NHS 70 superstars: S

Take a look at who has also now been recognised as an official #NHS70Superstar with first names beginning with S:

Dr S. Shinde, consultant psychiatrist, Laura Mitchell Health and Wellbeing Centre, Halifax
“Dr Shinde is a huge support to our team. She goes out of her way to deal with any queries we have and is always so accommodating and caring. She is compassionate towards her patients and their families. Team members have said how much they value her opinion and guidance.”

Sabrina Kellett, CPN, Community mental health team older people’s service (West), Laura Mitchell Health and Wellbeing Centre
“I would like to thank Sabrina for her support and commitment to her patients, their family and to the team. Over the past 6 months, the team has had significant staffing issues and she has always been flexible and pro-active to ensure patient care continued unaffected.”

Sadie Cartwright, healthcare assistant, Assertive outreach team, Beckside Court
“Sadie really is an inspiration! She works hard to support the team and advocate for service users she works with. She also has an awareness of others and knows when to offer timely support to team players.”

Safina Yasmin, staff nurse, Ward 19, Priestley Unit
“For choosing to work on our ward and always being caring, compassionate and providing support to all on the ward.”

Saha Sabic, dining room assistant, Catering team, Fieldhead
“In previous jobs, lunch and time away from the desk didn’t seem important but it’s different here and that is thanks to Saha and the brilliant staff at the restaurant at Fieldhead and the Oasis Café. My colleagues and I really look forward to our lunches and the laughs we have with the staff. Every day we are met with big smiles, good humour and delicious home cooked food – no matter how you are feeling or what’s happening in the office, the staff put a smile on your face within seconds of you arriving. They are a superb bunch of staff and they are a credit to the organisation.”

“Thanks for your calm, helpful and considerate service – even when it’s busy, you make it look easy and keep things running smoothly.”

Sally Butler, speech and language therapist, Kendray Hospital
“Sally is amazing. She takes difficult challenges in her stride. She has made me feel so relaxed about coming back to work from illness and is so supportive.”

Sam Adamson, admin support, Wakefield
“Sam is always approachable and helpful to members of staff at all levels, our members and Members’ Council – thanks for all your hard work!”

Sam Boothroyd, MH nurse, Mental health liaison team, The Dales
“Teaching me the ropes. I felt part of a team. I have become a knowledgeable practitioner.”

“Sam really knows everything about older people’s presentations and helped me along the way when my knowledge was limited. She is kind, compassionate, and a valuable member of the team.”

Sam Hall, IAPT counsellor, Folly Hall
“For being a colleague who provides a relaxed and collaborative environment. I felt supported and happy to work together.”

Sam Jarvis, general manager, rehab and recovery services, Kirklees
“Sam passionately supports the services and staff that she manages. She embodies our Trust values especially in putting the people we support first and that their families and carers matter. She is compassionate and caring and definitely leads by example.”

Sam Riding, library volunteer, Library, Wellbeing and learning centre, Fieldhead
“As a library volunteer Sam is a valuable member of our team. She’s friendly and approachable and enjoys helping us to think how we can better meet the needs of our library users. Thank you, Sam!”

Sam Wray, ward clerk, Priory 2 ward, Fieldhead
“Sam is always happy to help. She works relentlessly to not only support the nursing team but also respond to service user requests. Nothing is ever too much trouble for Sam, and we often comment that we would be lost without her! As a ward clerk, she really is an unsung hero on Priory 2.”

“Sam is the glue that holds Priory 2 together. When she is on leave no one knows what to do or where anything is anymore. She is always positive in her role and nothing is ever too much trouble for her and she often goes above and beyond her job role.”

Samantha Hunt, healthcare assistant, Sandal ward, Bretton Centre
“Sam Hunt kept me calm and sane. She would talk to me about a personal matter and she encouraged me not to offend anymore. She was honest with me. I was going down a backwards slope and she helped me.”

“Sam is an NHS70 Superstar. She gives beyond 100% in anything and everything that she does and is committed wholeheartedly to helping the service users with their mental/physical health and wellbeing. She is supportive of others (more than she knows), is modest about her efforts and the positive impact she has on both staff and patients. I’m proud to call her a colleague and blessed to have her as a friend.”

“Thanks, Sam for being amazing supporting the team at sandal ward. Wow!”

Samantha Parnell, police liaison practitioner, Police liaison crisis team, The Dales
“Sam is always helpful, offers support, and glad to help out when clinical demand is high. She keeps spirits high when things are tough and a valued team member to have on shift!”

Samkeliso Khoza, staff nurse, Sandal ward, Bretton Centre
“Samkeliso is a newly qualified nurse who is a hard worker. She is keen, she keeps the train rolling at work, never lets up and is always willing to accept help and advice from others. She has a caring and kind nature with service users. She excelled recently managing a very challenging situation on the ward.”

Samuel Jamera, clinical team leader, Ryburn Ward, Bretton Centre
“Sam, also known as Happy Sam, is always, you guessed it, happy. He is encouraging the development of others no matter if they are a member of staff or a service user. He genuinely values each and every person and recognises the fab stuff they bring to the table. He is a person that continuously sings the praises of others and is modest about the amazing stuff he does each and every day.”

“The bubbly man. He is a driving force of new things. He helps people with his charity work, he puts all of his efforts into helping people. He is a good example of making things happen by working hard.”

“I think he’s a superstar because he’s always happy when doing his work and always in good mood.”

Sanah Ashraf, healthcare support worker, Calderdale CAMHS, Laura Mitchell Health and Wellbeing Centre
“Sanah is relatively new to the NHS and has made a huge difference to our service user involvement. She is energetic, enthusiastic and innovative. She created a fabulous information booklet for young people that’s been really well received. She also worked at a weekend to make sure that young people were able to access what group she was offering.”

