complex and challenging nursing interventions with service users on the ward, in order to aid a quick recovery. Katie is an enthusiastic practitioner who works with individual service user’s best interests at heart during the delivery of all nursing interventions; she is a valued team member and is always supportive of the team. Thank you, Katie, for all your fantastic work.”

Katrina Turfrey, deputy ward manager, Stanley Ward
“She has been supportive on many levels, helping me leaps and bounds throughout my career. She is an amazing team player who helps everyone and makes sure they are happy. She is patient orientated and puts services users and staff first. Amazing nurse, deputy ward manager and team member.”

“Katrina has an enormous amount of energy and never stops. She is very focused and committed.”

 “Katrina is always a massive support to myself and her team, she always thinks of the team first and herself last.   She is the most thoughtful person. Always bringing team spirit back up.”

“Katrina is wise beyond her years, and always compassionate. Always makes staff feel supported. Has that rare quality of making everyone feel like they are able to share any concerns or issues they may have either at work or in their personal life. She has a genuinely caring nature and ensures patient care is central to all she does. Katrina has great leadership skills, leading by example.”

“Katrina is vibrant and effervescent in all she does. She is service user centred in all care she provides and expects the same of the staff team on the unit. Her leadership skills are delivered with maturity well beyond her years and she has gained the respect of staff teams throughout the acute services. Her knowledge base is extensive from which she is able to offer sound advice. She supports the staff team to a fault, both with work-related and personal issues alike. Her presence on the unit provides a reassuring calming influence amongst the staff team. She is always happy to listen to the staff team’s opinions, irrespective of the staff members’ grade. To sum up Katrina is a credit to Stanley unit firstly, but more importantly to the acute mental health services as a whole. In the relatively short time I have worked with her, Katrina has become a close friend, despite our age difference. This friendship is one that I cherish and hope will continue for many years to come.”

“Katrina provides support to everyone in the team, she puts service users and staff first all the time. Hard working, amazing nurse, compassionate and caring. Easy to approach for support or if you have questions and don’t dare ask. An amazing team player and makes sure all her staff is happy and always make us laugh! Thank you for the support you have given me!”

“Katrina has been very supportive and proactive in welcoming newly qualified staff onto the ward. Katrina has put a lot of effort into helping me along with my preceptorship. She has provided sound advice, constructive feedback and gave me confidence as a nurse throughout the past few months, for which I am grateful for. Katrina leads by example and keeps a cool head in testing clinical situations and she is definitely an inspiration for all on the ward. The ward and acute services as a whole are fortunate to have a nurse as dedicated and as skilled as Katrina amongst its ranks. I look forward to continuing working with Katrina in the future. Thanks, Kat!”

Katy Miller, team manager, care home liaison team, Beckside Court
“For being a dedicated, supportive and forward thinking team manager.”

“She is so supportive, a really lovely person and a great manager.”

“Supporting and listening -just being there for others despite being in a new role herself”

“I am nominating Katy because she is one of the most hardworking, understanding, supportive and inspiring leaders I have ever met.”

Kaval Obhan, staff nurse, Stanley Ward
“Thank you Kaval for bringing your chilled vibes to a nursing team who at times struggle to keep sane. Kaval is an amazing nurse and is truly an asset to the team.”

Kay Hewitt, Acute caseload manager, Modular building, Fieldhead
“A role model for hard work and determination. Kay is usually the first person into work and the last to leave. Contentious, kind, thoughtful and committed to the service in which she works. A true unsung hero.”

Kay Shaw, team leader, CMHT OPS, Laura Mitchell Health and Wellbeing Centre
“For being a dedicated, supportive and forward thinking team manager.”

Kayleigh Walsh, management assistant, OPS, Folly Hall
“For making a difference and truly representing the Trust values. Kayleigh has a positive can-do approach to all that she does and is highly valued by all of the teams she supports.”

Kayley Cookson, lead occupational therapist, Calderdale
“For her going the extra mile and demonstrating excellence in her professional practise. It makes me proud to have her working in the organisation and to be an OT.”

Kaz Habib, CPN, Wakefield Insight Team
“Kaz was a newly qualified nurse on the night shift when Trinity 2 ward caught fire in November 2016. Kaz deserves recognition for his efforts to aid service users from a burning building whilst also continuing to deliver vital and compassionate care to individuals throughout the rest of the night, ensuring that they were safe.”

Keith Joseph, Health care assistant, Bronte Ward, Newton Lodge
“Keith is amazing. He is always there for all staff and all patients. Keith is extremely calming in personality and is emotionally intelligent and patient centred at all times. “

“Always there for the lads giving support and reassurances. Will help out in any way possible great guy.”

Kelly Baxter, secure unit receptionist, Newton Lodge
“I would like to thank Kelly for being a friendly and welcoming face for Newton Lodge.”

“Thanks to the lady with the light-bulb smile who is always welcoming when I come into work.”

