NHS 70 superstars: H

Take a look at who has also now been recognised as an official #NHS70Superstar with first names beginning with H:

Habib Dadhiwala, support time and recovery worker, Kirklees insight team, Folly Hall
“For being so enthusiastic, inclusive and creative. Creating exciting opportunities for service users and staff to learn new skills, new hobbies, and new things about themselves and each other.”

Hannah Farrell, staff nurse, Ward 19, Priestley Unit, Dewsbury
“Hannah worked hard on her return from maternity leave and always providing high standards of care to everyone.”

Hannah Gregson, patient safety administration officer
“Thank you for your support with formatting a report in a quick and very efficient manner.”

“Hannah has been a great support, she is helpful, willing to do anything needed, keeping calm under pressure and dealing with things without being asked. This has been really welcomed in recent weeks as we’ve had a very busy time. She’s really helped things tick along smoothly! Thank you for all your hard work, Hannah.”

Hannah Januszczyk, bank clinical pharmacist
“Thank you for being amenable, reliable, diligent, hardworking and trustworthy.”

“Hannah is a joy to work with – she’s bright, motivated, hardworking and an extremely good clinical pharmacist! She’ll willingly do whatever is needed, however challenging and approaches everything with good grace, professionalism and determination.”

Hannah Walker, healthcare support worker, forensics, Newton Lodge
“Hannah is an absolute delight to work with. She works above and beyond her job role and continues to provide excellent care when faced with very challenging circumstances. Hannah has supported me through many difficult shifts and I’m sure that anyone who has worked with her will say that they couldn’t do it without her.”

Hanna Vasey, member of bank staff, Ward 18, Priestley unit, Dewsbury
“Hanna continues to work effortlessly with service users in a caring and compassionate manner. Hanna is able to prioritise her clinical work and the time needed to spend with service users. She is very supportive and never says “no” or that she does not have time for the service users in her care. Well done Hanna you are a good role model for all.”

Harvey Jones, healthcare assistant, Stanley ward
Harvey is a font of knowledge and has a wealth of experience. He has been extremely supportive of me throughout difficult times and challenges on the ward over the last couple of years.   Harvey continues to prove that he is the hub of the ward and strives to provide the best possible care to service users and also keeps the staff team sane.   Thank you, Harvey, for always having my back and being a true friend!”

Haydi Holden, staff nurse, Stanley Ward
“Haydi is a big character with a bubbly and friendly personality. She never fails to make you laugh or smile and always has a positive and proactive attitude to her workload.   Haydi has achieved great things whilst building her confidence on Stanley Ward and this is all down to her own determination and drive. Haydi is extremely hard working and supportive of both junior and senior colleagues. Haydi is a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day!”

Hayley Beaumont, mental health practitioner, Calderdale CAMHS, Laura Mitchell Health and Wellbeing Centre
“Being a conscientious and extremely knowledgeable supervisor.”

Hayley Cullen, staff nurse, Thornhill Ward, Bretton Centre
“Hayley is bright, bubbly and a joyous person to be around. She is caring and dedicated and her singing never fails to make me smile.”

“Hayley is very professional with me as a patient and I can talk to her about any subject matter. She treats me with respect as I do her. She is bubbly, kind and caring and is an asset to the ward.”

“I have worked alongside Hayley throughout her time as a student nurse, a staff nurse on proctorship and now as a staff nurse – I can genuinely say that her positivity, enthusiasm, commitment and passion shines through each and every shift. She’s an absolute pleasure to work with as she is encouraging and hilarious (this makes a difference, laughter brightens many things). She’s always got time for people no matter who they are or where they are from. She is an NHS70 Superstar.”

“I have worked on a couple of hectic shifts with Hayley and she has been so organised and dealt with everything in a professional and timely manner. Being able to see such good practice and to be updated on situations as a student nurse is really helpful and allows me to progress and better understand. Hayley is very knowledgeable and has really positive working relationships with the service users.”

“Hayley returned from maternity leave when her baby was 5 months old. She’d recently qualified when she found out she was having her little bundle of joy. Since coming back, it was clear she felt torn between returning to her dream job and being at home with her baby. However, she has put her heart and soul into both, juggling being a brilliant mum and being a fantastic nurse. I have watched her grow in confidence since her return, tackling lots of difficult situations head-on. She never shies away from appropriately challenging decisions that she doesn’t agree with and she leads a shift amazingly. Hayley should be very proud of herself, the strength she has is truly outstanding.”