Sandra Butler, senior clinical practitioner, Walton ward, Fieldhead
“Sandra has been an incredible support over recent months during a period of exceptionally high acuity. She has taken the time to offer support to myself and the Priory 2 team despite her own busy clinical workload within her own team. Sandra has reinforced the benefits of the team working across the pathway and has contributed to ensuring that we stay focused on positive service user outcomes during a very difficult and challenging time.”

“Excellent support to all her staff. A strong believer in hope that someone will make it through their hard times and get better. Brilliant knowledge, skills and experience to make her a fantastic role model to all nurses. Compassionate to service users and their families.”

Sandra Montisci, lead nurse/practice governance coach, Keresforth Centre
“For always being there to support and encourage everyone, making everyone feel valued.”

Sara Bowers, senior clinical pharmacist, Pharmacy, Fieldhead
“Sara will apply her knowledge and skills to any situation to ensure that things are done well. She is totally committed to ensuring patients get the best from their medicines and that pharmacy staff are supported, encouraged and developed to empower patients to do this to the best of their ability.”

Sarah Armer, specialist dietician, Dietetics, The Cudworth Centre
“For being a very hard working leader always happy to help, advise and support, whilst managing her own caseload and does it all with a wonderful smile on her face.”

Sarah Bates, CPN, Memory services, Laura Mitchell Health and Wellbeing Centre
“Sarah is a very caring and compassionate person. Sarah is supportive and willing to be flexible to accommodate unforeseen demands. Sarah will do what she can to help her patients, their families and her colleagues.” 

Sarah Brown, staff nurse, Hepworth ward, Newton Lodge
“Sarah is kind, caring, very knowledgeable, and both the staff team and patients on the ward always sing her praises. She is great.”

Sarah Dixon, team manager, Wakefield West CAMHS, Drury Lane Health and Wellbeing Centre, Wakefield
“Sarah is a great support to her team, she puts their needs first at all times and really values each member as an individual. Sarah is hard working and committed to her team and the service and deserves a thank you.”

Sarah Fletcher, buyer, Procurement, Barnsley
“For their dedication and loyalty to the NHS over the last 20 years.”

“Very helpful, nothing is ever too much trouble.”

“Always helpful and super organised and efficient thank you for providing such a great service!”

Sarah Foreman, change facilitator, integrated change team, Fieldhead
“For always being there. Helpful, professional and supportive.”

“Working with Sarah is such a positive experience – she’s very skilled at being able to quickly get up to speed with different services and identifying what needs doing. Sarah is really professional, nothing seems too much trouble and she was a key factor in our project succeeding.”

Sarah Gardner, ward clerk, Chantry Unit
“Sarah is an absolute unsung hero! Sarah is the ‘glue’ that keeps the ward together. If anyone needs to know anything they ask Sarah and she always knows the answer! She goes absolutely above and beyond her job role and it would be nice for her to know how valued she is.”

Sarah Hennessey, librarian, Wellbeing and learning centre, Fieldhead
“I want to thank her because she is extremely helpful and patient in explaining different things to myself.”

Sarah Hudson, lead pharmacist, Pharmacy, Kendray Hospital
“Sarah is a real asset to our team. She uses her expert knowledge and experience to support and advise colleagues and turns work around in super-fast time. She’s amazing!”

Sarah Keast, occupational therapist and mental health liaison practitioner, North Kirklees community mental health team, older people’s service, Beckside Court
“I am thanking Sarah for going above and beyond in her work role but also taking the time to help her colleagues and be an amazing team player! We are very lucky to have Sarah as part of our team.”

Sarah Kenyon, senior clinical practitioner, Sandal Ward, Bretton Centre
“Being a credit to Sandal Ward and bringing so much to the ward.”

Sarah Lacey, senior occupational therapist, Domiciliary occupational therapy rehabilitation service, Mapplewell Health Centre
“For always being there as support and lending an ear as a sounding board to discuss ideas with. She is really passionate about the care of her patients and has put so much effort into her new role and trying to develop the areas that she is working within. Has a really proactive attitude which helps to improve patient care in such challenging times!”

Sarah Long, ward manager, Elmdale ward, The Dales
“For her guidance and support. Sarah is very knowledgeable, hardworking and honest. She is an inspiration and an excellent mentor.”

“Sarah is a brilliant manager, she is hardworking and conscientious and always has time for her tea. She is always there for you.”

“For being the best manager I have worked under in my 32yrs working in the NHS. For acknowledging our strengths and accepting our weaknesses, allowing us to develop to be the best that we can be. You make us feel valued, confident, capable and make is want to be the best nurses we can be. You make us laugh, You support us when we cry. You are a legacy.”

Sarah Mullaney, senior psychological wellbeing practitioner, Kirklees IAPT, Folly Hall
“I want to thank Sarah for being supportive, organised and a great team player, with a wicked sense of humour that makes it a pleasure working with her.”

“For being a great role model for all the staff within the team, and she has a wicked sense of humour despite being so busy!”

Sarah Petherbridge, senior immunisation nurse, Children’s community health, Cudworth Centre
“Being a brilliant mentor and teaching me so much in such a short space of time.”

“I’d like to thank Sarah and her team for all their hard work in promoting child health care in the Barnsley area. They are a small team who deal with so many children and often difficult and heart rendering situations.”

“Being a social media superstar and supporting the National Children’s Day and International Nurses Day. Super proud at seeing something we discussed at a meeting and turning into an action which raised awareness of very important topics.”