“This lady always has a smile on her face no matter what. A warm welcome when I arrive at work pleasant and polite. A pleasure to know and work with her. Keep smiling.”

Kelly Hallas, healthcare assistant, community treatment team, Folly Hall Mills
“For being so very efficient in her work, going that extra mile for patients and always working with a smile and positive attitude.”

“Commitment to her work, care and compassion for clients and excellent IT skills to support teams.”

Kelly Hancock, volunteer, Johnson Ward
“For her hard work at the Diamonds shop in Newton lodge. This shop benefits so many people.”

Kelly Latham, Stop Smoking advisor, Stop Smoking, Oaks Building, Kendray Hospital
“Kelly is compassionate and kind. She always works hard and keeps the team morale high. I am grateful to have her on the team and she makes any stressful day better. She always goes that extra mile to help people quit and I think she is definitely responsible for reaching such a high quit rate on the hub. I thank Kelly for every day and making me look forward to coming into work.”

Kelly Maud, specialist occupational therapist, occupational therapy team, Bretton Centre
“For being supportive and a lovely colleague and friend. You work so hard in all you do!”

Kelly Owens, senior mental health practitioner, eating disorder service, CAMHS
“For her continued commitment to the eating disorder service, for stepping up and taking on extra responsibility in the team and ensuring the data is up to date and accurate.”

Kelly Roebuck, healthcare assistant, Thornhill Ward, Bretton Centre
“Kelly is a person I can talk to about anything. She has taken an active interest in getting to know me as a person and to gain insight into my life as a whole (history included).”

“Kelly always gets stuck in at work, nothing is too much to ask and she carries out it all out with a smile. She’s a pleasure to work with and you know she’ll help out in any way she can when you see you’re on shift with her.”

“This is one member of staff who truly goes the extra mile. She is willing to have a go at anything and is a true inspiration to the team. It is a pleasure working with her.”

Kelly Savery, counselling psychologist, WAA psychology, Laura Mitchell Health and Wellbeing Centre
“Thank you for your fantastic effort facilitating the Calderdale CAT – informed therapy group. You’re creative skill and committed enthusiasm provides a unique contribution and makes a clear difference to clients who are attending.”

Kelly Wood, senior physiotherapist, Hospital at home, Alderson room, Kendray Hospital
During the transformation of intermediate care services, Kelly has remained positive, patient centred and resilient. She worked extremely hard under difficult circumstances to ensure that the remaining service users of Mount Vernon Hospital had clear and effective discharge plans in place prior to its closure. She then worked tirelessly to support partners at Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust in its initial stages of the transition unit, providing both crucial support for new and junior staff whilst also maintaining high standards of therapeutic interventions. On returning to the Trust she has once again quickly become a valued member of the hospital at home team. Well done Kel!”

Ken Taylor, volunteer course leader, Kirklees recovery college
“I would like to thank Ken for all the volunteering he provides and the immense amount of time and dedication and knowledge he brings. It reminds me why I love my job working alongside Ken who gives his time for nothing more than to give back something to people who need and use our services. All I can say is a big thank you from us at the Trust volunteer service. You are a star.”

“Ken has displayed the utmost generosity and selflessness in giving his time and sharing his vast skills and knowledge freely with many staff, volunteers and board members. Ken has always done this unconditionally and in the process has played a significant role in developing our Trust Charity EyUp! business plan and helping to move this forward so that we provide even better care and support. He has also taken up numerous additional volunteer roles to support the Trust through his role as chair of the governance committee for Creative Minds and is playing a significant role in the review of Recovery Colleges as we move to make them more sustainable. He demonstrably coaches and supports people around him and has demonstrated exemplary commitment to this Trust. He has been a real inspiration, spark for change and improvement and lives the Trust values as a way of being. Thank you for all you do.”

Ken Wright, portering wright, Facilities, Kendray Hospital
“Helpful, cheerful and always has a smile and takes time to talk.”

Kerry Hadley, health care worker, Bronte ward, Newton Lodge
“Fantastic member of the staff team and great with service users.”

“For being the one of the most caring, enthusiastic, funny and lively members of staff I’ve ever worked with – diamond class.”

“Kerry makes the ward run like clockwork. Kerry also keeps the ward organised and ensures that everything has a place and is easy to find for both service users and staff. Without Kerry the ward would not run as efficiently as it does!”

“I would like to thank Kerry for being the most amazing work colleague and friend. She is so caring and always makes my days happy. Without you, I wouldn’t have my light bulb smile. You’re just ace. Well done.”

“Kerry is a Superstar. She’s funny, kind, super organised, hardworking and Bronte simply wouldn’t be the same without her. We all love you Kerry.”

Kerry Leadbeater, district nurse sister, District nursing, Roundhouse Health Centre
“She’s an amazing leader which in turn makes a great efficient team and supports us all.”

“For being an excellent manager. Always going the extra mile, not only for her own team but also helping others. Nothing is too much trouble, she ensures everyone is looked after! She’s an amazing nurse and manager.”