Hayley Martin, secretary, Calderdale CAMHS, Laura Mitchell Health and Wellbeing Centre
“Hayley is always willing to help anybody whether they are clients with an enquiry, clinicians with a query, or her admin colleagues. Nothing is too much trouble even though she has her own very large and busy workload. Thank you for being so wonderful.”

Hayley Vernum, Medical records, Beechdale ward, the Dales, Calderdale
“The other part of the dynamic duo who run the show in medical records and reception. Both work together and do things behind the scenes that people do not see. Another true superstar.”

Hazel Hadfield, administrative assistant, Ward 19, Priestley Unit
“Thank you for providing quality administrative support to the ward.”

Hazel Lunn, healthcare support worker, Johnson ward, Newton Lodge
“Hazel is a highly valued member of the team. Her knowledge, experience and skills are invaluable and she is a true team worker! Hazel is always there to support staff and patients and will always get the job done, no matter how big or small. Every ward needs a Hazel!”

Heather Giddings, rapid access service team secretary, Calderdale Care Home Liaison Team, Laura Mitchell Health Centre, Halifax
“Heather is a really hard working and motivated member of our team. Her organisational skills keep our service running efficiently and effectively. She is the first contact for people getting in touch with our team and she is always polite, pleasant and helpful. She is a pleasure to work with.”

Heather Goodwill, head of financial development, Calderdale
“I would like to thank Heather for all the advice and support she has given to me and to her colleagues in finance. Nothing is too much trouble and she is always there when we need her. Heather is dedicated and hard working and has my complete respect and admiration. She is an NHS Superstar.”

Heidi Thomas, practice learning facilitator, Folly Hall
“For her dedication and support. Heidi is hardworking and efficient: an excellent and supportive colleague.”

Helen Atkinson, community care officer, Bretton Centre
“For being helpful, proactive, kind and going beyond and above her duties to support people.”

Helen Barker, secretary, community services, Kendray Hospital
“Helen is fantastic and approachable. No job is too small or too big for her to tackle. She works as part of the service administrative pool and is well organised and gives 100%. She’s 100% dedicated to her role and always has a smile on her face. From being new in my post she has supported me in meetings and sorting work out professionally, as well as always being the go-to person when stuck with processes (Agresso or train tickets). The nomination is well deserved she is an unsung hero and the work she does is vital to the machine working.”

Helen Bradbrook, clinical team leader, Thornhill Ward, Bretton Centre
“Helen is an honest and fair person to work with, she always listens and takes on board the views of others and is motivated in supporting others to do well in their role. She is encouraging and always has time for others and has often offered support when she hasn’t been on shift. Feeling that you matter matters, this makes you feel valued, not just as a colleague but as a person. It’s a bonus that’s she’s hardworking and has a great personality and sense of humour.”

Helen Carter, research administrator, research and development, Fieldhead
“Helen always goes the extra mile and will always offer to help and support other colleagues in the team. She is the coordinator for the volunteers who work with the R&D dept. and is caring and sensitive. I’d like to thank Helen for being such a positive influence and for her commitment.”

Helen Dowd, clinical team leader, Beechdale ward, Calderdale
“I would like to thank Helen for all her hard work and commitment to both patient care and the staff team. She is dynamic and outstanding in her approach to patients, families/carers, always putting the patient first. She is innovative in her ideas on improvements for the ward and incorporates this in supporting staff fully to drive this forward. Her attention to detail when leading is second to none.”

“For being such a super nurse and team leader and providing empathetic care to all of our patients!”

“Helen has always been super supportive of me and others on the ward. She always pushes me to achieve the best and be the best I can be. She is always there to discuss any issues with.”

Helen Hirst, medical secretary, Ward 19, Priestley Unit, Dewsbury
“Helen has overcome recent personal challenges and always provides a high-quality service with a smile!”