Sarah Robinson, district nurse, Garland House
“Since I starting working for the district nursing team over two years ago Sarah has always made me feel part of the team. She is so approachable and helpful, nothing is too much for her. She is very organised with her work and she plays a big part in the smooth running of district nursing. I think she deserves recognition for this.”

Sarah Smith, senior pharmacy technician, Pharmacy, Fieldhead
“Sarah has provided fantastic support to her direct colleagues and to the pharmacy team throughout the adverse weather conditions. She has made a concerted effort to be present at her place/s of work early and has helped coordinate the safe arrival and movement of staff to their places of work. Sarah has provided invaluable guidance to the wards and teams, such as the pharmacy department services by informing them of the team’s position with regards to safe staffing levels. Sarah has also provided them with alternate routes of supply and information gathering methods. Sarah has further supported the team as a senior member by also staying until 5pm when the pharmacy closes and allowing her junior colleagues and others to leave early and safely.”

“For providing great support and guidance to the service and team during adverse weather conditions.”

Sarah Thompson Dixon, team manager, Wakefield CAMHS, Drury Lane Health and Wellbeing Centre
“Exceptional team manager who carries the demand and pressure of her role with great dignity and who I personally admire for her fairness and fortitude whilst doing so.”

“Sarah is a great colleague. She’s knowledgeable, kind, supportive and gets the job done. I feel great that she is able to support me and give me confidence in my role.”

“Sarah is a brilliant and well respected team manager. She is always supportive and there to provide advice if you need it.”

Sarah Waines, graphic designer, communications and involvement, Fieldhead
“Sarah is a delight to have in the office and is always friendly, smiling and helpful. She is always bright, happy and positive and is a lovely person to work with. She is also brilliant at her job and produces excellent design material.”

Sarah Waterhouse, IAPT administrator, Kirklees IAPT, Folly Hall
“For her dedication and hard work. I am proud to have her on our team.”

Sarah West, team secretary, Community team, Beckside Court
“Sarah was always a delight to work with, fun, reliable, organised and so supportive of others. She is a valuable team member!”

“Support throughout the year in the office environment.”

Sarbjeet Gill, pharmacy technical services manager, Barnsley pharmacy, Kendray Hospital
“Sarb is extremely professional and excellent at her job. No task is too big or too small it will always get done.”

“Supreme effort getting in on snow days.”

“Sarb has a wonderful way of working with her colleagues to bring the best out in them, providing support and direction when they need it and freedom to act when they don’t. Her constructive, friendly and determined approach means she’s extremely productive too!”

“For always being helpful, nothing is too much trouble.”

Satbir Kaur, specialist dietitian, Drury Lane Health and Wellbeing Centre, Wakefield
“Satbir is a dedicated hard worker, who just gets on with her job with lots of enthusiasm for her role.”

Scott Astbury, healthcare support worker, Bronte ward, Newton Lodge
“Scott is an extremely patient centred member of the team, always going above and beyond at all opportunities throughout his time at work. The ward would be lost without him.”

Scott Nolan, healthcare assistant, Appleton ward, Newton Lodge
“Scott is a cheerful member of the team, always has a smile on his face. Always adopts a real positive attitude.”

Sean Steeples, healthcare assistant, Thornhill ward, Bretton Centre
“Sean is very humorous and engages well with the patients on the ward. He is very honest and realistic when any issues arise, often taking a lead and manages these well.”

Shane Roberts, healthcare support worker, Bronte ward, Newton Lodge
“Shane goes about his working day being open and honest with everyone he comes across. Truly dedicated to making a difference to both patients and staff.”

“An incredibly gentle man who carries himself with such dignity and tact. Shane is a fantastic problem solver who’s always thinking on his feet. His approach reflects that of the Trust values, and his sensitive and non-judgemental approach is what makes him an excellent practitioner, respected by all. Thank you, Shane, for everything you do.”

“Always kind and welcoming towards staff and patients.”

Sharon Ball, support worker, Barnsley
“For being caring and compassionate and always putting service users first! She is so flexible and goes the extra mile.”

Sharon Baxter, staff nurse, Beechdale ward, The Dales
“Sharon is a brilliant staff nurse, and a brilliant mentor to her students, and other students on the ward. She is always there to help other staff members and students to achieve there best. Sharon is very supportive of all on the ward including patients. Sharon is a valued member of the ward.”

Sharon Carter, transformation programme manager, Change and innovation, Fieldhead
“For going the extra mile to support the POAL team.”

Sharon Clark, healthcare assistant, Hepworth ward, Newton Lodge
“Sharon is always calm, especially on such a very busy ward like Hepworth; willing to help the patients, goes out of her way to support all, and is a pleasure to have on the ward.”

Sharon Cook, community mental health nurse, Ageing and needs led pathway, Lundwood Health Centre
“Sharon is a brilliant nurse and colleague who goes above and beyond in her role as a community mental health nurse. She is trustworthy and reliable, and an excellent team player. She has a very caring and nurturing side to her personality, which is evident whenever people meet her. She upholds the Trust’s values and is definitely one of the NHS70 Superstars!”

Sharon Ferguson, healthcare assistant, Newhaven ward, Fieldhead
“Always making time to help others with a caring attitude no matter how busy or challenging the day may be.”

Sharon Neal, referral management coordinator, Community musculoskeletal service, New Street Health Centre
“For her hard work, dedication and going above and beyond to support her colleagues and patients.”

“Ongoing support and encouragement.”

Sharon Oliver, senior clinical pharmacist, Pharmacy office, Folly Hall
“Thanks for all her hard work, reliability and dedication.”