“She is an amazing manager. She always gives 100% to her role. She looks out for others and always ensures everyone is happy in their role. She is very supportive and always encourages others. As a team, we feel she is worthy of a nomination.”

Kevin Atkinson, healthcare support worker, Melton Suite, Kendray Hospital
“I worked with Kev for many years before his move to Barnsley, I miss working with him. I found Kev to be incredibly supportive to both service users and staff. Kev has a way about him that makes you feel safe. Many years ago whilst on special care, Kev was a highly valued member of the team. Thanks, Kev for many a good positive working experience, as well as the Ireland trip – perfect gentleman.”

Kevin Cocking, buyer, Procurement, Fieldhead
“Kevin provides a first class service to our service teams and is always helpful and goes above and beyond.”

Kevin Wright, clinical psychologist, adult learning disability health service, Keresforth Centre
“For developing an amazing team of staff who support our most challenging service users and for bringing his own special brand of humour to the team. Kevin has worked tirelessly to set up and develop this team of staff despite some difficult challenges along the way.”

Kim Bagshaw, ward manager, Melton suite, Kendray Hospital
“For being so supportive of her staff in all her roles. Always going the extra mile!”

Kim Osborn, clinical team leader, Ward 19, Priestley Unit
“Supportive colleague and a great team leader.”

“For being a strong support to all her colleagues, always working hard and showing compassion to everyone.”

Kim Somerford, occupational therapist, Newton Lodge
“For being supportive, for being committed and for keeping the needs of service users at the centre. She’s funny too!”

Kimberley Hill, healthcare support worker, Johnson ward, Newton Lodge
“Thank you for all your support and taking me on my home visit. You will be missed, good luck.”

“Thank you for being so supportive. You always try to make us smile, you listen to our problems and always try to help.”

Kiran Rele, consultant psychiatrist, Enhanced team, Kendray Hospital
“Dr Rele makes me feel supported and is always available for any advice or queries we may have. He goes above and beyond in order to deliver high quality care for his patients. He is much appreciated by his colleagues.”

Kirsty Brady, senior clinical practitioner, Horizon Centre, Fieldhead
“When I started working at the Horizon they helped me gain my confidence and supported me through difficult times. I felt like Kirsty is approachable and always makes time for staff members.” 

“Kirsty makes staff feel very welcome in the team, she is a pleasure to work with and is always making me laugh! She always puts patients first and goes the extra mile. Very hard working despite the pressures placed on her in her day to day work.”

Kirsty Dawson, specialist community learning disability nurse, Kirklees
“As well as being a fantastic nurse with lots of specialist skills, Kirsty really helps our team with our work/life balance by organising events for us. These help us get to know our colleagues a bit more, as well as keep us sane.”

Kirsty Dowling, registered mental health nurse, Community mental health team older people’s service (West), Laura Mitchell Health and Wellbeing Centre
“I would like to thank Kirsty for her support and commitment to her patients, their family and to the team. Over the past 6 months, the team has had significant staffing issues and she has always been flexible and pro-active so to ensure patient care continued unaffected by taking on extra work that has often been requested at short notice.”

Kirsty Flerin, occupational therapist, Folly Hall
“Kirsty offers a very calm logical perspective when assessing individuals, she is highly skilled in her communication and liaison with other teams and very supportive in high clinical demand.”

Kirsty Gillott, consultant secretary, Enhanced team one, Lundwood Health Centre
“Kirsty embodies the spirit of making things work in adversity. She is the unsung hero of transformation, and conducts herself in a deeply professional manner, and provides a massive support during times of high stress.People like Kirsty hold teams together in a crisis.Thanks, Kirsty.”

Kirsty Morris, occupational therapist, Wakefield
“For all the help and support she gives everyone in the team. Kirsty is like a second mum and always makes birthday cakes for everyone and also bakes to raise money for charity. She is just a great person and goes the extra mile.”

Kirsty Sidebottom, nursing assistant, Willow ward, Kendray Hospital
“Very supportive of staff and patients and all the additional work she does beyond her role.”

“Kirsty is one of the most creative caring and compassionate support workers I have worked with. She is great at coming up with ideas to involve patients in meaningful activities and help them on their way to recovery. I count myself lucky to work alongside her and she is an asset to the team.”

“Kirsty is one of the most creative caring and compassionate support workers I have worked with. She is great at coming up with ideas to involve patients in meaningful activities and help them on their way to recovery. I count myself lucky to work along side her and she is an asset to the team.”

Kristina Ashford, medical secretary, Administration support, Laura Mitchell Health and Wellbeing Centre
“Excellent medical secretary and admin support for the whole of EIP. Kris always works hard, for the benefit of the service and individual service users. She goes the extra mile to always make sure that she can do the best she can. She always strives to make improvements to the service and to sort out any clinical issues.”

Kylie Watson, occupational therapist, Drury Lane, Wakefield
“Kylie is committed, driven, and funny with a typical Aussie sense of humour who inspires service users and peers. Thank you for being you.”

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