Helen Marson, clinical team manager, Care navigation service/ LTC service neighbourhood nursing, Grimethorpe Clinic
“Helen is a strong and effective team leader who demonstrates really good leadership qualities and continues to deliver the role without difficulty. Her style of management is adaptable and she encourages her team to work efficiently and effectively whilst delivering an excellent standard of care. Helen continues to inspire and motivate her team, they work well as a team, and, in the main, continues to be positive and enthusiastic despite difficult circumstances and uncertainty about the future of the service. I love working with Helen!”

Helen Morgan, advanced dietitian, Dietetics, Beckside Court
“Thank you for being dedicated, hardworking and unassuming!” 

Helen Pye, team manager, Focus CAMHS team
“Helen really deserves the recognition for how hard she works to support every individual member of the team in their own right, and every young person/family she comes into contact with. She does this with complete professionalism and dedication, and with the highest quality work. I really appreciate everything she does for us as a team and thinks we are lucky to have her. The FOCUS team would be lost without her! Helen has amazing at supporting the engagement from our wider partnership networks which has supported and improved the service development. Helen is, without doubt, the most dedicated, hardworking and passionate colleague/manager I have ever worked with. Her attitude and commitment to the young people and families she works with is unquestionable. As a member of her team, she is so supportive, dedicated and passionate about her team members always trying to help and support where possible ensuring the best outcome for our young people and their families. Helen is not afraid to challenge decisions, she is confident and very articulate in her approach and gives everyone around her confidence in her and their own abilities.”

Helen Roberts, patient safety manager, Fieldhead
“I want to thank her for the constant support and willingness to look for new solutions. It often makes the day more pleasurable.”

“Whenever I am asked to complete some work with Helen I know that it will be a pleasure to do. She is friendly, knowledgeable, helpful and logical. She makes my job much easier through her efficient and effective way of working, and is always appreciative of the skills my team can bring to enhance the work she does.”

Helen Smith, information manager, performance and information, Fieldhead
“Helen’s commitment and dedication to her role and her team are inspirational-often working over and above her hours, in the evenings and weekends just to make sure a job gets done. Junior staff look up to Helen for advice and guidance-she is exemplary in how she deals with this. She is approachable, respectful and caring, and inspires people to improve and be outstanding; a great example of ‘leading by example’. She goes out of her way to make time for everyone and ensures they are ok both in a professional and personal capacity.”

“Helen is a wonderful, supportive manager, who is always there for you professionally and personally.”

Helen Walsh, clinical psychologist, Kirklees CAMHS, Laura Mitchell Health and Wellbeing Centre
“For working tirelessly and going above and beyond.”

Helen Whitelam, head of occupational health, occupational health, Fieldhead
“Helen is straightforward, pragmatic, reassuring and compassionate. She’s always happy to make time for a quick chat and sometimes that’s all you need to feel better! She’s one of those people who just gives you complete confidence that when she says she’ll sort something, you know she will.”

Helen Wiggins, carers development officer, Pathways
“Helen has such a dedication to our carers that she goes above and beyond what would normally be expected. I met with Helen last week and she made me feel so proud that we have people with this level of caring and compassion who work for our Trust. She made me feel really good about what we are doing and inspired me to have the same approach as her.”

“Helen is an outstanding member of staff, employed by Kirklees Council. Helen is a force of light in the Trust, always working hard for carers and making a difference to our offer. She is a strategic thinker, exceptionally bright and a natural leader in all aspects of mental health and social care work. I have noticed Helen is an instinctive problem solver, often getting close to the problem quickly. She possesses a high degree of integrity, is always a consummate professional, flexible to demands of the service and clarity of purpose in the execution of her role. She is well liked and very funny. Someone I would not be surprised to see progressing her career towards strategic work in the future. We all think she is the key to getting better outcomes for carers.”

Henry Parkin, healthcare assistant, Willow ward, Kendray Hospital
“Henry is kind and caring. He is always pleasant and tries his best for all the patients.”

“For being funny and a good colleague to work with.”

Holly Wright, student nurse/bank, CMHT OPS, Beckside Court
“She is my primary nurse and she’s a good laugh.”

Howard Hewitson-Townley, staff nurse, Community mental health team older people’s services (West), Laura Mitchell Health and Wellbeing Centre
“I would like to thank Howard for his unwavering support and commitment to his patients, their family and to the team. Over the past 6 months, the team has had significant staffing issues and he has always been flexible and pro-active to ensure patient care continued unaffected by taking on extra work that was often requested at short notice.”

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