“Sharon is an extremely knowledgeable and committed clinical pharmacist – I don’t think she realises how good she is! She is also flexible and willing to do whatever it takes to ensure services are delivered and that our service users get the best from their medicines.”

Sharon Rich, healthcare assistant, Bretton Centre
“I can talk with Sharon about anything, she is bubbly and I enjoy going on walks with her. She supports me in engaging in activities I enjoy.”

Sharon Smith, healthcare assistant, Melton Suite, Oakwell Centre, Kendray Hospital
“Sharon is an amazing healthcare assistant and an asset to Melton Suite. Since moving to Melton Suite from working in older people’s services for 30 years, Sharon has seamlessly fit into the team. No task is too big and she will always go the extra mile for patients and her team. She always comes to work with a smile on her face and this is infectious amongst the team. Thank you for being you and always going the extra mile!

Shauna Brotherton, staff nurse, Stanley ward, Fieldhead
“Shauna is an enthusiastic and hard-working practitioner who works with individual service user’s best interests at heart during the delivery of all safe nursing interventions. She is a valued team member of Stanley ward. Shauna strives to ensure that all members of the nursing team are proactive, supportive and empathic throughout their clinical practice.Shauna strives to ensure that her care delivery is based on the Trust values and is keen to support junior colleagues in this area. Shauna was the nurse in charge of the night shift when Stanley ward caught fire in November 2016. She continued to provide an extremely high standard of clinical care throughout that night; making clinical decisions in order to ensure that individual service users had somewhere safe to sleep and be cared for efficiently that night. Shauna is an unsung hero.”

“Shauna is a dedicated and supportive member of the team on Stanley ward. She is patient focused and is a great advocate for individuals needs. She continues to work hard even when she has been faced with difficult situations, in particular when the ward sustained a fire.”

Sheila Downward, team secretary, Core team west, Drury Lane Health and Wellbeing Centre
“Sheila is hardworking, conscientious and is always willing to help. She is a pleasure to work with.”

“Always being willing to help and smiling when the jobs are mounting up. It makes so much difference to feel supported in small ways.”

“Sheila is outstanding at her job. She is always there to help, is friendly, approachable and will always find a way of solving a problem. She’s extremely skilled as an administrator and has a wonderful manner when dealing with service users, however, distressed they are. She’s an asset to the team and I want her to know how much she’s appreciated. Thank you, Sheila!”

Shelley Earley, activity worker, Priestley Unit
“For her ability to motivate others and live out a ‘can do’ attitude. She loves her job and works hard. She has a great sense of humour and is full of fun – there is never a dull moment when Shelley is around.”

Sheridan Wood-Ives, locality support services manager, Folly Hall
“For on-going support and advice whilst also taking on a new role and doing an excellent job of it!”

Shirley Brooke, support worker, Barnsley
“For being a super star and making the best tea on the ward! Her toast is also outstanding too.”

“For making the best toast in the tarn!”

Shirley Frost, care support worker, Stanley Ward, Fieldhead
“Shirley is the hub of the ward. She ensures that both service users and staff are always well fed. Shirley goes out of her way to ensure service users are cared for holistically. Her cleaning and laundry skills are second to none. Stanley Ward would not be the same without her. Shirley is a grafter-with an amazing laugh.”

Shirley Pearson, healthcare assistant, Waterton ward, Newton Lodge
“For making a real effort with diamonds shop at Newton Lodge that benefits so many people.”

“Shirley is very committed to her job and genuinely cares. Shirley goes above and beyond to provide activities and supports events in the unit.”

Shirley Tinker, catering assistant, Catering team, Fieldhead
“In previous jobs, lunch and time away from the desk didn’t seem important but it’s different here and that is thanks to Shirley and the brilliant staff at the restaurant at Fieldhead and the Oasis Café. My colleagues and I really look forward to our lunches and the laughs we have with the staff. Every day we are met with big smiles, good humour and delicious home cooked food – no matter how you are feeling or what’s happening in the office, the staff put a smile on your face within seconds of you arriving. They are a superb bunch of staff and they are a credit to the organisation.”

“Thank you, Shirley. Your enthusiasm, your friendly, cheerful approach helps to make my lunchtime an upbeat and refreshing part of the day and I leave the canteen with a bit of extra sparkle in my step.”

Shirley Walker, CPN, Care home liaison team, Beckside Court
“For being a dedicated team player in super busy times despite what life throws at you! Thank you!”

“For always keeping a smile on my face and being kind, thoughtful and supportive.”

Simon Hewitt, healthcare assistant, Early intervention in psychosis, Folly Hall
“Thank you for helping me to continue with my future aspirations. When I was struggling you listened, provided me with motivation and supported me to reach my full potential. I wouldn’t be where I am today had it not been for your words of encouragement, the fact that you truly listened.”

“I would like to thank Simon for all the help, support and motivation he gave me to achieve my full potential. Not only did he listen, help me reach solutions and encourage me to develop confidence in my own abilities, he is also extremely knowledgeable and an asset to the team!”

Simone Beedle, specialist dietitian, Hebden Bridge Health Centre, Calderdale
“A smiley face and a rising star, watch this space.”

Simon Nodder, peer support worker, Stanley ward, Fieldhead
“Thank you for your thoughtfulness, your commitment and your lovely personality. You make such a difference to our service users and we are very lucky to have you on our team.”

“Simon is a true gent: helpful, caring and considerate. But the best part of Simon is his deep rumbling belly laugh that will lighten any day.”

“Simon has fought his own personal challenges over the last year and has come back to work twice as strong and more enthusiastic than ever. Thank you for all your hard work, Simon! From all on Stanley!”

Simon Ramsden, occupational therapist, Priestley ward, Newton Lodge
“Simon is a dedicated OT and goes way beyond the call of duty.”

Sinaska Smith, staff nurse, Ashdale ward, The Dales
“Thank you for being a supportive, approachable, trustworthy and kind-hearted member of the team. Not only have you helped me seek solutions to problems I have been faced with, you are always happy to listen and provide support to those who need it, both staff and patients alike. Thank you for being you.”

Sobia Tasneem, team secretary, Kirklees outreach team, Folly Hall
“For all her help and support to myself and the whole team. She is very approachable, organised and nothing is too much trouble. Sobia is a star and we would be lost without her!”

Sonia Brown, service manager, Yorkshire Smokefree Barnsley
“Amazing support during personally difficult times. Sonia made me feel valued and as though I always have someone to turn to.”

Sonia Roberts, healthcare assistant, Appleton ward, Newton Lodge
“The ultimate professional.”

Sonia Steer, CPN, Care home liaison team, Beckside Court
“For being a dedicated team player in super busy times despite whatever life throws at you! Thank you!”

Sophie Booth, staff nurse, Melton suite, Oakwell Centre, Kendray Hospital
“For being such a good nurse and for working well with the team with other nursing staff, listening to healthcare assistants and taking their opinions on board.”

Sophie Howell, healthcare support worker, Thornhill Ward, Bretton Centre
“For a young and new support worker, she is so supportive and natural at her job. Nothing is too much trouble for her. I used to go into town with her and we could have a good laugh. She is kind, caring and sensitive to our needs and will go far in this environment.”

“Love her.”

Sophie Masterson, core practitioner, Barnsley
“For being so supportive during group work, and just for being herself.”

Sophie Morton, district nursing student, Darfield district nurses
“Always being helpful and guiding me in the right direction.”

Sophie Newberry, incident management support officer, Fieldhead
“For her commitment to learning, outstanding work ethics, putting the needs of the service first, and fitting into the team really well.”

Stacey Ellis, team secretary, Community mental health team older people’s service, Beckside Court
“For being a ray of sunshine and always being happy to take on new challenges. A little star!”

“Stacey goes above and beyond for the team and other colleagues. She is such an asset, always helpful and friendly.”

“For just being a lovely, hardworking and polite young lady.”

Stacey Lupton, healthcare support worker, Drury Lane Health and Wellbeing Centre, Wakefield
“Stacey is amazing. She makes time for others and is thoughtful and caring towards all service users. She has made many people’s life better just by here. Thank you, Stacey, for being you and the amazing work you do with service user’s and also for being a dedicated and loyal member of the team who supports staff, service user’s and carers alike.”

Stacey Patterson, communications and marketing officer, Fieldhead
“I would like to thank Stacey for helping me out when I need some advice and showing me the facts of how to do things so I can learn and progress in my own career. Thanks for showing all of us in the team how to write great content for the Trust and all that’s left to say is, you’re an NHS 70 Superstar!”

“Stacey found an innovative and creative solution to a tricky problem. Her ingenuity and problem solving has benefited her whole team. What a superstar!”

Stacey Pelling, healthcare support worker, Willow ward, Kendray Hospital
“For being a good team player.”

Stacey Rushby, senior clinical practitioner, Chippendale ward, Newton Lodge
“For being a pro-active, supportive and personable leader. Stacey is an honest, caring individual, who anybody and everybody feels able to approach. She goes above and beyond what is expected of her within her role and does it quietly and humbly.” 

“Stacey is a joy to work with. She is reliable, funny and has great leadership skills. She always goes above and beyond her role. She always makes me smile and is a good listener. In my eyes, the Lodge is a better place for having her. A true inspiration.”

“Being a great mentor. This made me feel welcome and appreciated. She always takes time to explain nursing concepts and makes me eager to be a qualified nurse.”

Stefanie Hampson, Physiotherapist, Kirklees Community Learning Disability Health Team, Fox View, Dewsbury
“Stef deserves thanks and recognition for being an outstanding member of the team. Stef is hardworking, dedicated and skilled – an asset to any team and workforce. Stef is able to advocate on behalf of her patients and also her colleagues; she is professional, calm and selfless. Stef is able to stay cool in times of crisis and be a shining example to all around her, every team should have a Stef but I’m glad she’s ours.”

Steph Wilshire, Beamshaw ward, Kendray, Barnsley
“For never failing to make me howl with laughter, for taking me under your wing when I first started, for being a fantastic nursing assistant and just being a general pleasure to be around! (and for listening to my constant rants!)”

Stephanie Cliff, social worker, Enhanced team, Beckside Court
“For being supportive, objective and analytic to all clients and sharing sound skills and knowledge.”

Stephanie Marson, secretary, Nursing and professions, Kendray Hospital
“For doing a fantastic job, and always doing this very well. Nothing is ever too much trouble for Steph and this helps me feel positive and motivated.”

“Steph continues to support pressure sore attribution meeting and pulls all the prep work together and assists staff with deadlines and processes that need to be followed. She is an asset to the work stream and always gives 100% to her role.”

“Support for everyday tasks and activities. Very appreciative and supported.”

Stephanie Mitchell, healthcare assistant/nursing support work, Enfield Down
“They are a dedicated member of the team. Always starts and ends the shift in a positive manner and attitude. Supportive of service users and staff. Runs the Enfield down choir.”

Stephanie Parsons, pharmacy technician, Pharmacy team, Fieldhead
“Thank you for being so helpful, nothing is too much trouble and always done with a smile.”

Stephanie Williams, senior clinical practitioner, Appleton ward, Newton Lodge
“Whenever I see Steph’s name on the rota I know it’s going to be a good shift. She’s organised, efficient and always positive. Her approach to service users is exemplary and inspires me to want to be better at my job. She has recently taken on a new role and has done so with professionalism and enthusiasm. She really is a shining star!”

“Hard work and commitment to the team and being an excellent role model.”

Stephanie Woodhead, secretary, Innovation team, Fieldhead
“Stephanie has a door always open policy and is always available with hugs and tissues. She is always supportive and so friendly. If there is something she doesn’t know, she will find it out for you. Such a wonderful helpful friendly person who is always happy and smiling! Thank you.”

“For helping and supporting the CRS office. Stephanie goes above and beyond for people. She is a lovely, kind, caring, compassionate person with a very positive attitude. She works very hard and gets the job done for others and she is a pleasure to work with.”

“Stephanie looks after everyone and everything in block 6 at Fieldhead! She’s kind, thoughtful and really organised. Nothing is too much trouble for her and she makes everyone feel welcome and cared about.”

Stephen Marsden, healthcare assistant, Elmdale ward, The Dales
“Stephen is always keen to support senior staff on the ward. He has a warm and friendly approach with both staff and patients on the ward.”

Stephen Pritchard, nursing assistant, Willow Ward, Barnsley
“Steve always demonstrates care and compassion for patients. He has come up with and facilitated a number of great creative projects on the ward and always shows great patience to working them through with patients. He is an asset to the ward team who is committed to creativity in recovery.”

“For always being fun and playing music and doing art.”

“For listening and explaining things to me Also he plays guitar!!!”

Stephen Reeve, receipt and distribution driver, portering services, Fieldhead
“Thank you for all of your hard work over the past 12 months with the closure of Castleford and Normanton District Hospital and Mount Vernon Hospital, going above and beyond your job remit. Knowing how passionate and hardworking you are, I am proud to have you on my team. Nominating you as a superstar is my way of making sure you get a little of the recognition you deserve. Whilst I can’t give you a pay rise, I can, and will say: “Great job! Keep it up! We appreciate you!” I hope that counts for something!”

“Steve and the team work above and beyond their remit to give us information about our orders, deliveries from R&D, and information about items we might find a use for when establishments were being closed. The latter has helped to stretch our budget further as well as helping to recycle items otherwise unwanted. If it weren’t for Steve and the team, we would not be able to access these extra items. Well done Steve and the team! Keep up the excellent work!” 

Steve Halls, staff nurse, Bronte ward, Newton Lodge
“For always being positive.”

Steve Roberts, healthcare assistant, Priory 2 ward, Fieldhead
“Steve made me feel very welcome on the ward when I started and showed me the ropes. The positivity that he shows deserves recognition and nothing is ever too much trouble for him and he never complains. The ward would not be the same without him. He adapts well to change and gives everyone a boost around this.” 

Steve James, healthcare support worker, Melton suite, Oakwell Centre, Kendray Hospital
“Being an integral part of the PICU team, always supporting staff and patients often going over and above what is expected of him. I would fully support this individual in progressing his career within the Trust and continue to recognise his efforts. Well done Steve and thank you for always thinking of your team.”

Steve Jones, health care support worker, Willow Ward, Barnsley
“For always making me laugh.”

“Making me feel safe and making me laugh.”

“He has looked after me really well.”

Steve Utley, maintenance assistant, Estates and facilities, Barnsley
“Always willing to help other members of the Facilities team, above and beyond his call of duty.”

Steven Broadbent, staff nurse, Newton Lodge
“Steven is a hardworking and motivated individual who is committed to his job. He is kind, caring and supportive. He also has a wicked sense of humour. Steven is always willing to go the extra mile to help anyone out. He is knowledgeable in a variety of subjects, which does prove extremely useful. He has a great attitude and is positive. Recently, Steven was involved in a difficult situation and he ensured that this was handled in a respectful and professional way.”

Steven Krlic, security officer/receptionist, Newton Lodge
“Steve has such a bubbly personality that seems to rub off on all his workmates. He always goes out of his way to help, and nothing is too much trouble. He still smiles after 30 years service to the Trust.”

Steven Outhwaite, staff nurse, Beechdale ward, The Dales
“He always helps out others when they need him and is always there to support you, always looking out for the best in patient care and a great part of the team.”

Steven Robinson, speciality doctor in forensic psychiatry, Bretton Centre, Fieldhead
“For support in getting clinics at Folly Hall and being around when support is needed.”

Steven Tansley, meet and greet volunteer, Wakefield Recovery College, Drury Lane Health and Wellbeing Centre
“Steven is a meet and greet volunteer at the Wakefield Recovery College. He always makes people feel welcome and comfortable and receives wonderful feedback from people attending college courses and service users at Drury Lane that he is a bright, friendly and approachable gentleman who always makes them feel at ease. He has made a great impact on the lives of those who he meets, is a fantastic representation of the Trust’s mission and values, is incredibly professional and reliable and has also made a tremendous improvement in his own health and wellbeing by taking on this role.”

Stuart Ball, healthcare assistant, Priory 2 ward, Fieldhead
“I am thanking him because he is hard working and goes above and beyond his duties. He always helps the service users and the staff who work with him. He is caring, determined and always willing to help.”

Stuart Cleland, healthcare assistant, Newton Lodge
“Being the most dedicated and hard-working member of staff I have ever worked with. For always supporting other team members and keeping people safe.”

Stuart Wilson, care support worker, Learning disabilities, Newhaven ward
“For showing care and respect to service users and always having a great sense of humour.”

Subha Thiyagesh, consultant, Older peoples service, The Dales
“For being a great leader and working inclusively to care for patients by involving staff from all disciplines.” 

Sue Barton, deputy director of strategy and change, Integrated change team, Fieldhead
“Sue is intelligent, approachable and logical. She’s always happy to discuss ideas and helps to implement them with suggestions for practical application.”

“I want to thank Sue for supporting and encouraging me through so many situations. The biggest was getting on a plane and keeping me busy chatting so much I didn’t feel the nerves (this was the first time I had ever flown without the use of medication). Sue is just so down to earth and natural. Thank you, Sue.”

Sue Crossland, operational manager, Community learning disabilities health service, Drury Lane Health and Wellbeing Centre
“For the wonderful support she gave me throughout my time in the community team.”

Sue Ellis, secretary, Kirklees CAMHS, Folly Hall
“Thank you for always being there for me, and for making my very challenging job achievable, keeping me organised and sane and never letting it get on top of her.”

Sue Green, staff nurse, Goldthorpe Health Centre
“For settling in well with the team.”

Sue Hargreaves, Facilities, Kendray Hospital
“Sue is always helpful and professional. She deals with my requests for badges efficiently and is always welcoming to the locum staff she deals with, creating a good impression of the organisation. Thanks, Sue!”

Sue Horbury, receptionist, Adult services, Drury Lane Health and Wellbeing Centre
“Always has a smile and a kind word, both for clients and for staff. It makes all the difference to feel welcomed and accepted.”

Sue Irving, tissue viability nurse, Tissue viability team, Apollo Court, Barnsley
“Sue is my rock, she is a tower of strength. She is a fantastic role model to all she is in contact with. Her work is exemplary. Thank you so much for all your hard work and for being a lovely friend.”

Sue Keoghan, service manager, ADHD/autism service, Wakefield
“Sue is a fantastic manager and service lead. She is an inspirational role model. An expert in the field of ADHD, and such a valuable asset to the NHS.”

Sue Larrad, planning manager, Facilities team, Fieldhead
“Nothing is ever too much trouble. Always happy to help and to volunteer to help others regardless of how busy she is and always with a smiley face. Can always be relied upon. Never lets anyone down.” 

“The best advice I was given when joining the Trust was “ask Sue Larrad”. Sue always provides the solution from advising on premises adaptions, sourcing equipment to arranging team relocations. She is always supportive and goes far beyond her job description. We could never have done all the recent moves without her.”

Sue Narowski, clinical team leader, Beechdale ward, The Dales
“Sue is a caring, gifted and highly professional team leader on Beechdale. She is worthy of being nominated in recognition of skills over many years work on the ward and the fact she goes that extra mile when she has to! It’s a privilege to be a member of the Beechdale team and work closely with her.”

“She is no-nonsense and hands-on when needed but she does have a softer side which comes out with the patients and staff when needed. Her approach is refreshing as you always know what needs to be done, who by and when. She takes control and is dedicated to her work and maintaining standards on the ward but she also remains compassionate and empathetic to patients and staff.”

Sue Senior, staff nurse, Priory 2, Fieldhead
“The past few months have proved very challenging on the ward, however, Sue has remained a great role model, supporting junior staff, and being flexible to the needs of the service. She often goes above and beyond to ensure positive service user outcomes and to support her colleagues.”

Sue Sutcliffe, general manager, General adult community services, Folly Hall
“For managing so many challenges posed by transformation to services last year. Arranging and attending so many meetings to iron out details and find solutions to issues that arose as and when. For being supportive of all the staff, team managers and doctors. For being so very committed to work.”

“Sue always give you the time you need to ensure you feel valued and supported in your role, despite her busy schedule. She is approachable and flexible and really cares for her staff she works with. Sue gives clear honest and valuable advice when required. I have been very lucky to have her as my manager.”

Sue Threadgold, general manager, Newton Lodge
“Sue is a fabulous deputy director and manager, in an area with lots of priorities. She cares about the service users and the staff wellbeing and never ceases to amaze me by always managing to go the extra mile to ensure things are going well for all. I can say, and I hope she knows, that she is my inspiration in the work that she does, and I enjoy working with her daily.”

“Sue is very approachable and she always has time for everyone, she always seems to know the answer to everything and has a way of giving confidence to the staff in the decisions they are making. She is an inspiration and I aspire to be like her.”

“For always thinking about people first and always volunteering to help.”

“Sue has always been a supportive caring manager she is approachable and has always been available if people need to confide or talk to her. She is dedicated and committed to the forensic services.”

Sue Wing, deputy district director, General community services, Kendray Hospital
“Sue is an inspirational leader who always puts her services, and the people who work within them, first. She is honest and open even when things are tough. She never shies away from a contentious issue and is brave in the way she handles difficult situations. She is a true value based leader.”

Sue Wood, administration supervisor, adult learning disability health service, Drury Lane Health and Wellbeing Centre
“For taking on the challenges of a new role and doing a brilliant job providing admin to the whole team. Nothing is too much trouble, she attacks everything with enthusiasm. She provides leadership and inspiration to the whole admin team and has held things together in difficult times.”

“Sue is probably the best manager that I’ve ever had; she is kind, compassionate as well as professional and runs a tight ship. After a long period of time off, after the sudden death of my colleague and best friend, I was phased back to work with Sue and the community LD team at The Hub, Wakefield. Sue brought me back to life basically; she gave me back my strength, hope and trust. She was very honest with me too, which I appreciated. She was there whenever I needed her and gave great advice and support. She helped me to find me again and whenever I confided in her, I knew it would go no further. She’s just a wonderful person inside and out, who works really really hard with no complaint.”

Suresh Chari, associate medical director, enhanced team one, Lundwood Health Centre
“For guiding and supporting community mental health team clinicians and other mental health staff in the community. It is a privilege to work in services lead by Dr Chari who is a visionary and accommodating.”

Susan Ashton, police liaison practitioner, Police liaison team, The Dales
“Sue shows great communication in keeping staff involved and really chips in to help other teams, its reassuring to know when she’s on shift.”

Susan Baines, head of financial accounting, Fieldhead
“She’s so incredibly helpful, no question is a daft question. She is very approachable and a source of good sage advice.”

“Susan plays a huge part in delivering the aims of the Trust charity EyUp! on top of her very busy day job ensuring that every application for a grant receives due consideration and is assessed by committee members transparently. She has demonstrated a significant commitment to the charity and its development. She is a great ambassador for the Trust and EyUp! and visibly lives the values of the Trust, often willing to go above and beyond her day job. Thank you for all you do.”

Susan Burns, infection prevention and control nurse, Infection prevention and control team, Kendray Hospital
“I would like to thank Sue for her commitment, enthusiasm and dependability. She never says know and will go above and beyond her role. Sue is approachable, knowledgeable and has such a kind nature that is exceptional.”

“Deserves thanks for being such a joy to work with. A colleague that knows “we” are more powerful than “me”. Sue makes our work life truly extraordinary and brightens up each and every day. A hard-working, kind and considerate, fun generating colleague who acknowledges the best in all of us.”

“For arranging and being part of a fantastic event at the Easi-World Cup. The team provided a competition, raised awareness and prizes (all self-funded). I was very proud to say that they are part of my team. It made me very grateful that we have a team who always go that extra mile, who are dedicated to making a difference and improving patient experience.”

Susan Horn, senior contracts manager, Procurement, Fieldhead
“Susan is a very knowledgeable member of the team. She is willing to help wherever she can. I am very grateful for her encouragement and praise she gives.”

Susan Jones, specialist stop smoking advisor, Yorkshire Smokefree, Barnsley
“Supporting me to work with a broken wrist. She would write things down and even open tins of soup for me. I felt special, a valued member of a wonderful team.”

Susan Norman, clinical service support team leader, New Street Health Centre
“For her continual guidance and everyday support. Sue is an approachable, supportive, effective and encouraging leader who I greatly appreciate.”

“An excellent piece of work to support the Barnsley BDU for a possible upcoming SEND inspection. Assured that when the inspection takes place staff would be able to identify a child with an EHCP.”

“I have just been informed that Sue and the Vaccination and Immunisation team are presenting a Health and Inequalities CQUIN at a Public Health England Event in July 2018 as the CQUIN has been noted as excellent practice. I wanted to pass on my thanks for the excellent work and to ensure that they feel valued and appreciated.”

Susan Rusby, district nurse, Cudworth district nursing team, Cudworth Centre
“Thank Sue for all her hard work and dedication to district nursing services for many years and hopefully many more to come. She makes me feel proud to be part of Cudworth team as she is a fantastic team player who always goes the extra mile to help out. She is fantastic with clients and carers and is extraordinary at improving and maintaining independence for those she cares for. Thanks, Sue.”

Susan Shore, equipment stores officer, Community equipment service, Unit 33 Grange Lane Industrial Estate
“Sue really cares about her service and is totally dedicated and committed to her role. She always goes above and beyond. Thank you!”

“Her commitment and dedication toward to the BICES service. Soldiering on despite her current Health Issues and of being such an inspiration to all of us at such a difficult time in her life.”

Susan Stead, occupational therapy assistant, Ward 18 therapy team, Kirklees
“For her enthusiasm and ability to motivate both patients and staff. Sue has a great sense of humour and is well respected and admired.”

Susan Stoker, senior pharmacy assistant, Wakefield
“For their continued hard work, commitment and high standards and generally being a lovely, helpful person.”

Susannah Davis, team manager, OPS CMHT, Folly Hall
“For being a supportive, energised and enthusiastic team manager.”

Susanne James, staff nurse, Enfield Down
“For being so patient with staff and service users. Susanne manages a shift with optimism and will always find a solution to any problem. She does an excellent job and is very effective in her communication. Susanne goes above and beyond for people, she is a lovely, kind, caring, compassionate person with a very positive attitude. She works very hard and gets the job done with a positive outcome. She is a pleasure to work with.”

Suzanne Ogden, clinical psychologist, Laura Mitchell Health and Wellbeing Centre
“Their supportive and wise advice and discernment on client and team issues and their patient and empathetic attitude towards staff and clients. Suzanne enabled me to feel supported to make appropriate actions that support Trust values and place clients first. Suzanne helped me to increase my confidence in my practice.”

Suzie Barton, project manager, Quality assurance and improvement team, Fieldhead
“For being so helpful and supportive with staff and service users. Suzie always rises to the challenge, remains optimistic and will always find a solution to any problem. She does an excellent job and is very effective. Suzie goes above and beyond for people. She is a lovely, kind, caring person with a very positive and supportive attitude. “

Szilvia Kormondi, joint team manager, Kirklees insight team, Folly Hall
“I would like to thank you for your dedication to your role, your professionalism, the incredible knowledge you share and for going the extra mile to meet the demands of the service. You are an inspiration to us all. Szilvia is patient, kind and very caring. She listens and takes time to let you express yourself at a time when emotions are running high. I cannot thank Szilivia enough for always making time for me and helping me at one of the most difficult times in my life. The little things make all the difference and Szilvia is certainly helping make those little things fit just right. Thank you.”

“For being such an incredible manager, for making everyone feel valued, important and listened to. For always making time for everyone no matter what the circumstances.”

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